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William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror) b. 14 October 1025 d. 9 September 1087

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Lineage Normandy
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) William I FitzRobert
Other last names The Conqueror

Robert I FitzRichard (Evereaux) [Normandy] b. between 1002 and 1010 d. 22 July 1035

Herleve (Arletta) ? (of Falaise) [?] b. 1003 d. 1050

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14 October 1025 birth: Falaise (Calvados), France

child birth: Margaret Champagne (de Sollei) [Normandy]

from 3 July 1035 - 9 September 1087 title: Duke of Normandy

between 1048 and 1063 child birth: Normandy, Gundred ? (of Normandy) [Normandy] b. between 1048 and 1063 d. 27 May 1085

1050 marriage: Eu (Seine-Maritime), Normandy, France, Matilda of Flanders (de Flandres) [Flanders] b. 1031 d. 2 November 1083

1054 child birth: Robert II FitzWilliam (of Normandy) [Normandy] b. 1054 d. 10 February 1134

about 1054 child birth: Cécile d'Angleterre [Richardide] b. about 1054 d. 30 July 1125

1054 child birth: Richard d'Angleterre [Richardide] b. 1054 d. about 1075

1055 child birth: Alice d'Angleterre [Richardide] b. 1055

1055 child birth: Adelise d'Angleterre [Richardide] b. 1055 d. 1065

1060 child birth: Normandy, France, William II FitzWilliam (Rufus) [Normandy] b. 1060 d. 2 August 1100

1061 child birth: Constance d'Angleterre [Richardide] b. 1061 d. 1090

about 1062 child birth: Adela FitzWilliam [Normandy] b. about 1062 d. 8 March 1138

1062 child birth: Аgathe d'Angleterre [Richardide] b. 1062 d. 1080

1062 child birth: Мathilde d'Angleterre [Richardide] b. 1062 d. 1112

from 14 October 1066 - 9 September 1087 title: King of England

1068 child birth: Selby (England), Yorkshire (England), Henry I of England (Beauclerc) [Normandy] b. 1068 d. 1 December 1135

9 September 1087 death: Rouen, France


The Kinship of Macbeth and William the Conquerer

A study of the Scottish clan genealogies following the death of Macbeth reveal that his legacy survived in the lineage of the Stewart kings. Because of this, Shakespeare and Elizabethan (Tudor) historians had a vested interest in rewriting history to legitimize the Plantagenet/Tudor claim at the expense of the Norman/Stewarts. One of the ways to achieve this without doing outright harm to William was to downplay or hide his Scottish ties while playing up the Atheling claim through Matilda. That William had direct ties to Scotland is evident when one looks carefully.

In 1052, Macbeth received a number of Norman exiles from England in his court, perhaps becoming the first king of Scots to introduce Norman feudalism to Scotland. A careful study of Scottish surnames compared with the Domesday registry reveal that a great number of Norman nobles that accompanied William the Conquerer had in fact already preceeded him in the prior generation and and were already firmly established in their lands and fiefdoms in Scotland, Northern Wales and Northumberland prior to 1066.

The research sources of Nigel Tranter contains accounts of Macbeth's trip to Rome to petition the Pope for reconciliation on behalf of the Celtic Catholic Church. Macbeth traveled to Rome in the longships of his Norman kinsman [identified as his brother]. The kinsman in question would have been his brother-in-law Robert (the Devil) FitzRichard d'Everaux. Robert was the husband of Harelete (Arlette) and the father of William the Conquerer. William's mother Arlette (Harelete) was a daughter of Doda (Doada) MacMalcoluim by her first marriage to the French noble Fuhlburt Tonnerre d'Falaise who died in 1017. Doada returned to Scotland where she was married to Findlaech of Moray as his second "Norse" (Norman) wife. By Findlaech she had a son Maelbaetha MacFindlach (Macbeth) who inherited from his father the Pictish title Mormaer of Moray, and was elected by the Scottish nobles as regent and successor to his uncle Duncan MacMalcouim.

