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Adelajda Biała (Knegini) b. estimated 950 d. after 997

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Lineage Piast
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Adelajda Biała
Other last names Knegini

Siemomysł [Piast] b. estimated 890 d. about 964

Dagsdotter Mikelati [Mikelati] b. estimated 920



estimated 950 birth:

marriage: Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Hungary, Michael of Hungary [Arpad] b. about 955 d. about 990

estimated 975 child birth: Vazul [Árpád] b. estimated 975 d. 1037

about 976 child birth: Ladislaus ? (of Hungary) [Árpád] b. about 976 d. 1029

980 marriage: Geza I of Hungary [Arpad] b. about 940 d. 1 February 997

after 997 death:


Turton has Adelaida as daughter of Ziemomysl Prince of Poland, but Leo van de Pas, citing ES, has her as daughter of Ziemomysl's son Mieszko I by an unknown first wife; Adelajda marrying 1st Mihaly, and then his brother Geza, and having children by both. Van de Pas is incorrect in his generations.

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

birth: between 870 and 880, Poland
title: Duke of the Polans
death: between 930 and 940
birth: estimated 890
marriage: Dagsdotter Mikelati
title: about 950, Duke of the Polans
death: about 964
== 3 ==
Mieszko I of Poland
birth: about 935, Poznań, Poland
title: from 960 - 992, Duke of Poland
marriage: Dubrawka of Bohemia
baptism: 966
marriage: Oda von Haldensleben , Polish Grand Duchy
death: 25 May 992
burial: Poznań, Poland, Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
birth: Польское великое княжество
death: after 24 June 972
Michael of Hungary
birth: about 955, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Hungary
marriage: Adelajda Biała (Knegini) , Kingdom of Hungary
death: about 990, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Hungary
Geza I of Hungary
birth: about 940, Esztergom, Hungary
title: from 970 - 1 February 997, Grand Prince of the Magyars
christening: 973
marriage: Sarolta
marriage: Adelajda Biała (Knegini)
death: 1 February 997
Adelajda Biała (Knegini)
birth: estimated 950
marriage: Michael of Hungary , Kingdom of Hungary
marriage: Geza I of Hungary
death: after 997
== 3 ==
Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
birth: 978
marriage: Vazul
death: 6 October 1014
birth: estimated 975
marriage: Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
title: 975, Римське царство, князь Нітрянський
death: 1037
Anastasia Yaroslavna
birth: about 1023, Руське і Київське Князівство
marriage: Andrew I of Hungary
death: between 1074 and 1096
burial: after 1074, Штирія, Священне Римське Царство, Stift Admont
Andrew I of Hungary
birth: 1015, Esztergom, Hungary
marriage: Anastasia Yaroslavna
death: before 6 December 1060, Zirc, Hungary
burial: after 6 December 1060, Tihany, Benedictine Tihany Abbey
Тута фон Формбах
marriage: Бела I Войцех Угорський , Венгерское королевство, Святое Римское царство
death: after 1090, Угорське королівство, Римське царство
Бела I Войцех Угорський
birth: between 1015 and 1020, Угорське королівство, Римське царство
marriage: Ryksa Piast (of Poland)
marriage: Тута фон Формбах , Венгерское королевство, Святое Римское царство
title: from 1061 - 10 September 1063, Угорське королівство, Римське царство, угорський король
death: 10 September 1063, Мосон, Угорське королівство, Римське царство
burial: abdij van Szekszard, Угорське королівство, Римське царство
death: 1048

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