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Ermengarde of Provence

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Lineage Provence
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ermengarde of Provence


marriage: Раймунд IV Тулузский (де Сен-Жиль) [Тулузские] b. about 1046 d. 1105

1065 child birth: Beltrán Raimúndez de Narbona [Tolosa] b. 1065 d. 1123


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She married a cousin

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
== 1 ==
Альфонс I Иордан Тулузский
birth: 1103
title: граф Тулузы, маркиз Прованса и герцог Нарбонны (1112—1148)
marriage: Файдива д'Юзес
death: 16 August 1148
Elena de Borgoña
birth: 1080
marriage: Guillaume Ier de Ponthieu
marriage: Beltrán Raimúndez de Narbona
title: June 1095, Comtesse héritière de Toulouse
title: 28 February 1105, Comtesse de Toulouse, de Rouergue, d’Agen, d’Albi, du Quercy, Marquise de Gothie, de Provence et Duchesse de Narbonne
title: 1109, Comtesse de Tripoli
death: 1142
Beltrán Raimúndez de Narbona
birth: 1065
marriage: Elena de Borgoña
title: between 1105 and 1112, Conde de Tolosa
title: between 1109 and 1112, Conde de Trípoli
death: 1123
Jean Ier d'Alençon
marriage: Beatrix du Maine
title: 1171, Comte d'Alençon
death: 1191
Ponce de Tripoli
birth: 1097
title: between 1112 and 1137, Conde de Trípoli
death: 1137
Mosén Ruy Beltrán de Narbona
marriage: Teresa Osorio
death: 1159, Toledo, España, reinando Alfonso IX

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