As the son of the king's sister, William the Conquerer was recognized by a contingent of Scottish Nobles (with Pictish and Norman heritage) as a Tánaise Ríg with a legitimate claim to the throne of Scotland through the Pictish laws of Tanistry. In response to the ensuing political unrest in the British Isles resulting from Atheling support for the invasion of Scotland (with aims to restore Malcolm III to the throne of Scotland) William unites the Norman and French nobles to press his claim to for a united England and Scotland by invading England in 1066. (This by virtue of his wife Matilda's claim to the Atheling legacy, as well as his own to the throne of Scotland.)

1066. Le Seigneur de Barde, mentioned as one of William Duke of Normandy's followers to the conquest of England. — (A large old History of Normandy in the Advocates' Library, and Hollingsheds Chronicle^ who calls him the Seigneur de Beart (Beathe/Baibd) — Library at Glasgow. This name is clearly Gaelic from the South of France. Related surnames include Beaton, Burd, Monibhard, Tullibardin. It is interesting that this surname appears in the lineages of both King Macbeth (Macbeatha MacFindlach) and his Lady Grouch (Gruocj nicBoedhe MacCinaeda).

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Mauger Le Jeune
birth: about
title: about, Count of Saint Clair
marriage: Germaine de Corbeil
title: from 996 - 1032, Count of Mortain
title: from 1012 - 1032, Count of Corbeil
death: 1032
Hawise of Normandy
birth: 977, Rouen, France
title: 996, Rennes, France, Duchess of Normandy
marriage: w Geoffrey I Beranger de Bretagne ,
death: 22 February 1034
Emma I of Normandy
birth: 980
title: from 1002 - 1013, Queen Consort of England
marriage: Æthelred II of Wessex ("The Unready")
title: from 1014 - 1016, reine consort d'Angleterre
marriage: Knut le Grand ? (Knud II)
title: from 1018 - 1035
title: from 1018 - 12 November 1035, Queen Consort of England
death: 7 March 1052, Winchester (England)
William FitzRichard
birth: 978
marriage: Lesceline Harcourt
title: from 1040 - 1058, граф Э
death: 1058, 4 januari of 26 janauri
Robert d'Évreux
birth: estimated 965
caste: from 989 - 1037, archevêque de Rouen
title: from 996 - 1037, Comte d'Évreux
death: 1037
Beatrice of Normandy (FitzRichard)
birth: 980
ordination: as widow abbess of Montvilliers
marriage: Ebles I de Turenne (de Comborn)
death: 18 January 1035
Geoffrey de Bec (Crispin d'Eaux)
birth: estimated 960
title: estimated 1000, граф де Брион
title: estimated 1000, граф д'Э
death: after 1023
Mathilde de Normandie
marriage: Eudes II de Blois
title: 1003, Dame de Blois
title: 1004, Comtesse de Blois, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Reims, de Tours, de Beauvais, de Provins et de Sancerre
death: about 1006
Richard II FitzRichard (Evereaux)
birth: 23 August 963, Rouen, Normandy
marriage: Papia of Envermeu
marriage: Judithe Bretanha (Bretagne)
title: between 20 November 996 and 28 August 1026, Duque da Normandia
death: August 1026, Fécamp, France
Geoffrey I Beranger de Bretagne
birth: about 980, Brittany, France
title: 27 June 992, Duke of Brittany
marriage: Hawise of Normandy ,
death: 20 November 1008, Rome, Italy
Judithe Bretanha (Bretagne)
birth: 982, Bretagne, France
marriage: Richard II FitzRichard (Evereaux)
title: 1000, Duchesse de Normandie
death: 16 June 1017, Normandy, France
Fulbert ? (of Falaise)
