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Sigrid Mieskaya (Sigrid Storrada) b. 967 d. 1014

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Lineage Piast
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Sigrid Mieskaya
Other last names Sigrid Storrada
Other given names ?Свентослава, ?Святослава, Sygryda the Haughty, Svantaslava

Dubrawka of Bohemia [Premyslid] b. 931 d. about 977

Mieszko I of Poland [Piast] b. about 935 d. 25 May 992

Wiki-page wikipedia:Sigrid_the_Haughty


967 birth: Poland

child birth: Olova [?]

child birth: Svantslava Sweynsdotter (Knytling) [Jelling]

marriage: w Eric the Victorious [Munso] b. before 945 d. about 995

marriage: Sweyn Forkbeard (Knytling) [Jelling] b. about 960 d. 3 February 1014

estimated 980 child birth: Uppsala, Sweden, Olof Skötkonung (Eriksson) [Munso] b. estimated 980 d. 1022

992 title: Шведское королевство, шведская королева

994 child birth: Knut le Grand ? (Knud II) [Jelling] b. 994 d. 12 November 1035

after 995 child birth: w Эстрид Кнютлинн [Кнютлинны] b. after 995 d. 9 May

995 child birth: Harald Sweynssen [Jelling] b. 995 d. 1018

996 title: Датское королевство, датская королева

9 October 1000 title: Норвежское королевство, норвежская королева

25 February 1013 title: Английское королевство, английская королева

1014 death:


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There is scant material in medieval chronicles to provide details regarding the marriages of Sweyn of Denmark and Erik of Sweden:

Thietmar of Merseburg mentions that the daughter of Mieszko I of Poland and sister of Bolesław I Chrobry of Poland married Sweyn Forkbeard and gave him two sons, Cnut the Great and Harold II of Denmark, but he does not mention her name. Thietmar is probably the best informed of the medieval chroniclers addressing the question, since he was contemporary with the events described and well-informed about the events in Poland and Denmark. The assertion that Harald's and Canute's mother was Boleslaw's sister may explain some mysterious statements which appear in medieval chronicles, such as the involvement of Polish troops in invasions of England.

Adam of Bremen writes almost a century later that a Polish princess—the sister or daughter of Bolesław I Chrobry of Poland—was the wife of Eric the Victorious and by this marriage the mother of Olof Skötkonung of Sweden, before she became mother of Cnut the Great and Harold II of Denmark in her second marriage with Sweyn. Adam's claims about the marriage to Eric are considered unreliable by many historians, since he is the only source to state this relationship and because he is writing several generations later. The scholia of Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum mentions that it was the Polish king Boleslaw who gave the princess' hand in marriage. One problem is that Olof was born in the early 980´s, before Boleslaw Chrobry came to power, and therefore was too old to be the unnamed princess´s son.

Gesta Cnutonis regis mentions in one short passage that Canute and his brother went to the land of the Slavs, and brought back their mother, who was living there. This does not necessarily mean that his mother was Slavic, but nevertheless this chronicle strongly suggests that she was.

There is an inscription in "Liber vitae of the New Minster and Hyde Abbey Winchester", that king Canute's sister's name was "Santslaue" ("Santslaue soror CNVTI regis nostri"), which without doubt is a Slavic name. J. Steenstrup suggests that Canute's sister may have been named after her mother, hence coining the (now generally agreed upon) hypothesis, that her Old Polish name is Świętosława, but only as a reconstruction based on a single mention of her daughter's name and the hypothesis that she named her daughter after herself.

