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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Adelais
Other given names Adélaïde


child birth: de Chalon [Chalon] d. before 1018

child birth: Elizabeth of Chalon [Chalon]

child birth: Maud de Chalon [Chalon] d. before 1019

marriage: Lambert de Chalon [Chalon] b. estimated 905 d. 22 February 979

marriage: Geoffrey I (Guerric) Gisgonelle [Ingelger] b. 938 d. 21 July 987

987 child birth: w Hugues Ier de Chalon [Chalon] b. 987 d. 1039

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Lambert de Chalon
birth: estimated 905
marriage: Adelais
title: after 956, comte de Chalon
death: 22 February 979
Geoffrey I (Guerric) Gisgonelle
birth: 938, Anjou, França
marriage: Adelais
title: 960, Comte d'Anjou
marriage: Adelaide de Chalones
caste: 978, Sénéchal de France
title: 979, comte de Chalon
death: 21 July 987, Marçon, France, He died in battle
== 1 ==
Gerberga van Mâcon
birth: estimated 940
marriage: Adalbert of Ivrea
marriage: Odo-Henrique, Duque da Borgonha
death: between 986 and 991, datum is 11 december
Maud de Chalon
death: before 1019
Hugues Ier de Chalon
birth: 987
occupation: Auxerre (89), Eveque d'Auxerre
title: about 987, Chalon-sur-Saône (71), comte de Chalon
death: 1039
Guy de Mâcon
birth: about 982
title: Mâcon (71), Comte de Mâcon
marriage: de Chalon
death: about 1004
burial: Saint-Bénigne
de Chalon
marriage: Guy de Mâcon
death: before 1018
Thibault d'Autun (de Chalones)
birth: about 990
title: comte de Chalon
marriage: Ermentrude
death: about 1065
Geoffroi II de Semur
title: Semur-en-Brionnais (71), Seigneur de Semur
marriage: Adélaïde de Vergy
Othon II de Mâcon
marriage: Elisabeth de Vergy
title: 1026, comte de Mâcon

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