birth: 970, Falaise (Calvados), France
other: Cubicularii Ducis
marriage: Doda (Duxia) ?
death: 1016, Normandy, France
Doda (Duxia) ?
birth: about 980, Falaise (Calvados), France
marriage: Fulbert ? (of Falaise)
Eleanora van Normandië
birth: 1010
marriage: Baldwin IV Barbatus (of Flanders)
title: 1031, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 1071
Alice of Normandy
birth: about 1002
children count: 5
marriage: Reginald I Ivrea (of Burgundy)
death: after 7 July 1037
Richard III Norman
birth: about 1008, Normandie
title: from 28 August 1026 - 6 August 1027, герцог Нормандии
marriage: Adele Capet (of France)
death: 6 August 1027, Normandie
Guillaume - (Moine)
birth: estimated 1015
title: moine à Fécamp
birth: estimated 1015
death: 1033
Mauger de Rouen
birth: after 1017
title: from 1037 - 1055, Archevêque de Rouen
death: before 1060, Guernesey
Guillaume d'Arques
title: comte de Talou, augmenté d'Arques
children count: au moins un fils, peut-être une fille.
death: after 1054
Robert I FitzRichard (Evereaux)
birth: between 1002 and 1010, Normandy, France
engagement: Estrid Sweynsdotter (Knytling)
title: from 6 August 1027 - 22 June 1035, Duke of Normandy
death: 22 July 1035, İznik, Bithynia, Anatolia, (Nicaea)
burial: 1088, reburied in Italy
Herluin de Conteville
birth: estimated 1005, Conteville (Eure), France
title: Vicomte de Conteville
marriage: Herleve (Arletta) ? (of Falaise)
death: about 1066
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Abbaye de Grestain
Herleve (Arletta) ? (of Falaise)
birth: 1003, Falaise (Calvados)
marriage: Herluin de Conteville
death: 1050
burial: 1050, Fatouville-Grestain, Grestain Abbey
== 3 ==
Adelaide (Adelis) of Normandy
birth: about 1027, Normandy, France
marriage: w Enguerrand de Ponthieu (Picard)
marriage: w Lambert van Boulogne
title: from 1053 - 1080, comtesse d'Aumale
death: about 1083, Aumale, France
Robert de Burgh (Le Bello Campo)
birth: 1031, Conteville (Calvados), France
title: Count de Mortain
death: 8 December 1090, Roches, France
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Abbaye de Grestain
Guillaume Guerlenc
birth: 1031
death: 8 December 1090
Odo von Bayeux
birth: after 1030
death: 1097, Palermo
Matilda of Flanders (de Flandres)
birth: 1031, Bruges (Belgium), Flanders (Belgium)
marriage: William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror) , Eu (Seine-Maritime), Normandy, France
title: 1050, Caen, Normandy, France, St. Stephen's
title: 14 October 1066, Hastings (England), Queen of England
other: 25 December 1066, London, Sacre
physical description: 1083, 1.52m, très mince.
death: 2 November 1083, Caen, Normandy, France, Abbaye aux Dames
burial: Caen (14), Abbaye aux Dames
William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror)
birth: 14 October 1025, Falaise (Calvados), France
title: from 3 July 1035 - 9 September 1087, Duke of Normandy
marriage: Matilda of Flanders (de Flandres) , Eu (Seine-Maritime), Normandy, France
title: from 14 October 1066 - 9 September 1087, King of England
death: 9 September 1087, Rouen, France
== 3 ==
Edith Canmore (of Scotland)
birth: 1080, Dunfermline, Scotland
marriage: Henry I of England (Beauclerc) , Westminster (England)
title: 11 November 1100, Queen Consort of England
title: 15 October 1106, Tinchebray, Duchesse de Normandie
death: 1 May 1118, London, England, Westminster Palace