Some modern reconstructions have attempted to credit her with different parentage or unknown origins but it is believe that this is an attempt to further a nationalist agenda. There is a reference in the nordic sagas to Skagul Toste (?, b. estimated 910) as her father however this was a foster daughter relationship which was a very common practice of grooming minor princesses for dynastic marriages by allowing them to be raised or fostered in the foreign courts for which they were intended.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Wenceslav I ? (Saint Wenceslaus)
birth: about 907
death: 28 September 929
Boleslaus I of Bohemia
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Biagota Bożena Stochowska
title: from 935 - 967, książę Czech
death: 15 July 967
Biagota Bożena Stochowska
birth: 901
marriage: Boleslaus I of Bohemia
title: 929, Princesse de Bohême
title: 935, Duchesse de Bohême
death: after 957
birth: estimated 890
marriage: Dagsdotter Mikelati
title: about 950, Duke of the Polans
death: about 964
Boleslaus II of Bohemia
birth: about 932
marriage: Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England)
title: 967, Duc de Bohême
death: 7 February 999
Гунтер фон Мерсебург
birth: before 949
marriage: Dubrawka of Bohemia
death: 13 July 982, Кротон, Калабрия, Италия
Dubrawka of Bohemia
birth: 931
marriage: Гунтер фон Мерсебург
marriage: Mieszko I of Poland
title: 965, Польское княжество, польская княгиня
death: about 977
birth: Польское великое княжество
death: after 24 June 972
Oda von Haldensleben
birth: about 962
marriage: Mieszko I of Poland , Польское великое княжество
death: 1023
Mieszko I of Poland
birth: about 935, Poznań, Poland
title: from 960 - 992, Duke of Poland
marriage: Dubrawka of Bohemia
christening: 966
marriage: Oda von Haldensleben , Польское великое княжество
death: 25 May 992
burial: Poznań, Poland, Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
== 3 ==
Ekkehard I van Meissen
birth: about 960
marriage: Swanhilde van Saksen Billung
title: from 985 - 1002, margrave de Misnie
death: 30 April 1002
burial: Kleinjena, buried in Kloster Jena, transferred 1028 to Naumburg Georgskirche
Boleslaw I van Polen
birth: between 965 and 967
marriage: ?
divorce: ?
marriage: Judyta Arpad
divorce: Judyta Arpad
marriage: w Conhilda (Gunnilda) Dobromirovna
title: from 992 - 1025, князь Польши, 2-й
title: from 1003 - 1004, князь Чехии, 10-й
marriage: w Ода Эккехардович из Мейсена
title: from 18 April 1025 - 17 June 1025, король Польши, 1-й
death: 17 June 1025
burial: Poznań, Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
Mieszko von Polen
birth: about 979
death: after 992
Swantopolk von Polen
birth: between 979 and 985
death: before 25 May 992
Ламберт Мешкович Пястов
birth: between 980 and 986, Польское королевство
death: after 992, Польское королевство
Gunhilda ? (of Poland (daughter of Mieszko))
birth: Польское великое княжество
death: Польское великое княжество
Eric the Victorious
birth: before 945
marriage: Sigrid Mieskaya (Sigrid Storrada)
title: from 970 - 995, King of Sweden, under the name of Eric VI
marriage: before 980
death: about 995
Sweyn Forkbeard (Knytling)
birth: about 960
marriage: Sigrid Mieskaya (Sigrid Storrada)
title: from 986 - 3 February 1014, King of Denmark
title: from 986 - 995, King of Norway
title: from 1013 - 1014, König von England
title: from 25 December 1013 - 3 February 1014, Король Норвегии
death: 3 February 1014
Sigrid Mieskaya (Sigrid Storrada)
birth: 967, Poland
marriage: Eric the Victorious
marriage: Sweyn Forkbeard (Knytling)
title: 992, Шведское королевство, шведская королева
title: 996, Датское королевство, датская королева
title: 9 October 1000, Норвежское королевство, норвежская королева
title: 25 February 1013, Английское королевство, английская королева
death: 1014
== 3 ==
Vladimir the Great
