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Stephen II Henri (de Blois) b. about 1045 d. 19 May 1102

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Lineage Blois
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Stephen II Henri
Other last names de Blois

Thibault III de Blois [Blois] b. about 1019 d. 30 September 1089

Garsende of Maine [Hugonid] b. 1025

Wiki-page wikipedia:Stephen_II,_Count_of_Blois


about 1045 birth:

child birth: Оthon de Blois [Blois]

child birth: Mathilde de Blois [Blois] d. 1120

child birth: Philippe de Blois [Blois] d. 1100

child birth: Eudes de Blois [Blois]

1080 marriage: Breteuil, Adela FitzWilliam [Normandy] b. about 1062 d. 8 March 1138

about 1081 child birth: Guillaume de Chartres [Blois] b. about 1081 d. 1150

between 1086 and 1088 child birth: Agnès de Blois [Blois] b. between 1086 and 1088 d. 1129

30 September 1089 title: Graf von Blois

between 1090 and 1095 child birth: Theobald IV van Blois (Theobald the Great, Theobald IV, Theobald II) [Blois] b. between 1090 and 1095 d. 10 January 1152

about 1092 child birth: Stephen of Blois [Blois] b. about 1092 d. 25 October 1154

1092 child birth: Adela de Blois [Blois] b. 1092 d. after 1118

1095 child birth: Lucie de Blois [Blois] b. 1095 d. 25 November 1120

1096 child birth: Henri de Blois [Blois] b. 1096 d. 9 August 1171

about 1102 child birth: Элеонора де Блуа [Blois] b. about 1102 d. 1141

before 1102 child birth: Alice de Blois [Blois] b. before 1102 d. 1145

19 May 1102 death: Ramleh


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Doodgeboren Capet
birth: 999
death: 999
Thibaud de Blois (Thibaud II)
title: 12 March 996, Tours (37), Comte de Blois, de Chateaudun, de Chartres et de Reims
death: 1004
Mathilde de Normandie
marriage: Eudes II de Blois
title: 1003, Dame de Blois
title: 1004, Comtesse de Blois, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Reims, de Tours, de Beauvais, de Provins et de Sancerre
death: about 1006
Eudes II de Blois
birth: about 983
marriage: Mathilde de Normandie
title: 1004, Comte de Blois, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Reims, de Tours, de Beauvais, de Provins et de Sancerre
marriage: Ermengarde van Auvergne
title: 1022, Comte de Troyes et de Meaux
death: 15 November 1037
Robert d'Auvergne (Robert Ier)
marriage: Ermengarde (Humberga)
title: 1016, Comte d'Auvergne
death: 1032
Ermengarde van Auvergne
birth: 990
marriage: Eudes II de Blois
title: 1005, Comtesse de Blois, de Chartres, de Châteaudun, de Reims, de Tours, de Beauvais, de Provins et de Sancerre
title: 1022, Comtesse de Troyes et de Meaux
death: 10 March 1040
Herbert I von Maine
birth: estimated 990
death: 1036
Bertha de Blois
title: 1018, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Rennes
marriage: w Alain III de Bretagne (Rennes)
marriage: w Hugo IV von Maine
death: 1080
Adela von Crépy
birth: 1045
title: графиня
marriage: Thibault III de Blois
death: between 12 May 1093 and 12 May 1100
Thibault III de Blois
birth: about 1019
title: 15 November 1037
marriage: Garsende of Maine
other: Garsende of Maine , Répudiation
marriage: Adela von Crépy
title: 1066, Épernay, Comte de Champagne, de Troyes, de Meaux et de Vitry
death: 30 September 1089, Épernay
Hugo IV von Maine
birth: about 1018
marriage: Bertha de Blois
death: 26 March 1051
Garsende of Maine
birth: 1025
marriage: Thibault III de Blois