burial: Westminster Abbey or Winchester
Adeliza Brabant
birth: 1103, Leuven
marriage: Henry I of England (Beauclerc)
title: 24 January 1121, Windsor (Berkshire), Queen Consort von England
death: 23 April 1151, Affligem, Affligem Abbey
Sibyl Corbet (of Alcester)
birth: estimated 1070
Nest Ferch Rhys -
birth: about 1085
death: after 1136
Edith Forne
death: after 1129
Henry I of England (Beauclerc)
birth: 1068, Selby (England), Yorkshire (England)
children count: 9 fils et de 12 à 15 filles selon les sources.
title: from 2 August 1100 - 1135, Roi d'Angleterre, New Forest
marriage: Edith Canmore (of Scotland) , Westminster (England)
title: from 1105 - 1135, Tinchebray, Duc de Normandie
marriage: Adeliza Brabant
death: 1 December 1135, Lyons-la-Forêt, France, then called : Saint-Denis-en-Lyons
burial: 4 January 1136, Reading (Berkshire), England
William II FitzWilliam (Rufus)
birth: 1060, Normandy, France
title: from 9 September 1087 - 2 August 1100, King of England
death: 2 August 1100, Hampshire (England), New Forest, hunting accident or assassination
burial: Winchester (England), Hampshire (England), Winchester Cathedral
Stephen II Henri (de Blois)
birth: about 1045
marriage: Adela FitzWilliam , Breteuil
title: 30 September 1089, Graf von Blois
death: 19 May 1102, Ramleh
Adela FitzWilliam
birth: about 1062
marriage: Stephen II Henri (de Blois) , Breteuil
title: 1080, Caen
title: 30 September 1089, Épernay, Comtesse de Blois, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Meaux et Dame de Sancerre, de Saint-Florentin, de Provins, de Montereau, de Vertus, d'Oulchy-le-Château, de Château-Thierry, de Châtillon-sur-Marne et de Montfélix
death: 8 March 1138
William de Warenne
birth: estimated 1030, Bellencombre, France
title: Surrey (England), Earl os Surrey, 1st
death: between 24 June 1088 and 24 June 1088, Lewes (England), Sussex (England)
burial: Lewes (England), Chapterhouse of St Pancras Priory
Gundred ? (of Normandy)
birth: between 1048 and 1063, Normandy
death: 27 May 1085, Norfolk (England), Castle Acre
burial: Lewes Priory
Guillaume d'Eu
death: 1140
Sibylla Conversano
birth: about 1080
marriage: Robert II FitzWilliam (of Normandy)
death: 1103
burial: Rouen (76)
Robert II FitzWilliam (of Normandy)
birth: 1054
engagement: Margarethe von Maine
title: from 1063 - 1069, Comte du Maine
title: from 9 September 1087 - 28 September 1106, Duc de Normandie
other: from 1096 - 1100, participe aux croisades
marriage: Sibylla Conversano
death: 10 February 1134, Cardiff (Wales)
Simon de Vexin - (Saint Simon, Simon de Crépy)
title: Comte de Bar-sur-Aube et Vitry-en-Pertois 1065/1067 - 1077, comte d'Amiens, Vexin et Valois 1074-1077, comte de Mondidier et Péronne 1074-1076
marriage bann: Аgathe d'Angleterre
annulment: Аgathe d'Angleterre
ordination: 1077
death: 22 September 1080, Rome
death: 18 September 1082
(дубль) Альфонсо VI Храбрый
birth: about June 1040
marriage: Jimena Muñoz
marriage: Аgathe d'Angleterre
title: from 1065 - 1072, король Леона
marriage: Agnès de Poitiers
title: from 1071 - 1072, король Галисии
title: from 1071 - 1072, граф Португалии
title: from 1072 - 29 June 1109, король Кастилии
title: from 1072 - 29 June 1109, король Леона
title: from 1072 - 29 June 1109, король Галисии
title: from 1072 - 29 June 1109, граф Португалии
title: from 1077 - 29 June 1109, император Испании
marriage: Constanza de Borgoña
title: 1085, Conde de Portugal.
