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Mahalta ? (Apulia, Vichard) b. 1059 d. 1112

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Lineage Hauteville
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mahalta ?
Other last names Apulia, Vichard

w Robert Guiscard de Hauteville [Hauteville] b. 1015 d. 17 July 1085

w Sichelgaita (Sikelgaita) de Amalfi (et Salerno) [Obertenghi] b. 1040 d. 16 April 1090


1059 birth:

child birth: w Aimeri II de Narbonne [Narbonne] d. 7 July 1134

marriage: Эймери I [Narbonne]

1078 marriage: Ramón Berenguer II de Barcelona [Barcelona] b. 1053 d. 6 December 1082

11 November 1082 child birth: Rodez, Ramón Berenguer III de Barcelona [Barcelona] b. 11 November 1082 d. 19 July 1131

1112 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

birth: estimated 990
marriage: Tancred of Hauteville
death: about 1025
Tancred of Hauteville
birth: 980, Cotentin Peninsula, France
marriage: Muriella
marriage: Fressenda
death: 1041
birth: about 995
marriage: Tancred of Hauteville
death: 1057
Guaimar IV de Salerno
birth: about 1013
title: from 1027 - 3 June 1052, prince de Salerne
title: from 1038 - 1047, prince de Capoue
title: from 1039 - 3 June 1052, duc d'Amalfi
death: 3 June 1052, Salerne
Roger I (Bosso) Forqualquier (of Sicily)
birth: 1031
marriage: Юдифь д'Эвре (Гранмесниль)
title: from 1072 - 22 June 1101, великий граф Сицилии
marriage: Eremberga de Mortain
marriage: w Adelaide del Vasto Saluzo
death: 22 June 1101
Drogo of Hauteville
birth: about 1010
title: from 1046 - 10 August 1051, Count of Apulia
death: 10 August 1051
Humphrey de Hauteville
birth: about 1010
title: from August 1051 - August 1057, Count of Apulia and Calabria
death: August 1057
burial: Venosa, Abbey of the Santissima Trinità
Serlo I of Hauteville
title: from 1041 -, сеньор де Готвиль
Geoffrey de Hauteville
birth: 1020, Cotentin
marriage count: 2
children count: au moins 4
title: from 1041 - 1056, сеньор де Готвиль, возможно до 1053
title: from 1059 - 1063, граф Капитаната
death: 1071
William Iron Arm de Hauteville
birth: about 1005
title: from September 1042 - 1046, Count of Apulia
death: 1046
burial: Venosa, Abbey of the Santissima Trinità
Mauger de Hauteville
birth: 1030, Cotentin
title: from 1056 - 1057, comte du Capitanate
death: 1057
Guillaume de Hauteville
birth: about 1027, Cotentin
death: 1080
burial: Venosa, Abbaye de la Trinité de Venosa
Alberada von Buonalbergo
birth: about 1033
marriage: w Robert Guiscard de Hauteville
annulment: w Robert Guiscard de Hauteville
death: July 1122
burial: Abtei Santissima Trinità di Venosa, Venosa, Grab der Familie Hauteville
Robert Guiscard de Hauteville
birth: 1015
marriage: Alberada von Buonalbergo
other: from 1057 - 1059, Count of Apulia
annulment: Alberada von Buonalbergo
marriage: w Sichelgaita (Sikelgaita) de Amalfi (et Salerno)
title: from 1059 - 17 July 1085, comtes de Sicile
death: 17 July 1085
burial: Venosa, Abbey of the Santissima Trinità
== 3 ==
Bohemund I
birth: between 1051 and 1052
religion: catholicisme
title: from 1088 - 17 March 1111, Prince de Tarente
title: from 1098 - 17 March 1111, Prince d’Antioche
marriage: Constance
death: 7 March 1111
Roger d' Hauteville