title: 1044, Comtesse de Blois, de Tours, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Sancerre, de Provins, de Saint-Florentin et de Château-Thierry
other: Thibault III de Blois , Répudiation
== 3 ==
Hugues I de Blois (de Champagne)
birth: between 1069 and 1074
title: Count de Bar-sur-Aube (1089-1125), Count de Troyes and Meaux (1093-1125), Count of Champagne
death: 14 June 1126, Palestine
Adela FitzWilliam
birth: about 1062
marriage: Stephen II Henri (de Blois) , Breteuil
title: 1080, Caen
title: 30 September 1089, Épernay, Comtesse de Blois, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Meaux et Dame de Sancerre, de Saint-Florentin, de Provins, de Montereau, de Vertus, d'Oulchy-le-Château, de Château-Thierry, de Châtillon-sur-Marne et de Montfélix
death: 8 March 1138
Stephen II Henri (de Blois)
birth: about 1045
marriage: Adela FitzWilliam , Breteuil
title: 30 September 1089, Graf von Blois
death: 19 May 1102, Ramleh
== 3 ==
Mathilde de Carinthie
birth: about 1106
marriage: Theobald IV van Blois (Theobald the Great, Theobald IV, Theobald II)
title: 1123, comtesse de Blois
title: 1123, comtesse de Chartres
title: 1123, comtesse de Meaux
title: 1123, comtesse de Châteaudun
title: 1123, dame de Sancerre
title: 1125, comtesse de Troyes
title: 1125, comtesse de Champagne
death: 13 December 1160
Theobald IV van Blois (Theobald the Great, Theobald IV, Theobald II)
birth: between 1090 and 1095
title: 19 May 1102, Ramla, Comte de Blois, de Chartres, de Meaux, de Châteaudun et Seigneur de Sancerre
title: 19 May 1102, comte de Chartres
title: 19 May 1102, comte de Meaux
title: 19 May 1102, comte de Châteaudun
title: 19 May 1102, seigneur de Sancerre
marriage: Mathilde de Carinthie
title: 1125, Comte de Troyes et de Champagne
title: 1125, comte de Champagne
death: 10 January 1152, Lagny-sur-Marne
Mathilde de Boulogne
birth: 1103, Boulogne-sur-Mer (62)
title: 1122, Comtesse de Mortain
marriage: Stephen of Blois
title: 1125, Comtesse de Boulogne
title: 1 December 1135, Lyons-la-Forêt (27), Reine d'Angleterre
death: 3 May 1152
Stephen of Blois
birth: about 1092
marriage: Mathilde de Boulogne
title: from 1125 - 1151, Faversham
title: from 1 December 1135 - 1141, Roi des anglais
death: 25 October 1154, Dover (Kent)
Rainald III von Joigny
title: граф Жуаньи
marriage: Alice de Blois
Alice de Blois
birth: before 1102
marriage: Rainald III von Joigny
death: 1145
Adela de Blois
birth: 1092
death: after 1118
Eudes de Blois
death: ум. в младенчестве
Guillaume de Chartres
birth: about 1081
title: 19 May 1102, Ramla, Comte de Chartres
death: 1150
Оthon de Blois
death: ум. в младенчестве
Lucie de Blois
birth: 1095
death: 25 November 1120
Agnès de Blois
birth: between 1086 and 1088
death: 1129
Henri de Blois
birth: 1096
title: 1129, Abbé de Glatonbury
title: 1129, Evêque de Winchester
death: 9 August 1171
Richard d’Avranches (2. Earl of Chester)
birth: 1094
marriage: Mathilde de Blois
death: 25 November 1120, Barfleur, (Weißes Schiff))
Reinauld II van Bar Mousson
birth: about 1122
title: 10 March 1149, Comte de Bar et Seigneur de Mousson
marriage: Agnès de Blois
death: 25 November 1170
Agnès de Blois
birth: 1138
marriage: Reinauld II van Bar Mousson
property: 1155, Comtesse de Bar et Dame de Mousson
death: 1207
Эд II Бургундский
birth: 1118
title: 6 February 1143, Duc de Bourgogne
marriage: w Маrie de Blois , Saint-Nicolas-lès-Cîteaux (21)