marriage: Berthe de Bourgogne
marriage: Zaidia Maria Denia
marriage: Béatrice d'Aquitaine
death: 29 June 1109, Tolède
Cécile d'Angleterre
birth: about 1054
title: 18 June 1066, Caen (14), Ordination
title: 1112, Abbesse
death: 30 July 1125
Richard d'Angleterre
birth: 1054
other: 1066, Ordination
death: about 1075, убит в южной Англии
Alain IV de Bretagne (Fergent)
birth: about 1060, Châteaulin, Bretagne, Château de Châteaulin
title: 13 April 1084, Duc de Bretagne
marriage: Constance d'Angleterre
marriage: Ermengarde Anjou
death: 13 October 1119, Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine), Bretagne
Constance d'Angleterre
birth: 1061
marriage: Alain IV de Bretagne (Fergent)
title: 1086, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Rennes
death: 1090
Мathilde d'Angleterre
birth: 1062
death: 1112
Adelise d'Angleterre
birth: 1055
death: 1065
Matilda von Anjou
birth: 1106
title: 1119, Princesse héritière d'Angleterre
marriage: William Atheling
title: 1149, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye (49), Dame Abbesse
death: 31 May 1155
William Atheling
birth: 5 August 1103
title: 5 August 1103, hertog van Normandie
marriage: Matilda von Anjou
death: 25 November 1120
Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet)
birth: 24 August 1113, Anjou, France
other: Onbekende Voornamen/maîtresse Nr.2 Onbekende Afkomst
other: Onbekende Voornamen/maîtresse Nr.3 Onbekende Afkomst
marriage: Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman) , Le Mans
title: 17 June 1128, Count of Anjou
title: 7 April 1141, Lincoln (England), Duc de Normandie
death: 7 September 1151, Château-du-Loir, France
Henry V ? (Dynastie Salique, Dynastie Franconienne)
birth: 11 August 1086
religion: christianisme
title: 1106, Römisch-deutscher König
title: 13 April 1111, Empereur du saint Empire germanique
marriage: Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman) , Worms (Germany)
death: 23 May 1125, Utrecht, Pays-Bas
burial: Spire (ville), Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption-et-Saint-Étienne
Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman)
birth: 7 February 1102, London, England
marriage: Henry V ? (Dynastie Salique, Dynastie Franconienne) , Worms (Germany)
title: 25 November 1120, Barfleur, Princesse héritière d'Angleterre
title: 17 June 1128, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France, Notre Dame
marriage: Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet) , Le Mans
title: 1141, Lincoln (England), Duchesse de Normandie
death: 10 September 1167, Rouen
Mathilde de Carinthie
birth: about 1106
marriage: Theobald IV van Blois (Theobald the Great, Theobald IV, Theobald II)
title: 1123, comtesse de Blois
title: 1123, comtesse de Chartres
title: 1123, comtesse de Meaux
title: 1123, comtesse de Châteaudun
title: 1123, dame de Sancerre
title: 1125, comtesse de Troyes
title: 1125, comtesse de Champagne
death: 13 December 1160
Theobald IV van Blois (Theobald the Great, Theobald IV, Theobald II)
birth: between 1090 and 1095
title: 19 May 1102, Ramla, Comte de Blois, de Chartres, de Meaux, de Châteaudun et Seigneur de Sancerre
title: 19 May 1102, comte de Chartres
title: 19 May 1102, comte de Meaux
title: 19 May 1102, comte de Châteaudun
title: 19 May 1102, seigneur de Sancerre
marriage: Mathilde de Carinthie
title: 1125, Comte de Troyes et de Champagne
