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Aldria de Barcelone

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Lineage Barcelone
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Aldria de Barcelone

Luitgarde de Toulouse (Letgarde de Rouergue) [Toulouse]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Raymond III Pons (Toulouse)
birth: about 930
death: about 972
birth: estimated 935
Raymond IV of Gothia (Toulouse)
birth: about 950
death: about 975, Garazo
marriage: w Adelaide of Anjou , Second marriage of Adelaide
Borrell II d'Urgel
birth: 927, Barcelona, Spain
other: 948, dux Gothiae
marriage: Luitgarde de Toulouse (Letgarde de Rouergue)
death: 993
Luitgarde de Toulouse (Letgarde de Rouergue)
title: Conde de Urgel
title: 968, Comtesse de Barcelone et d'Urgell
marriage: Borrell II d'Urgel
== 3 ==
Raymond I Borel
birth: 26 May 972
title: 992, Count of Barcelona
marriage: Ermessende de Carcassonne
death: 25 February 1017
Ermengol I de Córdoba
birth: 974
title: 992, Conde de Urgel
death: 1011, Córdoba (Andalusia)
== 3 ==

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