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Elizabeth of Vermandois b. about 1085 d. 13 February 1131

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Lineage Valois-Vermandois
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Elizabeth of Vermandois
Other given names Элизабет, Isabella, Isabelle

Hugh de Vermandois [Valois-Vermandois] b. 1057 d. 18 October 1101

Adelaide [Herbertian] b. 1065 d. 1120

Wiki-page wikipedia:Elizabeth of Vermandois, Countess of Leicester


about 1085 birth:

child birth: Ralph de Warenne [Warenne]

child birth: Adeline de Beaumont [Beaumont-le-Roger]

child birth: Gundred Warenne (Warren) [Warenne] d. after 1166

1096 marriage: Robert de Beaumont (de Meulan) [Beaumont-le-Roger] b. about 1046 d. 5 June 1118

1104 child birth: w Robert Le Bossu (Beaumont) [Beaumont-le-Roger] b. 1104 d. 5 April 1168

1104 child birth: Valeran (Waleran) Beaumont (de Meulon) [Beaumont-le-Roger] b. 1104 d. 1166

estimated 1106 child birth: Isabel de Beaumont [Beaumont-le-Roger] b. estimated 1106 d. estimated 1160

about 1113 child birth: Reginald de Warenne [Warenne] b. about 1113

1118 marriage: Sussex (England), William de Warrenne [Warenne] b. before 1071 d. 11 May 1138

1119 child birth: Vermandois, Normandy, France, w William de Warenne [Warenne] b. 1119 d. about 1148

estimated 1123 child birth: Surrey (England), Ada de Warenne [Warenne] b. estimated 1123 d. 1178

