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Gunhilda ? (of Poland (daughter of Mieszko))

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Lineage Piast
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Gunhilda ?
Other last names of Poland (daughter of Mieszko)

Dubrawka of Bohemia [Premyslid] b. 931 d. about 977

Mieszko I of Poland [Piast] b. about 935 d. 25 May 992



birth: Duchy of Greater Poland

death: Duchy of Greater Poland

[edit] Sources

  1. -
  2. - Gunhilda or Swiesoslawa of Poland

From grandparents to grandchildren

Wenceslav I ? (Saint Wenceslaus)
birth: about 907
death: 28 September 929
Boleslaus I of Bohemia
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Biagota Bożena Stochowska
title: from 935 - 967, książę Czech
death: 15 July 967
Biagota Bożena Stochowska
birth: 901
marriage: Boleslaus I of Bohemia
title: 929, Princesse de Bohême
title: 935, Duchesse de Bohême
death: after 957
birth: estimated 890
marriage: Dagsdotter Mikelati
title: about 950, Duke of the Polans
death: about 964
Boleslaus II of Bohemia
birth: about 932
marriage: Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England)
title: 967, Duc de Bohême
death: 7 February 999
Strachkvas de Bohême
death: 996, Bohême
Гунтер фон Мерсебург
birth: before 949
marriage: Dubrawka of Bohemia
death: 13 July 982, Кротон, Калабрия, Италия
Dubrawka of Bohemia
birth: 931
marriage: Гунтер фон Мерсебург
marriage: Mieszko I of Poland
title: 965, Польское княжество, польская княгиня
death: about 977
birth: Польское великое княжество
death: after 24 June 972
Oda von Haldensleben
birth: about 962
marriage: Mieszko I of Poland , Polish Grand Duchy
death: 1023
Mieszko I of Poland
birth: about 935, Poznań, Poland
title: from 960 - 992, Duke of Poland
marriage: Dubrawka of Bohemia
baptism: 966
marriage: Oda von Haldensleben , Polish Grand Duchy
death: 25 May 992
burial: Poznań, Poland, Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
== 3 ==
Ekkehard I van Meissen
birth: about 960
marriage: Swanhilde van Saksen Billung
title: from 985 - 1002, margrave de Misnie
death: 30 April 1002
burial: Kleinjena, buried in Kloster Jena, transferred 1028 to Naumburg Georgskirche
Boleslaw I van Polen
birth: between 965 and 967
marriage: ?
divorce: ?
marriage: Judyta Arpad
divorce: Judyta Arpad
marriage: w Conhilda (Gunnilda) Dobromirovna
title: from 992 - 1025, князь Польши, 2-й
title: from 1003 - 1004, князь Чехии, 10-й
marriage: w Ода Эккехардович из Мейсена
title: from 18 April 1025 - 17 June 1025, король Польши, 1-й
death: 17 June 1025
burial: Poznań, Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
Sigrid Mieskaya (Sigrid Storrada)
birth: 967, Poland
marriage: w Eric the Victorious
marriage: Sweyn Forkbeard (Knytling)
title: 992, Шведское королевство, шведская королева
title: 996, Датское королевство, датская королева
title: 9 October 1000, Норвежское королевство, норвежская королева
title: 25 February 1013, Английское королевство, английская королева
death: 1014
Mieszko von Polen
birth: about 979
death: after 992
Swantopolk von Polen
birth: between 979 and 985
death: before 25 May 992
Ламберт Мешкович Пястов
birth: between 980 and 986, Польское королевство
death: after 992, Польское королевство
Gunhilda ? (of Poland (daughter of Mieszko))
birth: Duchy of Greater Poland
death: Duchy of Greater Poland
== 3 ==

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