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Heribert II van Vermandois b. about 880 d. 23 February 943

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Lineage Herbertian
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Heribert II van Vermandois

Herbert de Senlis [Herbertian] b. estimated 850 d. between 900 and 907

Bertha Morvois [Morvois] b. 862 d. 907

Wiki-page wikipedia:Herbert II, Count of Vermandois
Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::INDI @I265224@::Kjansen


about 880 birth:

title: Count of Kinziggan

title: Count of Meaux

title: Graaf of Vermandois

about 907 marriage: Adelheid Aelis van Capet [Robertian] b. 887 d. after 943

estimated 910 child birth: Robert Graaf van Méaux en Troyes [Herbertien] b. estimated 910 d. 19 June 966

916 child birth: w Adèle de Vermandois [Herbertien] b. 916 d. 10 October 960

921 child birth: Heribert van Vermandois [Herbertian] b. 921 d. 984

924 child birth: Liutgarde van Vermandois [Herbertian] b. 924 d. 14 November 977

between 931 and 934 child birth: w Adalbert I von Vermandois [Herbertien] b. between 931 and 934 d. 8 September 987

23 February 943 death:

burial: Saint-Quentin (Aisne)


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Adela of France (also known as Liégarde) brought him the County of Meaux, also named Count of Mézerais and of the Véxin.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Pippin II Carolus (Peronne)
birth: about 818
title: comte au nord de la Seine
title: comte de Vermandois, seigneur Senlis, Péronne, et Saint Quentin.
marriage: - -
death: after 850
Pepin de Senlis
title: between 877 and 893, Conde de Berengariu
Bernard van Laon Bayeux
birth: 837
death: 893
Herbert de Senlis
birth: estimated 850
marriage: Bertha Morvois
title: 896, seigneur de Péronne et de Saint-Quentin
title: 896, comte de Soissons
title: 896, comte de Vermandois
title: 896, comte de Meaux
death: between 900 and 907
== 3 ==
Beatrix von Vermandois
birth: 880
marriage: Robert I of France (de Neustria)
title: 898, Comtesse de Paris
title: 29 June 922, Reina de Francia
death: 931
Adelheid Aelis van Capet
birth: 887
title: 906, Comtesse de Vermandois, de Soissons et de Meaux
marriage: Heribert II van Vermandois
death: after 943
Heribert II van Vermandois
birth: about 880
title: Count of Kinziggan
title: Count of Meaux
title: Graaf of Vermandois
marriage: Adelheid Aelis van Capet
death: 23 February 943
burial: Saint-Quentin (Aisne)
== 3 ==
Adelheid van Bourgondie
birth: estimated 928
marriage: Robert Graaf van Méaux en Troyes
death: after August 987
Robert Graaf van Méaux en Troyes
birth: estimated 910
title: comte de Meaux
title: comte de Troyes
marriage: Adelheid van Bourgondie
death: 19 June 966
Adalbert I von Vermandois
birth: between 931 and 934
title: comte de Vermandois
marriage: Gerberga van Lotharingen
death: 8 September 987
burial: St Quetin
Theobald I Le Tricheur
birth: about 910
marriage: Liutgarde van Vermandois
title: about 960, Comte de Blois et de Tours
death: between 16 January 975 and 16 January 977
William I of Normandy ("Longsword")
birth: before 910, Rouen, Bayeux, Rouen or Bayeux (Wikipedia.en) or overseas (
title: from 927 - 17 December 942, Jarl of Normans of the Seine
marriage: Espriota (Sprota) ? (de Senlis)
marriage: Liutgarde van Vermandois
death: 17 December 942, Picquigny
burial: Rouen, Rouen Cathedral
Liutgarde van Vermandois
birth: 924
marriage: William I of Normandy ("Longsword")
title: 943
marriage: Theobald I Le Tricheur
title: 960, Chartres, Comtesse de Blois et de Tours
death: 14 November 977
Adiva of Wessex
