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The GEDCOM source is an umbrella for all of the GEDCOM files uploaded by Rodovid users. GEDCOM is a universal genealogical medium for family trees; GEDCOM files can be uploaded to Rodovid at Special:GedcomParser.

At this time Rodovid does not allow the upload of gedcom files. In the future this feature may be made available on a limited basis. Gedcom imports are dangerous because of the risk of data corruption due to duplicate individuals and families. Other genealogy-sites who have been crippled by this effect found their services abandoned by dissatisfied users who found it difficult to navigate their sites. There is not a single genealogy system anywhere in the world that allows automatic Gedcom uploads without experiencing duplication problems. We are currently researching better methods to make it possible in the future, but it may take a while. In the meantime at quality will prevails over quantity. We feel we have a site that offers an unparalleled product. With our team of various linquistic, historic, anthropological, and genealogical experts editing performing quality checks on a daily basis we can offer our patrons a more accurate content that is free of confusing duplicates and other errors!

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