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Emma de Conteville b. 1029

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Lineage Conteville
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Emma de Conteville

Herleve (Arletta) ? (of Falaise) [?] b. 1003 d. 1050

Herluin de Conteville [Conteville] b. estimated 1005 d. about 1066



1029 birth:

child birth: w Hugh d’Avranches (1. Earl of Chester) [Avranches] d. 27 July 1101

child birth: Albreda Le Goz (d'Avranches) [Le Goz]

1054 child birth: Margaret Le Goz [Le Goz] b. 1054

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Fulbert ? (of Falaise)
birth: 970, Falaise (Calvados), France
other: Cubicularii Ducis
marriage: Doda (Duxia) ?
death: 1016, Normandy, France
Doda (Duxia) ?
birth: about 980, Falaise (Calvados), France
marriage: Fulbert ? (of Falaise)
Herleve (Arletta) ? (of Falaise)
birth: 1003, Falaise (Calvados)
marriage: Herluin de Conteville
death: 1050
burial: 1050, Fatouville-Grestain, Grestain Abbey
Eustace FitzJohn (Halton)
birth: before 1100
title: Lord Halton
death: July 1157
Oda Conteville
birth: 994
Herluin de Conteville
birth: estimated 1005, Conteville (Eure), France
title: Vicomte de Conteville
marriage: Herleve (Arletta) ? (of Falaise)
death: about 1066
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Abbaye de Grestain
== 3 ==
William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror)
birth: 14 October 1025, Falaise (Calvados), France
title: from 3 July 1035 - 9 September 1087, Duke of Normandy
marriage: Matilda of Flanders (de Flandres) , Eu (Seine-Maritime), Normandy, France
title: from 14 October 1066 - 9 September 1087, King of England
death: 9 September 1087, Rouen, France
Robert de Burgh (Le Bello Campo)
birth: 1031, Conteville (Calvados), France
title: Count de Mortain
death: 8 December 1090, Roches, France
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Abbaye de Grestain
Odo von Bayeux
birth: after 1030
death: 1097, Palermo
Richard Le Goz (d'Avranches)
birth: 1025, Avranches, France
death: 1082
== 3 ==
Ranulf I Meschines (de Bayeux)
birth: about 1050
death: November 1120
Margaret Le Goz
birth: 1054
Ranulf II de Meschines
birth: 1074, Livry (Calvados), France, Briquessart
marriage: Lucia ? (of Bolingbroke)
title: from 1089 - 1129, Vicomte du Bessin
title: from 1120 - 1129, 1st Earl of Chester
title: from 1120 - 1129, Vicomte d'Avranches
death: January 1129, Chester (Cheshire), England
Richard d’Avranches (2. Earl of Chester)
birth: 1094
marriage: Mathilde de Blois
death: 25 November 1120, Barfleur, (Weißes Schiff))

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