13 February 1131 death: Lewes (England)

burial: Lewes (England), Lewes Priory


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[edit] Sources

  1. Maison Harcourt -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich
birth: 1027
title: between 1054 and 1073, Prince of Chernigov
marriage: Oda Leopoldovna
title: from 22 March 1073 - 27 December 1076, Grand Prince of Kyiv
death: 27 December 1076
Ізяслав Ярославич Дмитрій Київський
birth: 1024, Руське велике князівство
marriage: Гертруда Мєшковна П'ястович
death: 3 October 1078, Руське велике князівство
burial: Свято-Магдалинская церковь Киева, Руське велике князівство
Вячеслав Ярославич
birth: 1036, Kiew
death: 1057
Всеволод Андрій Ярославич
birth: 1030
marriage: Anna Monomach
title: from 1054 - 1073, Переяслав, Київська Русь, Князь Переяславський
marriage: ? Анна ?
title: from 1073 - 1078, Князь Чернігівський
title: from 1 January 1077 - July 1077, Великий Князь Київський
title: from October 1078 - 13 April 1093, Великий Князь Київський
death: 13 April 1093, Вишгород
burial: 14 April 1093, Свята Софія, Kиїв, Софіївський собор
Igor Jaroslawitsch
birth: 1036, Weliki Nowgorod
death: 1060, Smolensk
Elizabeth Yaroslavna
birth: 1032, Руське велике князівство
marriage: Harald Sigurdsson (Hardrada) , Møre og Romsdal, Norway
death: 1076, Руське велике князівство
Anastasia Yaroslavna
birth: about 1023
marriage: Andrew I of Hungary
death: between 1074 and 1096
burial: Штирия, Stift Admont
Vladimir Yaroslavski
birth: 1020
title: from 1034 - 1052, Князь Новгородский
death: 4 October 1052
marriage: w Эстрид Кнютлинн
title: from August 1018 - 1019, Великий Новгород, Київська Русь, Князь Новгородский
birth: before 1020, Київ
death: before 1034
Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary)
birth: before 1030, Braunschweig, Prussia
marriage: Edward Aetheling ("The Exile")
death: after 1070
Raoul IV de Crepy
birth: about 1021
title: Count of Valois
annulment: Алиенора Хакенеза
marriage: Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid
death: 23 February 1074, Péronne (Somme), Montdidier (Somme), Péronne or Montdidier (contradictory sources).
burial: Montdidier (Somme)
Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid
birth: about 1024, Kiev, Kievan Rus'
marriage: Henry I Capet , Reims
title: from 19 May 1051 - 4 August 1060, Reims, Quueen of France
title: 1061, Comtess of Valois
marriage: Raoul IV de Crepy
title: 1063, Comtess od Vexin and Amiens
death: between 1075 and 1079, France
Roberto I "El Viejo" de Borgoña
birth: about 1011
title: from 1032 - 1076, Duque de Borgoña
marriage: Helena (Ella) de Semur
title: from 1040 - 1060, Comte d'Auxerre
marriage: Ermengarde d'Anjou
title: 1070, Comte de Charolais et de Langres
death: 21 March 1076, Fleurey-sur-Ouche (21)
Adele Capet (of France)
birth: 1009
title: 1027, Messina
marriage: Richard III Norman
marriage: Baldwin V The Pious (of Flanders) , Paris
title: 1028, Comtesse héritière de Flandre
title: 30 May 1035, Ghent (Belgium), Comtesse de Flandre et de Hainaut
death: 8 January 1079, Messina
Advisa (Hadewig) Capet (de Auxerre)
birth: 1003
marriage: Renaud I de Nevers
title: 1028, comtesse d'Auxerre
title: 1031, Comtesse d'Auxerre
death: after 1063
Doodgeboren Capet
birth: 999
death: 999
Hugues de France
birth: 1007
death: 17 September 1025
Eudes de France
birth: about 1013
physical description: considéré comme « imbécile »
death: between 1057 and 1059
Матильда з Фризії
birth: 1024, Фризьке герцогство, Святе Римське царство
marriage: Henry I Capet
title: 1034, Франківське королівство, королева франків
death: 1044, Франківське королівство
Henry I Capet
birth: 4 May 1008
other: 14 May 1027, Reims, Sacre
title: from 10 July 1031 - 4 August 1060, Melun, Roi de France
marriage: Матильда з Фризії
marriage: Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid , Reims
death: 4 August 1060, Vitry-aux-Loges
Simon de Vexin - (Saint Simon, Simon de Crépy)
title: Comte de Bar-sur-Aube et Vitry-en-Pertois 1065/1067 - 1077, comte d'Amiens, Vexin et Valois 1074-1077, comte de Mondidier et Péronne 1074-1076
marriage bann: Аgathe d'Angleterre
annulment: Аgathe d'Angleterre
ordination: 1077
death: 22 September 1080, Rome
death: 18 September 1082
N. Vexin
title: дама де Шатовиллен и д'Арк-ан-Барруа
marriage: Бартелеми ? (де Бройе, де Бофор)
Adela von Crépy
birth: 1045
title: графиня
marriage: Thibault III de Blois
death: between 12 May 1093 and 12 May 1100
Готье де Вексен
title: граф де Бар-сюр-Об и Витри-ан-Пертуа с 1053
death: between 6 September 1065 and 6 September 1067
Adele von Valois
birth: estimated 1040
marriage count: 2
children count: au moins 6, 2 avec Herbert IV de Vermandois, 4 avec Theobald III, Count of Blois.
marriage: Hubert IV Vermandois
death: after 1077
Hubert IV Vermandois
birth: about 1032
title: 1045, граф де Вермандуа и де Валуа
marriage: Adele von Valois
title: 1077, comte de Valois
death: about 1080
Philip I Capet
birth: 23 May 1052
title: 23 May 1059, Co-roi des Francs
title: from 4 August 1060 - 29 July 1108, Roi des Francs
marriage: Bertha of Holland
other: Bertha of Holland , Répudiation
marriage: Bertrade de Montfort
death: 23 July 1108, Melun
burial: after 29 July 1108, Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, abbey
Robert de France
birth: 1054
death: 1063
Emma de France
birth: about 1055
death: February 1109
Hugh de Vermandois
