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Geoffrey I Beranger of Brittany b. about 980 d. 20 November 1008

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Lineage Rennes
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Geoffrey I Beranger of Brittany

Ermengarde d'Angou [Ingelger] b. 952 d. 992

w Conan I of Brittany (the Crooked) [Rennes] b. 944 d. 27 June 992

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about 980 birth: Brittany, France

child birth: Adèle de Bretagne [Rennes] d. 1067

from 27 June 992 - 20 November 1008 title: Duke of Brittany

996 marriage: , Hawise of Normandy [Normandy] b. 977 d. 22 February 1034

997 child birth: w Alan III of Brittany (Rennes) [Rennes] b. 997 d. 1 October 1040

999 child birth: w Eodon Pentevr [Roedon] b. 999 d. about 7 January 1079

20 November 1008 death: Rome, Italy

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adelaide of Anjou
birth: 947
marriage: w Étienne de Gévaudan
marriage: Raymond IV of Gothia (Toulouse) , Second marriage of Adelaide
title: 975, Comtesse de Toulouse
marriage: Louis V of France
title: 982, Princesse des Francs
marriage: Guillaume II de Provence
title: 984, Marquise de la Provence Arlésienne et Comtesse de Provence et d'Avignon
divorce: Louis V of France
title: 991, Princesse de Provence
death: 1026
burial: Arles, Montmajour Abbey
Geoffrey I (Guerric) Gisgonelle
birth: 938, Anjou, França
marriage: Adelais
title: 960, Comte d'Anjou
marriage: Adelaide de Chalones
caste: 978, Sénéchal de France
title: 979, comte de Chalon
death: 21 July 987, Marçon, France, He died in battle
Adelaide de Chalones
title: 965, Comtesse d'Anjou
marriage: Geoffrey I (Guerric) Gisgonelle
death: 976
Judicael Berengar
birth: 900, Brittany, France
marriage: Gerberga ? (Rennes)
death: 970
title: to 970, Kont Roazhon
Fulk III d'Anjou
birth: 965
marriage: Elisabeth de Vendôme
title: 21 July 987, Marçon, Comte d'Anjou
marriage: Hildegarde van de Sundgau
death: 21 June 1040
Ermengarde d'Angou
birth: 952, Anjou, France
marriage: w Conan I of Brittany (the Crooked)
title: 973, Comtesse de Rennes
title: 990, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Nantes
death: 992, Anjou, France
Méen Ier de Fougères
property: Fougères (35), Seigneur de Fougères
death: 1020
Enoguen de Fougères
other: se réfugie chez son frére Méen Ier de Fougères
Conan I of Brittany (the Crooked)
birth: 944
title: 970, Count of Rennes
marriage: Ermengarde d'Angou
title: from 990 - 27 June 992, Duke of Brittany
title: 990, Count of Nantes
death: 27 June 992, Conquereuil, Battle of Conquereuil
burial: Mont Saint-Michel
== 3 ==
Judithe Bretanha (Bretagne)
birth: between 982 and 987, Bretagne, France
marriage: Richard II FitzRichard (Evereaux)
title: 1000, duchesse de Normandie
death: 16 June 1017, Normandy, France
Hawise of Normandy
birth: 977, Rouen, France
title: 996, Rennes, France, Duchess of Normandy
marriage: w Geoffrey I Beranger of Brittany ,
death: 22 February 1034
Geoffrey I Beranger of Brittany
birth: about 980, Brittany, France
title: from 27 June 992 - 20 November 1008, Duke of Brittany
marriage: Hawise of Normandy ,
death: 20 November 1008, Rome, Italy
== 3 ==
Bertha de Blois
title: 1018, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Rennes
marriage: w Alan III of Brittany (Rennes)
marriage: w Hugo IV von Maine
death: 1080
Alan III of Brittany (Rennes)
birth: 997
title: from 20 November 1008 - 1 October 1040, Duke of Brittany
marriage: Bertha de Blois
death: 1 October 1040, Vimoutiers, France
Eodon Pentevr
birth: 999
marriage: Agnes de Cornouailles Canhiart
death: about 7 January 1079
Adèle de Bretagne
death: 1067, Rennes (35)
Conan II de Bretagne
birth: 1030, Rennes
title: 1040, Duc de Bretagne et Comte de Rennes
death: 11 December 1066, Château-Gontier
Herbert II von Maine
death: 9 March 1062
Conan II of Brittany
birth: 1030, Rennes (35)
title: 1040, duc de Bretagne
death: 11 December 1066, Château-Gontier
Hoël II of Brittany
birth: 1030
marriage: w Hawise FitzAlan (Bretaigne)
title: from 1058 - 13 April 1084, Duke of Brittany
death: 13 April 1084
Hawise FitzAlan (Bretaigne)
birth: 1027
marriage: Hoël II of Brittany
title: 1057, Comtesse héritière de Cornouaille
title: 1058, Comtesse de Cornouaille
title: 1063, Comtesse de Nantes
title: 1066, Duchesse de Bretagne
death: 1072
Alain der Rote
death: August 1093
Stephen Penthievre
birth: 1060
marriage: Hawise de Guingamp
death: 13 April 1135
Hoel III de Bretagne (Count of Nantes)
title: between 1148 and 1156, Count of Nantes
death: 1156
title: de Apulia

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