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Olaf Haraldsson (Norway) b. 995 d. 29 July 1030

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Lineage Fairhair
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Olaf Haraldsson
Other last names Norway
Other given names Alaf II //, Olaf //, Olaf II "The Fat" King Of //

w Harald Gudrodsson (Greenlander, Grenske) [Fairhair] b. about 947 d. about 995

w Åsta Gudbrandsdatter [?] b. estimated 960

Wiki-page wikipedia:Olaf II of Norway


995 birth: Ringerike (municipality), Buskerud, Norway

from - title: King of Norway

marriage: bijvrouw, Alfhild de Norway [Norway] b. about 1000

1019 child birth: Ulfhild Olafsdatter [Fairhair] b. 1019 d. before 1070

1019 marriage: Astrid Olofsdotter [-] b. estimated 1010 d. 1035

about 1024 child birth: Norway, Magnus I Olafsson (Gudrodsson) [Fairhair] b. about 1024 d. 25 October 1047

29 July 1030 death: Stiklestad, Norway, Slain Fighting King Canute Of England At Stiklestad

burial: Trondheim


[edit] Sources

  1. -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Gudrod Bjornsson
birth: estimated 915, Norway
marriage: Cecilia
death: about 965
birth: estimated 925
marriage: Gudrod Bjornsson
Gudbrand Kula
birth: estimated 925
== 3 ==
Astrid Olofsdotter
birth: estimated 1010
marriage: Olaf Haraldsson (Norway)
death: 1035
Olaf Haraldsson (Norway)
birth: 995, Ringerike (municipality), Buskerud, Norway
title: from -, King of Norway
marriage: Alfhild de Norway
marriage: Astrid Olofsdotter
death: 29 July 1030, Stiklestad, Norway, Slain Fighting King Canute Of England At Stiklestad
burial: Trondheim
== 3 ==
Magnus I Olafsson (Gudrodsson)
birth: about 1024, Norway
marriage: Mrs. Magnus Gudrodsson
title: to 25 October 1047, King of Norway
death: 25 October 1047
Ordulph (Otto)
birth: 1022
marriage: Ulfhild Olafsdatter
title: from 1059 - 28 March 1072, Herzog von Sachsen
death: 28 March 1072
burial: Lüneburg, St. Michael's chirch
Ulfhild Olafsdatter
birth: 1019
marriage: Ordulph (Otto)
death: before 1070
Haakon Ivarsson (Hakonson)
birth: between and, ,
birth: about 935, Norway
death: 995, Norway
birth: about 1000
marriage: Ragnhild Magnusdottir (Magnusdatter)
death: 1079
Ragnhild Magnusdottir (Magnusdatter)
birth: between and, ,
birth: about 1041, Norway
marriage: Haakon Ivarsson (Hakonson)
Zsofia (Sophia) Arpad
birth: about 1050
marriage: w Ulrich I von Istrien
title: from 6 March 1070 - 18 June 1095, durch 2. Heirat Herzogin von Sachsen after 6 Mar 1070) MAGNUS of Saxony, son of ORDULF Duke in Saxony [Billung]
marriage: Magnus Ordulphsson (Duke of Saxony)
death: 18 June 1095
burial: Lüneburg, St. Michaelis chirch
Magnus Ordulphsson (Duke of Saxony)
birth: about 1045
marriage: Zsofia (Sophia) Arpad
title: from 1072 - 23 August 1106, Herzog von Sachsen
death: 23 August 1106
burial: Lüneburg, St. Michaelis

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