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Maurice FitzHugh (de Craon) b. 1132 d. before 1196

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Lineage Craon
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Maurice FitzHugh
Other last names de Craon

Hugh Ier de Craon [Craon] b. 1100

Isabel (Mother of Maurice Craon) [?]


1132 birth:

child birth: Avoise de Craon [Craon] d. 1230

1170 marriage: w Isabel de Meulon [Beaumont-le-Roger] b. about 1148 d. 10 May 1220

about 1171 child birth: Amaury de Craon [Craon] b. about 1171 d. 1226

before 1196 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Robert de Craon
title: Grandmaster of the Knights Templar
death: 13 January 1147
Hugh Ier de Craon
birth: 1100
birth: 1140
== 3 ==
Isabel de Meulon
birth: about 1148
title: Dame de Mayenne
title: Dame de Craon
marriage: Maurice FitzHugh (de Craon)
marriage count: 1170, вышла замуж 2-м бракомм
death: 10 May 1220
== 3 ==
Meanne des Roches
birth: about 1195
title: Dame de Sablé
fact 1: 1212, вышла замуж
marriage: Amaury de Craon
death: 28 September 1238
Amaury de Craon
birth: about 1171
title: Lord of Craon, of Chantocé, Ingrandes, Candé, Segré, Duretal, Baugé and of Lude
fact 1: 1212, женился
marriage: Meanne des Roches
death: 1226
Guy de Laval (Guy V)
title: between 1180 and 1185, Seigneur de Laval
marriage: Avoise de Craon
death: 1210
Avoise de Craon
title: about 1193, Dame de Laval
marriage: Guy de Laval (Guy V)
death: 1230
Isabelle de Lusignan
birth: 1224
title: Dame de Craon, Dame de Champtocé Sénéchale d'Anjou
marriage: Морис IV (V) де Краон
death: 14 January 1300
Emma de Laval
birth: 1200, Prince de Laval
title: 8 September 1211, Dame de Laval
marriage: Robert d'Alençon (Robert Ier)
title: 1214, Comtesse d'Alençon
title: 1218, Baronne de Montmorency
marriage: Mathieu II de Montmorency (Dit : le Grand Connétable)
title: 1231, Dame de Proisie
death: 27 April 1264
Guyonnet de Laval (Guy VI)
birth: about 1198
title: 1210, Seigneur de Laval
death: 8 September 1211
Bouchard VI de Montmorency
birth: about 1200
marriage: Isabeau de Laval
death: 1 February 1243

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