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Raoul IV de Crepy b. about 1021 d. 23 February 1074

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Lineage Vexin
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Raoul IV de Crepy

w Raoul III de Vexin [Vexin] b. about 1000 d. 1038

Adèle Clermont (de Breteuil) [Breteuil] b. estimated 1005 d. 11 September 1051

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about 1021 birth:

child birth: N. Vexin [Vexin]

child birth: Готье де Вексен [Вексен] d. between 6 September 1065 and 6 September 1067

child birth: w Simon de Vexin - (Saint Simon, Simon de Crépy) [Vexin] d. 22 September 1080

title: Count of Valois

estimated 1040 child birth: Adele von Valois [Vexin] b. estimated 1040 d. after 1077

1045 child birth: Adela von Crépy [Vexin] b. 1045 d. between 12 May 1093 and 12 May 1100

about 1060 annulment: Алиенора Хакенеза [Хакенеза] d. after 1063

1063 marriage: Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid [Rurikid] b. about 1024 d. between 1075 and 1079

23 February 1074 death: Péronne (Somme), Montdidier (Somme), Péronne or Montdidier (contradictory sources).

burial: Montdidier (Somme)


Count of Valois, Crepe, Aprons, Bar-sur-Aube, Montdidier, Vitry, Amiens and Vexin. One of the most powerful barons of France.

From marriage to Anna Yaroslavna had no children.

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Gautier II de Vexin
birth: estimated 955
marriage: Adèle
death: between 1017 and 1024
birth: estimated 965
marriage: Gautier II de Vexin
Gilduin de Breteuil (Clermont de Chartre)
birth: estimated 980
death: about 18 May 1060, Verdun, St Vanne parish
Dreux Vexin
birth: 990
title: from 1024 - 1035, Comte de Vexin
title: from 1024 - 1035, Comte d'Amiens
death: 1035
Oda de Vexin
birth: estimated 965
Adèle Clermont (de Breteuil)
birth: estimated 1005
marriage: Raoul III de Vexin
death: 11 September 1051
== 3 ==
Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid
birth: about 1024, Kiev, Kievan Rus'
marriage: Henry I Capet , Reims
title: from 19 May 1051 - 4 August 1060, Reims, Quueen of France
title: 1061, Comtess of Valois
marriage: Raoul IV de Crepy
title: 1063, Comtess od Vexin and Amiens
death: between 1075 and 1079, France
Aelis van Bar-sur-Aube
birth: estimated 1010
title: графиня де Бар-сюр-Об и Витри-ан-Пертуа
death: 11 September 1053
Raoul IV de Crepy
birth: about 1021
title: Count of Valois
annulment: Алиенора Хакенеза
marriage: Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid
death: 23 February 1074, Péronne (Somme), Montdidier (Somme), Péronne or Montdidier (contradictory sources).
burial: Montdidier (Somme)
== 3 ==
Simon de Vexin - (Saint Simon, Simon de Crépy)
title: Comte de Bar-sur-Aube et Vitry-en-Pertois 1065/1067 - 1077, comte d'Amiens, Vexin et Valois 1074-1077, comte de Mondidier et Péronne 1074-1076
marriage bann: Аgathe d'Angleterre
annulment: Аgathe d'Angleterre
ordination: 1077
death: 22 September 1080, Rome
death: 18 September 1082
Hubert IV Vermandois
birth: about 1032
title: 1045, граф де Вермандуа и де Валуа
marriage: Adele von Valois
title: 1077, comte de Valois
death: about 1080
Adele von Valois
birth: estimated 1040
marriage count: 2
children count: au moins 6, 2 avec Herbert IV de Vermandois, 4 avec Theobald III, Count of Blois.
marriage: Hubert IV Vermandois
death: after 1077
Бартелеми ? (де Бройе, де Бофор)
title: сеньор де Бройе и де Бофор
marriage: N. Vexin
death: after 1072
N. Vexin
title: дама де Шатовиллен и д'Арк-ан-Барруа
marriage: Бартелеми ? (де Бройе, де Бофор)
Thibault III de Blois
birth: about 1019
title: 15 November 1037
marriage: Garsende of Maine
other: Garsende of Maine , Répudiation
marriage: Adela von Crépy
title: 1066, Épernay, Comte de Champagne, de Troyes, de Meaux et de Vitry
death: 30 September 1089, Épernay
Garsende of Maine
birth: 1025
marriage: Thibault III de Blois
title: 1044, Comtesse de Blois, de Tours, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Sancerre, de Provins, de Saint-Florentin et de Château-Thierry
other: Thibault III de Blois , Répudiation
Adela von Crépy
birth: 1045
title: графиня
marriage: Thibault III de Blois
death: between 12 May 1093 and 12 May 1100
Готье де Вексен
title: граф де Бар-сюр-Об и Витри-ан-Пертуа с 1053
death: between 6 September 1065 and 6 September 1067
Stephen II Henri (de Blois)
birth: about 1045
marriage: Adela FitzWilliam , Breteuil
title: 30 September 1089, Graf von Blois
death: 19 May 1102, Ramleh
Stephen Penthievre
birth: 1060
title: Conde da Bretagne
marriage: Hawise de Guingamp
death: 13 April 1135
Hugh de Vermandois
birth: 1057
marriage: Adelaide
title: 1080, Comte de Vermandois et de Valois
death: 18 October 1101
Rainald II von Clermont
birth: about 1075
title: 1101, comte de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
marriage: Adelaide
marriage: Clémence de Bar
death: about 1152
birth: 1065
marriage count: 2
children count: au moins 10
marriage: Hugh de Vermandois
title: 1103
marriage: Rainald II von Clermont
death: 1120
Hugues I de Blois (de Champagne)
birth: between 1069 and 1074
title: Count de Bar-sur-Aube (1089-1125), Count de Troyes and Meaux (1093-1125), Count of Champagne
death: 14 June 1126, Palestine

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