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Harald Sigurdsson (Hardrada) b. 1015 d. 25 September 1066

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Lineage Fairhair
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Harald Sigurdsson
Other last names Hardrada

Sigurd Halvdansson (Syr) [Fairhair] d. 1018

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Harald III of Norway


1015 birth: Ringerike (municipality), Buskerud, Norway

1045 marriage: Møre og Romsdal, Norway, Elizabeth Yaroslavna [Rurikid] b. 1032 d. 1076

1045 child birth: w Ingegerd von Norwegen [Ynglinger] b. 1045

1045 child birth: Марія ? (Haraldsson) [?] b. 1045

from 1046 - 1066 title: король Норвегии

1046 child birth: Norway, Asta Haraldsdotter [Fairhair] b. 1046

1050 child birth: Norway, Olaf Kyrre Haraldsson [Fairhair] b. 1050 d. 22 September 1093

25 September 1066 death: Stamford Bridge (East Riding of Yorkshire), Yorkshire (England)


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Name Suffix:<NSFX> III King of Norway Nickname:<NICK> "Hardrada"

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
Elizabeth Yaroslavna
birth: 1032
marriage: Harald Sigurdsson (Hardrada) , Møre og Romsdal, Norway
death: 1076
Harald Sigurdsson (Hardrada)
birth: 1015, Ringerike (municipality), Buskerud, Norway
marriage: Elizabeth Yaroslavna , Møre og Romsdal, Norway
title: from 1046 - 1066, король Норвегии
death: 25 September 1066, Stamford Bridge (East Riding of Yorkshire), Yorkshire (England)
== 3 ==
Thora Ragnvaldsdatter
birth: 1030, Godoy, More og Romsdal, Norway
marriage: Olaf Kyrre Haraldsson
sealing spouse lds: Olaf Kyrre Haraldsson
baptism lds: 14 November 1991, SLAKE
endownment lds: 30 July 1992
seal. to parents lds: 27 August 1992, SLAKE
Olaf Kyrre Haraldsson
birth: 1050, Norway
marriage: Thora Ragnvaldsdatter
title: from 1067 - 1093, King of Norway
death: 22 September 1093, County Down, Ireland, St. Patrick's Ch.
sealing spouse lds: Thora Ragnvaldsdatter
Somerled I
birth: 1040, Dublin, Ireland
Asta Haraldsdotter
birth: 1046, Norway
Magnus III
birth: 1073
title: from 1093 - 1103, король Норвегии
title: from 1095 - 1102, король Мэна и Островов
death: 24 August 1103
Gilbride Argyll
birth: 1080, Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland
death: 1164, Renfrewshire, Scotland

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