birth: 1057
marriage: Adelaide
title: 1080, Comte de Vermandois et de Valois
death: 18 October 1101
Rainald II von Clermont
birth: about 1075
title: 1101, comte de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
marriage: Adelaide
marriage: Clémence de Bar
death: about 1152
birth: 1065
marriage count: 2
children count: au moins 10
marriage: Hugh de Vermandois
title: 1103
marriage: Rainald II von Clermont
death: 1120
== 3 ==
Marguerite de Clermont
birth: 1104
marriage: w Dietrich von Elsass
title: 1115, Dame de Flandre
marriage: w Carl de Danemark (Charles Ier de Flandre)
title: 1128, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 1150
Robert de Beaumont (de Meulan)
birth: about 1046
title: from 1081 -, Count of Meulan
marriage: Elizabeth of Vermandois
title: from 1107 - 1118, 1st Earl Leicester
death: 5 June 1118
William de Warrenne
birth: before 1071
title: Earl of Surrey, 2nd
marriage: Elizabeth of Vermandois , Sussex (England)
death: 11 May 1138
burial: Lewes (England), Lewes Priory
Elizabeth of Vermandois
birth: about 1085
marriage: Robert de Beaumont (de Meulan)
marriage: William de Warrenne , Sussex (England)
death: 13 February 1131, Lewes (England)
burial: Lewes (England), Lewes Priory
== 3 ==
Henry Huntingdon Dunkeld (of Scotland)
birth: 1114, England, Huntington, Northumberland, England
marriage: Ada de Warenne
death: 12 June 1152, Kelso (Scottish Borders), Scotland, in Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale
Ada de Warenne
birth: estimated 1123, Surrey (England)
marriage: Henry Huntingdon Dunkeld (of Scotland)
death: 1178, England, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
William de Lancaster
birth: Barton Westmoreland
title: Lord of Kendal
marriage: Agnes de Brus
marriage: Gundred Warenne (Warren)
death: 1170
Amice de Waer
birth: estimated 1110
death: about 1168
Robert Le Bossu (Beaumont)
birth: 1104
title: estimated 1135, 2nd Earl Leicester
death: 5 April 1168
William de Warenne
birth: 1119, Vermandois, Normandy, France
title: Earl of Surrey, 3rd
marriage: Ela d'Alencon
death: about 1148
Agnes Montfort
birth: about 1123
marriage: Valeran (Waleran) Beaumont (de Meulon)
death: 15 December 1181
Valeran (Waleran) Beaumont (de Meulon)
birth: 1104
title: from 1118 - 1166, sieur de Beaumont, premier du nom
title: from 1120 - 1166, comte de Meulan
marriage: Матильда де Блуа
title: from 1138 -, 1-й граф Вустер
marriage: Agnes Montfort
death: 1166
Gilbert FitzGilbert (de Clare)
birth: 1100
death: 6 January 1147
Isabel de Beaumont
birth: estimated 1106
death: estimated 1160
Gilchrist Angus
birth: 1154, Forfar, Scotland
title: Earl of Angus, 4th
marriage: w Margaret of Huntingdon
death: 1211, Forfar, Scotland
Margaret of Huntingdon
birth: 1145, England, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
marriage: Gilchrist Angus
marriage: John III de Bretagne (Le Bon)
title: 1160, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Richmond
death: 1201, Forfar, Angus, Scotland
David Dunkeld of Huntingdon (of Scotland)
birth: 1144
other: 1180, Lagny-sur-Marne, Participe au grand tournois de Lagny
title: from 1184 - 1219, Earl of Huntingdon
marriage: Maud de Kevelioc of Chester (Mabel de Mechines, Maude of Chester)
death: 17 June 1219
William I Huntingdon (of Scotland)
birth: about 1143
title: from 1152 - 1157, Earl of Northumbria
title: from 1165 - 1174, Earl of Huntingdon
title: from 1165 - 1214, King of Scots
death: 4 December 1214, Stirling (Scotland), Stirling Caslte
Warine de Lancaster (de Lea)
occupation: Falconer to King [[Person:11760|Henry II]]
Sir William de Lancaster
birth: Steward to King Henry II
title: 6th Baron Kendal
marriage: Helewise de Stuteville (Lancaster)
death: 1184
Robert Blanchemain (de Beaumont)
title: from 1130 - 1190, Earl Leicester, 3rd
death: 31 August 1190, Durrës
William FitzRobert (Gloucester)
birth: 23 November 1116
title: граф Глостер
marriage: Hawise Beaumont
death: 23 November 1183
Hameline de Warrene FitzGeoffrey (Plantagenet)
birth: 1130, Normandy, France
title: vicomte van Touraine, titel is onzeker
title: earl van Surrey, uit rechte van zijn vrouw
title: graaf van Warenne
marriage: Isabel Warenne
death: 7 May 1202, Lewes (England)
burial: Lewes (England), Chapter House
Isabel Warenne
birth: 1136, Surrey (England)
title: Earl of Surrey, 4th
marriage: Hameline de Warrene FitzGeoffrey (Plantagenet)
death: 12 July 1203, Lewes (England), Surrey (England)
Richard FitzGilbert (Strongbow)
birth: estimated, Tonbridge, Kent (England)
title: 2nd Earl Pembroke
title: 3rd Earl Buckingham
death: 20 April 1176, Dublin (Ireland)
Floris III of Holland
birth: about 1138
title: from 1157 - 1 August 1190, Count of Holland
marriage: Ada of Huntingdon (of Scotland)
death: 1 August 1190, Antioch
burial: Antioch
Ada of Huntingdon (of Scotland)
birth: estimated 1145
marriage: Floris III of Holland
death: 1204
burial: Middelburg
Isabel de Meulon
birth: about 1148
title: Dame de Mayenne
title: Dame de Craon
marriage: Maurice FitzHugh (de Craon)
marriage count: 1170, вышла замуж 2-м бракомм
death: 10 May 1220
Robert Beaumont (de Mellent)
birth: 1142
title: Earl of Leicester
title: Count de Mёlan
marriage: Maud FitzReynold (Dunstanville)
death: 16 August 1204, Poitiers
Amaury Ier de Meulan
birth: 1150
title: seigneur de Beaumont
marriage: Adèle de Luzarches
death: 1196

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