death: 27 June 1162
Маrie de Blois
birth: 1128
marriage: Эд II Бургундский , Saint-Nicolas-lès-Cîteaux (21)
title: 1145, Saint-Nicolas-lès-Cîteaux (21), Duchesse de Bourgogne
death: 7 August 1190
Alix van Frankrijk
birth: 1151
title: 1164
marriage: Thibaud V de Blois
death: 1196
Thibaud V de Blois
birth: 1130
title: from 1152 - 20 January 1191, Comte de Chartres
title: 10 January 1152, Comte de Blois, de Châteaudun et de Chartres
marriage: Alix van Frankrijk
death: 20 January 1191, Acre, Israël
Marie of France (de Champagne)
birth: 1145
marriage: w Henry I (Henri) ? (The Liberal)
title: 1164, Регент графства Шампань
death: 11 March 1198
burial: Meaux, cathédrale Saint-Étienne
Henry I (Henri) ? (The Liberal)
birth: 1126
marriage: Marie of France (de Champagne)
death: 17 March 1181, Troyes (Aube)
burial: Troyes (Aube), Ssaint Etienne chirch.
Roger III Hauteville (Duke of Apulia)
birth: about 1119, Sicily, Italy
marriage: Isabelle van Blois
title: from 1134 - 1148, герцог Апулии
death: 12 May 1148, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Rotrou IV du Perche
birth: 1135
title: from 1144 - 1191, Comte du Perche
marriage: Матильда де Блуа
death: 1191, Saint-Jean-d’Acre, Israël, lors des croisades
Louis VII de France (Le Jeune)
birth: 1120
other: 25 October 1131, Reims (51), Sacre
marriage: Eleanor Aquitaine , Bordeaux
title: 8 August 1137, Poitiers (86), Duc d'Aquitaine
annulment: Eleanor Aquitaine , Beaugency
marriage: Constance van Castilie
title: 18 November 1154, Paris (75), Roi de France
marriage: Adela of Champagne (du Blois)
death: 18 September 1180, Paris (75)
burial: Fontainebleau (77)
burial: 30 June 1817, Saint-Denis (93)
Adela of Champagne (du Blois)
birth: 1140, Blois, France
marriage: Louis VII de France (Le Jeune)
title: 13 November 1160, Paris, Reine de France
death: 4 June 1206, Paris, France
death: after 1160
Guillaume de Boulogne (de Blois, de Mortain)
birth: 1125
title: comte de Boulogne
title: comte de Mortain
title: lord de Pevensey, Eye, Lancaster
title: comte de Surrey
marriage: Isabella van Varennes
death: 11 October 1159
Евстахий IV Булонский (де Блуа)
birth: about 1130
title: граф де Мортен
title: король Англии
marriage: Constance van Frankrijk
title: from 1147 - 1153, граф Булони
marriage: Nn van Blois Boulogne?
death: 10 August 1153
burial: Кент
Matthäus von Elsass
birth: about 1137
marriage: w Maria van Engeland
marriage: w Eleonore von Vermandois
death: 25 July 1173, Driencourt, Normandie
Maria van Engeland
birth: about 1136
marriage: Matthäus von Elsass
death: 1182, abdij St. Austrebert, Montreuil
burial: abdij St. Austrebert, Montreuil
Raoul II de Vermandois (dit : le Jeune, dit : le Lépreux)
birth: 1145
title: 1160, comte de Vermandois
death: 1167
Гуго II де Вермандуа
birth: 1127
title: from 1152 - 1160, граф де Вермандуа и де Валуа
ordination: 1160, стал монахом
death: 1212
Wilhelm von Blois
birth: 1135
title: 1164, Evêque de Chartres
title: 1169, Archevêque de Sens
title: 1176, Archevêque et Duc de Reims
title: 1179, Rom, Kardinal, [[Person:Alexander III. (Papst)]]
death: 1202, Laon (02)
Valeran (Waleran) Beaumont (de Meulon)
birth: 1104
title: from 1118 - 1166, sieur de Beaumont, premier du nom
title: from 1120 - 1166, comte de Meulan
marriage: Матильда де Блуа
title: from 1138 -, 1-й граф Вустер
marriage: Agnes Montfort
death: 1166

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