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Berenguer Ramón b. 1005 d. 26 May 1035

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Lineage Barcelona
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Berenguer Ramón
Other given names El Corbat

Raymond I Borel [Barcelona] b. 26 May 972 d. 25 February 1017

Ermessende de Carcassonne [Comminges] b. about 975 d. 1 March 1058

Wiki-page wikipedia:Berenguer Ramon I, Count of Barcelona


1005 birth:

child birth: Bernat Berenguer de Barcelone [Barcelone]

child birth: Sanç Bergenguer de Barcelone [Barcelone]

child birth: Guillem Berenguer de Barcelone [Barcelone]

1017 title: Count of Barcelona

1022 child birth: Ramón Berenguer I [Barcelona] b. 1022 d. 1076

1022 marriage: Sancha Sanchez (de Gascogne) [Fezensac] b. 1000 d. 26 June 1026

1027 marriage: Gisela de Llucá [?] b. 1012 d. 1079

1035 child birth: Beatriz de Castela [Barcelona] b. 1035 d. 1074

26 May 1035 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adelaida de Barcelone
birth: 928
death: 955
Miró de Barcelone
birth: 926
title: 947, Comte de Barcelone et d'Urgell
death: 966
Adelaida de Barcelone
birth: 928
death: 955
Borrell II d'Urgel
birth: 927, Barcelona, Spain
other: 948, dux Gothiae
marriage: Luitgarde de Toulouse (Letgarde de Rouergue)
death: 993
Raymond IV of Gothia (Toulouse)
birth: about 950
death: about 975, Garazo
marriage: w Adelaide of Anjou , Second marriage of Adelaide
Luitgarde de Toulouse (Letgarde de Rouergue)
title: Conde de Urgel
title: 968, Comtesse de Barcelone et d'Urgell
marriage: Borrell II d'Urgel
Arsende Comminges
birth: 950
death: 983
Roger de Comminges (de Carcassonne)
birth: Carcassonne, France
title: Carcassonne (11), comte de Carcassonne
title: comte du Razès
marriage: Adélaïde de Melgueil
death: 1012
Ermengol I de Córdoba
birth: 974
title: 992, Conde de Urgel
death: 1011, Córdoba (Andalusia)
Raymond I Borel
birth: 26 May 972
title: 992, Count of Barcelona
marriage: Ermessende de Carcassonne
death: 25 February 1017
Bernard Roger de Foix
birth: 980
marriage: Gersende de Bigorre
title: 1012, Comte de Foix et de Bigorre
death: 1038
Ermessende de Carcassonne
birth: about 975
marriage: Raymond I Borel
title: 993, Comtesse de Barcelone
death: 1 March 1058, Sant Quirze de Besora
== 3 ==
Sancha Sanchez (de Gascogne)
birth: 1000
marriage: Berenguer Ramón
title: 1022, Comtesse de Barcelone
death: 26 June 1026
Gisela de Llucá
birth: 1012
marriage: Berenguer Ramón
title: 1027, Comtesse de Barcelone
death: 1079
Berenguer Ramón
birth: 1005
title: 1017, Count of Barcelona
marriage: Sancha Sanchez (de Gascogne)
marriage: Gisela de Llucá
death: 26 May 1035
== 3 ==
Adelmonde de la Marche
birth: 1020
marriage: Hugh V Le Debonnaire (de Lusignan)
title: 1038
marriage: Raymond III Pons Toulouse
title: 1040, Barcelona, cathedral
title: May 1053, Comtesse de Barcelone
marriage: Ramón Berenguer I
death: 1 November 1071
Elisabet de Nîmes
title: April 1039, Comtesse de Barcelone
marriage: Ramón Berenguer I
Blanca de Narbonne
title: 1051, Comtesse de Barcelone
marriage: Ramón Berenguer I
other: Ramón Berenguer I , Répudiation
Henri de Bourgogne
birth: 1035
title: 1035, Prince de Bourgogne
marriage: Beatriz de Castela
death: 1074
birth: 1080
marriage: Henri I Bourgogne (of Portugal)
title: 14 February 1095, Condessa de Portugal
death: 1 November 1130
Henri I Bourgogne (of Portugal)
birth: 1069, Dijon (21)
title: between 1093 and 1112, Graaf van Portugal
marriage: Theresia
death: 1 November 1112, Astorga (Spain)
burial: Braga
William IV Toulouse
birth: about 1040
marriage: Emmalina Mortain
death: 1094, Huéscar
Ramón Berenguer II de Barcelona
birth: 1053
title: 1076, Conde de Barcelona
marriage: Mahalta ? (Apulia, Vichard)
death: 6 December 1082
Sybille van Bourgondie
birth: 1065
marriage: Эд I Боррель (Рыжий) Бургундский
title: 1080, Duchesse de Bourgogne
death: 1103
Эд I Боррель (Рыжий) Бургундский
birth: 1060
title: 1079, герцог Бургундии
marriage: Sybille van Bourgondie
death: 23 March 1103
Hugues de Bourgogne (Hugues Ier)
birth: 1056
title: 1076, Duc de Bourgogne
other: 1079, Abdication
death: 29 August 1093, Cluny (71)
Wigo Albon
birth: about 1025
marriage: Pétronille de Royans
title: 22 April 1070, Cluny (71), Comte en Grévisaudan et en Briançonnais
marriage: Ines de Barcelone
death: 1079
Ines de Barcelone
marriage: Wigo Albon
title: 10 May 1070, Comtesse de Grévisaudan et de Briançonnais
Bernard Ier "Taillefer" de Besalú
title: comte de Besalú
marriage: Adelaida de Barcelone
death: between 26 September 1020 and 13 October 1020
burial: Ripoll
Berenguer Ramon de Barcelone (Berenguer Ramon II)
birth: 1053
title: 1076, Comte de Barcelone
death: 1097
Robert de Bourgogne
birth: 1059
death: 1111
Hélie de Bourgogne
birth: 1061
death: 1081
Béatrix de Bourgogne
birth: 1063
death: 1110
Renaud de Bourgogne
birth: 1065
death: 1092

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