birth: between 1060 and 1061
title: from 1085 - 22 February 1111, Duke of Apulia and Calabria
marriage: w Адель Фландрская
death: 22 February 1111, Salerno
Роберт Скалио
birth: 1068
death: April 1110
birth: 1061
title: герцог Амальфи
death: 8 July 1108
Эймери I
title: виконт Нарбоннский
marriage: Mahalta ? (Apulia, Vichard)
death: Ливан
Ramón Berenguer II de Barcelona
birth: 1053
title: 1076, Conde de Barcelona
marriage: Mahalta ? (Apulia, Vichard)
death: 6 December 1082
== 3 ==
Dulce de Provenza
birth: 1090
title: 3 February 1112
marriage: Ramón Berenguer III de Barcelona
title: 1117, Comtesse de Cerdagne
death: 1129
María Rodríguez de Vivar
birth: 1077
marriage: Ramón Berenguer III de Barcelona
title: February 1099, Comtesse de Barcelone, de Gérone et d'Osona
death: 1105
Ramón Berenguer III de Barcelona
birth: 11 November 1082, Rodez
title: 26 November 1082, Conde de Barcelona.
marriage: María Rodríguez de Vivar
title: 1111, Comte de Besalu
title: 1112, Comte de Provence
marriage: Dulce de Provenza
title: 1117, Comte de Cerdagne
death: 19 July 1131, Barcelona
Aimeri II de Narbonne
title: between 1105 and 1134, Vicomte de Narbonne
death: 7 July 1134, Fraga, Espagne, Bataille de Fraga
burial: Lagrasse (11), Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Lagrasse
Petronilla van Aragon
birth: 29 July 1136, Barbastro
marriage: Raimund Berengar IV von Barcelona , Lleida
title: August 1150, Lérida, Comtesse de Barcelone
title: 16 August 1157, Barcelona
death: 15 October 1173, Barcelona
Raimund Berengar IV von Barcelona
birth: 1113, Barcelona
title: 19 July 1131, Barcelona, Comte de Barcelone
marriage: Beatrix of Maguion
marriage: Petronilla van Aragon , Lleida
title: 16 August 1157, Huesca, Roi consort d'Aragon
death: 6 August 1162, Borgo San Dalmazzo, Piemont
Raimund I Trencavel
title: after 1129, Vizegraf von Agde
title: after 1129, виконт Безье
marriage: Saura de Barcelone
title: after 1150, Vizegraf von Carcassonne, et d'Albi
death: 1167
Alfons VII von León und Kastilien
birth: 11 March 1105, Кальдас-де-Рейес, Галиcия
title: 1112, король Галисии
title: 9 March 1126, король Леона
marriage: Berenguela de Barcelone , Saldaña
title: 1135, король Кастилии
marriage: Richilda Piast
death: 21 August 1157, Ла-Фреснеда, Кастилия
Berenguela de Barcelone
birth: 1108, Barcelona
title: 1128, Saldaña (Castille-et-León), Reine de Galice, de Castille et de Leon
marriage: Alfons VII von León und Kastilien , Saldaña
title: 1135, Impératrice de toutes les Espagnes
death: 1149, Palencia
Roger III von Foix
marriage: Jimena de Barcelone (de Bésalu)
title: 1124, Comte de Foix
death: 1148
Jimena de Barcelone (de Bésalu)
title: 1117, Comtesse héritière de Foix
marriage: Roger III von Foix
title: 1124, Comtesse de Foix
Manrique de Lara
title: comte de Molina et de Mesa
marriage: Ermessinde de Narbonne
Ermessinde de Narbonne
title: Vicomtesse de Narbonne
marriage: Manrique de Lara
Bernard d'Anduze
birth: 1150
title: seigneur d’Anduze
marriage: Ermengarde de Narbonne-Pelet
death: 1200
Bernardo de Barcelone
birth: 1117
death: 1117
Estefania de Barcelone
birth: 1118
title: 1128, Comtesse de Bigorre
death: 1132

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