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William IV Toulouse b. about 1040 d. 1094

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Lineage Toulouse
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) William IV Toulouse

Raymond III Pons Toulouse [Toulouse] b. before 998 d. 1060

Adelmonde de la Marche [La Marche] b. 1020 d. 1 November 1071



about 1040 birth:

marriage: Emmalina Mortain [Conteville] b. 1040

about 1073 child birth: Philippa Mathilde van Toulouse [Toulouse] b. about 1073 d. 28 November 1117

1094 death: Huescar

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Constance d’Arles
birth: about 986, Arles, France
marriage: Robert II Capet
title: 1003, Reine de France
death: 25 July 1032, Melun, France
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Basilica of St Denis
William III of Toulouse
birth: before 969
title: between 978 and September 1037, Count of Toulouse
marriage: w Emma de Provence
death: after 14 September 1037
burial: Toulouse, Saint-Sernin
Emma de Provence
birth: about 975
marriage: William III of Toulouse
death: after 1063
Bernard I LeMarche
birth: about 991
title: comte de La Marche
death: between 1038 and 16 June 1047
Amelie d'Aulney
birth: 995
death: 1053
Raymond III Pons Toulouse
birth: before 998
marriage: Adelmonde de la Marche
death: 1060, Toulouse
burial: Toulouse, Saint-Sernin
Eudes Ier de La Marche
title: 1081, comte de La Marche
death: between 25 April 1091 and 12 November 1098
Audebert de La Marche
title: comte de La Marche
death: 1088
Adelmonde de la Marche
birth: 1020
marriage: Hugh V Le Debonnaire (de Lusignan)
title: 1038
marriage: Raymond III Pons Toulouse
title: 1040, Barcelona, cathedral
title: May 1053, Comtesse de Barcelone
marriage: Ramón Berenguer I
death: 1 November 1071
== 3 ==
Ramón Berenguer II de Barcelona
birth: 1053
title: 1076, Conde de Barcelona
marriage: Mahalta ? (Apulia, Vichard)
death: 6 December 1082
Ines de Barcelone
marriage: Wigo Albon
title: 10 May 1070, Comtesse de Grévisaudan et de Briançonnais
Berenguer Ramon de Barcelone (Berenguer Ramon II)
birth: 1053
title: 1076, Comte de Barcelone
death: 1097
Emmalina Mortain
birth: 1040, France, Pas de Calais, Normandy
birth: 1094, France, Pas De Calais
marriage: William IV Toulouse
William IV Toulouse
birth: about 1040
marriage: Emmalina Mortain
death: 1094, Huescar
== 3 ==
William IX van Poitiers
birth: 22 October 1071
title: 1086, Duc d'Aquitaine
title: 1086, Comte de Poitiers
title: from 1086 - 1126, Duc de Gascogne
marriage: Ermengarde Anjou
other: Ermengarde Anjou , Répudiation
marriage: Philippa Mathilde van Toulouse
death: 10 February 1127, Chize
Philippa Mathilde van Toulouse
birth: about 1073
marriage: William IX van Poitiers
death: 28 November 1117, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, (Fontevrault)
Раймунд де Пуатье
birth: 1099
marriage: Constance of Antioch
title: from 1136 - 29 June 1149, князь Антиохии
death: 27 June 1149, Антиохия, Убит в битве при Инабе
Ramiro II van Aragon
birth: 24 April 1086, Pamplona
title: 29 September 1134, Huesca, Roi d'Aragon
marriage: Agnès de Poitiers , Jaca
death: 16 August 1157, Huesca
Aimery V de Thouars
marriage: Agnès de Poitiers
title: from 1123 - 1127, vicomte de Thouars
Agnès de Poitiers
birth: July 1103, Poitiers (86)
marriage: Aimery V de Thouars
title: 13 November 1135, Jaca, Reine d'Aragon
marriage: Ramiro II van Aragon , Jaca
death: 1159, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye (49)
Willem van Poitiers Valentinois
birth: 1105
death: 4 March 1187
Eleonore Châtellerault
birth: about 1103, Châtellerault
marriage: William X de Aquitanie-Poitou
death: between March 1130 and 1136
William X de Aquitanie-Poitou
birth: 1099, Toulouse
marriage: Eleonore Châtellerault
death: 9 April 1137, Santiago de Compostela
burial: Santiago de Compostela

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