birth: 958, Budutyno, Pskov kingdom, king of Rus
marriage: Malfrida
marriage: Милолика Милица Анна Болгарская
title: 972, Veliky Novgorod, king of Novgorod, Novgorod, Novgorod kingdom
marriage: Rogneda of Polotsk Polotska
title: 11 June 978, Kyiv, king of Kyiv and Rus, Russian kingdom
marriage: Olova
baptism: February 988, Kyiv, baptism of Kyiv and Rus, Russian kingdom
marriage: w Anna Porphyrogenita , Киев
death: 15 July 1015, Berestove, Russian kingdom
Estrid Mieceslavna (von Mecklinberg)
birth: about 979
death: 1035
Edla of Venden
birth: estimated 990
Olof Skötkonung (Eriksson)
birth: estimated 980, Uppsala, Sweden
title: from 995 - 1022, roi de Suède
death: 1022, Husaby
Emma I of Normandy
birth: 980
title: from 1002 - 1013, Queen Consort of England
marriage: Æthelred II of Wessex ("The Unready")
title: from 1014 - 1016, reine consort d'Angleterre
marriage: Knut le Grand ? (Knud II)
title: from 1018 - 1035
title: from 1018 - 12 November 1035, Queen Consort of England
death: 7 March 1052, Winchester (England)
Эльфгифу Нортхемптонская
title: 1014, Датское княжество, датская княжна
marriage: Knut le Grand ? (Knud II)
title: 1016, Английское княжество, английское княжество
Knut le Grand ? (Knud II)
birth: 994
marriage: Эльфгифу Нортхемптонская
title: from 30 November 1016 - 12 November 1035, Roi d'Angleterre
marriage: Emma I of Normandy
title: from 1018 - 12 November 1035, Roi du Danemark
title: from 1028 - 12 November 1035, Roi de Norvège
death: 12 November 1035, Shaftesbury
Ulf Throkilsson
birth: estimated 990
marriage: w Эстрид Кнютлинн
title: 1023, Jarl de Danemark
death: 31 December 1026
Robert I FitzRichard (Evereaux)
birth: between 1002 and 1010, Normandy, France
engagement: w Эстрид Кнютлинн
title: from 6 August 1027 - 22 June 1035, Duke of Normandy
death: 22 July 1035, İznik, Bithynia, Anatolia, (Nicaea)
burial: 1088, reburied in Italy
marriage: w Эстрид Кнютлинн
title: from August 1018 - 1019, Великий Новгород, Київська Русь, Князь Новгородский
birth: before 1020, Київ
death: before 1034
Stenkil ? (of WestGotland, Goth)
birth: 1030
death: about 1066
Harald Sweynssen
birth: 995
title: from February 1014 - 1018, Roi de Danemark
death: 1018
Izyaslav Volodimirovich
birth: from 978 - 979
title: from 987 -, Prince Izyaslav
christening: 988
title: from 989 - 1001, Prince of Polotsk
death: 1001, Polotsk
Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
birth: about 978, Kievan Rus
marriage: Anna
title: after 1015, Київ, Руське і Київське велике князівство, великий князь руський і київський
marriage: Ingrid Olofsdotter
death: 20 February 1054, Kiev, Kievan Rus
burial: after 20 February 1054, Kiev, Kievan Rus, [[wk:en:Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev|Saint Sophia Cathedral]]
birth: between 983 and 984
title: from 987 - 995, Prince Vladimir-Volynsky
death: before 1013
Мстислав Владимирович Храбрый
birth: about 983, Киев, Великое княжество Русское
marriage: Anastasia
title: from 990 - 1036, Тмутаракань, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Тмутараканский
title: from 1024 - 1036, Чернигов, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Черниговский
death: 1036, Чернигов, Великое княжество Русское
Святослав Владимирович
birth: about 982, Киев, Великое княжество Русское
title: from 988 - 1015, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Древлянский
death: 1015, Карпаты, Великое княжество Русское
Борис Владимирович Роман Рюрикович
birth: about 986, Киев, Русское великое княжество
title: from 1010 - 1015, Ростов, Залесская земля, Русское великое княжество, князь ростовский
death: 6 August 1015, Киевская земля, Русское великое княжество
birth: about 987
title: from 1013 - 1015, Князь Муромский
death: 22 September 1015
Станіслав Володимирович Рюриківський
birth: between 984 and 987
title: from 988 - 1015, Князь Смоленский