title: 1125, comte de Champagne
death: 10 January 1152, Lagny-sur-Marne
Mathilde de Boulogne
birth: 1103, Boulogne-sur-Mer
title: 1122, Gräfin von Mortain
marriage: Stephen of Blois
title: 1125, Gräfin von Boulogne
title: 1 December 1135, Lyons-la-Forêt, Königin von England
death: 3 May 1152
Stephen of Blois
birth: about 1092
marriage: Mathilde de Boulogne
title: from 1125 - 1151, Faversham
title: from 1 December 1135 - 1141, Roi des anglais
death: 25 October 1154, Dover (Kent)
Sibylle d'Anjou
birth: after 1112
marriage: Willem ? (Clito)
divorce: Willem ? (Clito)
marriage: w Dietrich von Elsass , Jérusalem (?)
death: 1165, Jerusalem, Béthanie
Willem ? (Clito)
birth: 25 October 1102
marriage: Sibylle d'Anjou
divorce: Sibylle d'Anjou
title: from 1127 - 27 July 1128, Count of Flanders
marriage: Жанна Монферратская
death: 28 July 1128, Aalst
Elizabeth of Vermandois
birth: about 1085
marriage: Robert de Beaumont (de Meulan)
marriage: William de Warrenne , Sussex (England)
death: 13 February 1131, Lewes (England)
burial: Lewes (England), Lewes Priory
William de Warrenne
birth: before 1071
title: Earl of Surrey, 2nd
marriage: Elizabeth of Vermandois , Sussex (England)
death: 11 May 1138
burial: Lewes (England), Lewes Priory
Rainald III von Joigny
title: граф Жуаньи
marriage: Alice de Blois
Alice de Blois
birth: before 1102
marriage: Rainald III von Joigny
death: 1145
Conan III de Bretagne (le Gros)
birth: about 1095
marriage: Matilda FitzRoy, Duchess of Brittany -
title: 13 October 1119, Duc de Bretagne
death: 17 September 1148
Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester -
birth: about 1090, Caen
marriage: Mabel ? (Lady Gloucester)
title: from 1122 - 31 October 1147, Earl Gloucester, 1st
death: 31 October 1147
John d'Eu
birth: Hastings (England)
death: 26 June 1170
Adela de Blois
birth: 1092
death: after 1118
Reginald de Dunstanville
birth: about 1110, Dénestanville, Normandy, England
title: comte de Cornouailles
marriage: Mabel FitzRichard (Buckenhall)
death: 1 July 1175, Chertsey (Surrey), England
Eudes de Blois
death: ум. в младенчестве
Henry FitzRoy
death: 1158
Mathieu Ier de Montmorency
birth: 1100
title: seigneur de Montmorency, d'Écouen, de Marly-le-Roi, de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine et d'Attichy
marriage: Aline FitzRoy
marriage: w Adelheid van Maurienne (van Savoye)
title: between 1138 and 1160, connétable de France
death: 1160
Alexander I Dunkeld (of Scotland)
birth: 1078
marriage: Sybilla Norman
title: from 8 January 1107 - 23 April 1124, король Шотландии
death: 23 April 1124
Sybilla Norman
birth: 1092
children count: pas de descendance.
marriage: Alexander I Dunkeld (of Scotland)
death: 12 July 1122
Guillaume de Chartres
birth: about 1081
title: 19 May 1102, Ramla, Comte de Chartres
death: 1150
Оthon de Blois
death: ум. в младенчестве
Lucie de Blois
birth: 1095
death: 25 November 1120
Agnès de Blois
birth: between 1086 and 1088
death: 1129
Henri de Blois
birth: 1096
title: 1129, Abbé de Glatonbury
title: 1129, Evêque de Winchester
death: 9 August 1171
Robert FitzEdith (Lord Okehampton)
marriage: Maud d’Avranches du Sap (de Abrincis) , [[wk:fr:Henri Ier Beauclerc#Avec Edith FitzForne|Wikipédia]]
Richard d’Avranches (2. Earl of Chester)
birth: 1094
marriage: Mathilde de Blois
death: 25 November 1120, Barfleur, (Weißes Schiff))

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