birth: calculated 902
marriage: Charles III de France (Charles le Simple)
title: 10 February 919, reine de Francie occidentale
immigration: after 15 June 923, England, Elle se sauva en Angleterre, ayant appris la détention de son mari, et emporta avec elle le [[Personne:30368|fils]] unique d'elle avait de son [[Personne:8642|mari]].
other: from 938 - 951, Laon, Prisonnière, par ordre de son [[Personne:30368|fils]]
emigration: 938, Laon, Frankreich, reviens en France pour servir [[Personne:30368|Louis]] de ses conseils
marriage: Heribert van Vermandois
title: 951, Comtesse d'Ormos
death: 26 September 951
burial: Soissons, Saint-Médard
Heribert van Vermandois
birth: 921
title: comte d'Omois
marriage: Adiva of Wessex
death: 984
Arnulf I of Flanders
birth: 873, Amiens, comte d'Amiens
title: 918, Comte d'Artois
title: 933, comte d'Ostrevant
marriage: w Adèle de Vermandois
fact 1: 958, Thérouanne, comte de Thérouanne
fact 2: 962, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Comte de Boulogne
death: 27 March 965
Adèle de Vermandois
birth: 916
marriage: Arnulf I of Flanders
title: 934, Comtesse de Flandre et de Boulogne
death: 10 October 960, Bruges (Belgique)
birth: 937
death: 953
Mathilde (Maud) of Saxony
birth: estimated 945
marriage: Baldwin III Flanders
marriage: Godfried (Godfrey) Verdun (de Lotharingen)
death: 25 May 1008
burial: Ghent (Belgium), St Pieter
Baldwin III Flanders
marriage: Mathilde (Maud) of Saxony
title: from 958 - 962, Graf von Flandern und von Artois; Mitregent in Flandern, zusammen mit seinem Vater
death: 1 November 962, Bergues, France, Sint-Winoksbergen
Wichman IV von Hamaland
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Lutgarde de Flandre
death: after 974, Mönchengladbach, datum is 20 juli
burial: Elten, Hoog-Elten
Thierry II de Frise Occidentale
birth: about 930, Gand
engagement: w Hildegarde de Flandre
marriage: w Hildegarde de Flandre
death: 6 May 988, Egmond, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas
burial: Egmond, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas
Bertha Bourgogne
birth: 964
title: 978
title: 997, Reine de France
marriage: Odo I de Blois
marriage: Robert II Capet
other: Robert II Capet , Séparation
death: 16 January 1010
Odo I de Blois
birth: 950
title: 977
title: 977, Шартрское графство, Франковское королевство, граф шартрский
title: 977, Шатодунское графство, Франковское королевство, граф шатодунский
title: 977, Турское графство, Франковское королевство, граф турский
death: between 12 March 995 and 996, Marmoutier, France, Marmoutier Abbey
marriage: Bertha Bourgogne
Otto I van Warq
birth: estimated 955
property: seigneur de Warcq
title: comte de Chiny
marriage: Ermengarde van Namen
death: about 987
William IV of Aquitaine
birth: Poitiers (86), comte de Poitiers
birth: 937
title: Poitiers (86), duc d'Aquitaine
marriage: Emma du Blois
death: 3 February 995
burial: Poitiers (86), l'Abbaye de Saint Maixent
Emma du Blois
birth: 950
marriage: William IV of Aquitaine
death: 27 December 1003
Heribert IV van Vermandois
birth: about 954
title: comte de Vermandois
death: about 993, datum is 29 augustus
Geoffrey I (Guerric) Gisgonelle
birth: 938, Anjou, França
marriage: Adelais
title: 960, Comte d'Anjou
marriage: Adelaide de Chalones
caste: 978, Sénéchal de France
title: 979, comte de Chalon
death: 21 July 987, Marçon, France, He died in battle
Adelaide de Chalones
title: 965, Comtesse d'Anjou
marriage: Geoffrey I (Guerric) Gisgonelle
death: 976
Hugues de Blois
title: 969, Archevêque de Bourges
death: 986

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