death: about 1015
Позвизд Владимирович
birth: before 988
title: княжич
Судислав Владимирович Рюрикович
birth: Киев, Великое княжество Русское
title: from 1014 - 1036, Псков, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Псковский
death: 1063, Псков, Великое княжество Русское
Arlogia Ruerykovych
birth: Kyiv, Russian kingdom
death: Kyiv, Russian kingdom
Святополк Володимирович Окаянний Руський
birth: about 979, Руське і Київське велике князівство
title: from 988 - 1016, Турівське князівство, Руське і Київське велике князівство, князь турівський
title: 1015, Київ, Руське і Київське велике князівство, великий князь руський і київський
title: from 1017 - 1019, Київ, Руське і Київське велике князівство, великий князь руський і київський
death: 1019, Київ, Руське і Київське велике князівство
Vysheslav ?
birth: about 977
christening: 988
title: from 989 - 1010, Prince of Novgorod
death: after 1010, Novgorod
Ingrid Olofsdotter
birth: 1001, Sigtuna, Sweden
marriage: Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
death: 10 February 1050
burial: after 10 February 1050, Veliky Novgorod, Saint Sophia Cathedral
Gyda de Suède
title: from 1047 - 1049, reine consort de Danemark
marriage: w Sweyn II Estridsson (of Denmark)
death: 1049
Гунильда Датская
title: from 1022 - 1050, Шведское королевство, королева шведская
title: from 1050 - 1052, Датское королевство, королева датская
marriage: w Sweyn II Estridsson (of Denmark) , Датское королевство
annulment: w Sweyn II Estridsson (of Denmark) , Датское королевство
death: 1060, Датское королевство
Sweyn II Estridsson (of Denmark)
birth: 1020
marriage: Тора Торбергсдоттер Датская (Эстридсен)
title: 1047, King of Denmark
marriage: Gyda de Suède
marriage: Гунильда Датская , Датское королевство
annulment: Гунильда Датская , Датское королевство
death: 28 April 1076
Ældgifu (Godifu) of Wessex
birth: 1002
death: 1057
Edward III of Wessex ("The Confessor")
birth: about 1004
marriage: w Edith von Wessex
title: from 8 June 1042 - 5 January 1066, King of England
death: 5 January 1066
Harthacanute Knudsen (Knutesson)
birth: between 1018 and 1019
title: from 1035 - 1037, King of England
title: from 1040 - 1042, König von Dänemark
title: from 17 March 1040 - 1042, roi d'Angleterre
death: 8 June 1042, Lambeth, England
Harald Harefoot
birth: about 1015
title: from 12 November 1035 - 17 March 1040, King of England
death: 17 March 1040
Olaf Haraldsson (Norway)
birth: 995, Ringerike (municipality), Buskerud, Norway
title: from -, King of Norway
marriage: Alfhild de Norway
marriage: Astrid Olofsdotter
death: 29 July 1030, Stiklestad, Norway, Slain Fighting King Canute Of England At Stiklestad
burial: Trondheim
Astrid Olofsdotter
birth: estimated 1010
marriage: Olaf Haraldsson (Norway)
death: 1035
birth: 1001
Anund Jakob ? (Kolbrenner, Olofsson, Skioldung)
birth: about 25 July 1008
death: 1050
Inge I (Ingald) Stenkil
birth: 1060
title: from 1087 - 1110, король Швеции
death: about 1110
Генрих III Сальско-Франковский
birth: 28 October 1017, Святое Римское царство
title: from 1027 - 1042, Баварское герцогство, Святое Римское царство, баварский герцог
marriage: Гунхильда Кнютлинн
title: 1039, Немецкое королевство, Святое Римское царство, немецкий, римско-немецкий король
marriage: Агнеса из Пуатье Рамнульфович , Ingelheim am Rhein
title: 25 December 1046, Святое Римское царство, римский царь
death: 5 October 1056, Бодфельд, Саксонское королевство, Святое Римское царство
Гунхильда Кнютлинн
birth: about 1019, Английское рексство
marriage: Генрих III Сальско-Франковский
death: 18 July 1038, Франковское королевство
Emund van Zweden
birth: estimated 1000
death: 1060
Свен Кнутссон
birth: 1016, Датское королевство
title: 1035, Норвежское королевство, норвежский король
death: 1036, Норвежское королевство

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