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Family: Godfried (Godfrey) Verdun + Mathilde (Maud) of Saxony

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Godfried (Godfrey) Verdun (de Lotharingen) [Ardennes-Verdun] b. estimated 930 d. 3 September 1002

Mathilde (Maud) of Saxony [Billung] b. estimated 945 d. 25 May 1008


Gerberga van Verdun [Ardennes-Verdun] b. after 962 d. 1030

Gothelon Ier de Lotharingie - [Ardenne] b. about 967 d. 19 April 1044

Herman Verdun (de Lotharingen) [Ardennes-Verdun] b. 970 d. 28 May 1029

Irmgard van Lotharingen [Ardennes-Verdun] b. 975 d. 1042

Friedrich van Lotharingen [Ardennes-Verdun] b. 970 d. 6 January 1022

Regilla van Lotharingen [Ardennes-Verdun] b. 990 d. 1 February 1050

Ermentrud van Verdun [Ardennes-Verdun] b. estimated 950 d. after 1010

Ermentrude van Verdun [Ardennes-Verdun] b. estimated 970 d. after 1010

Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::FAM @F24775@::Kjansen


962 marriage:


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