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Andrew I of Hungary b. 1015 d. before 6 December 1060

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Lineage Arpad
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Andrew I of Hungary
Other given names Andrzej I

Vazul [Árpád] b. estimated 975 d. 1037

Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije [Kubratos] b. 978 d. 6 October 1014

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1015 birth: Esztergom, Hungary

child birth: Давид [Árpáden]

1035 child birth: Hungary, George Arpad (Of Hungary) [Arpad] b. 1035

1038 marriage: Anastasia Yaroslavna [Rurikid] b. about 1023 d. between 1074 and 1096

about 1045 child birth: w Adelaide Arpad [Árpád] b. about 1045 d. 27 January 1062

1053 child birth: Шаламон Венгерский Арпад [Арпады] b. 1053 d. March 1087

before 6 December 1060 death: Zirc, Hungary

burial: Tihany, Benedictine Tihany Abbey


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Geza I of Hungary
birth: about 940, Esztergom, Hungary
title: from 970 - 1 February 997, Grand Prince of the Magyars
christening: 973
marriage: Sarolta
marriage: Adelajda Biała (Knegini)
death: 1 February 997
Mieszko I of Poland
birth: about 935, Poznań, Poland
title: from 960 - 992, Duke of Poland
marriage: Dubrawka of Bohemia
christening: 966
marriage: Oda von Haldensleben
death: 25 May 992
burial: Poznań, Poland, Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
death: after 24 June 972
Aron Cometopuli
birth: estimated 940
death: 14 June 987
Самуил Болгарский
birth: estimated 950, Болгарское царство
marriage: w Agatha (Kosara) Chryselios
death: 6 October 1014, Болгарское царство
burial: St Acchilios kerk op een eiland in het Prespameer (N-Griekenland)
birth: estimated 975
title: князь Нитранский
marriage: Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
death: 1037
Gavril Radomir
marriage: Marguerite Tsaritsa
title: from October 1014 - September 1015, Emperor of Bulgaria
Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
birth: 978
marriage: Vazul
death: 6 October 1014
== 3 ==
Bela I van Hongarije
birth: between 1015 and 1020
marriage: Ryksa Piast (of Poland)
marriage: w Tuta von Formbach
title: from 1061 - 10 September 1063, король Венгрии, 5-й
death: 10 September 1063, Moson
burial: abdij van Szekszard
Anastasia Yaroslavna
birth: about 1023
marriage: Andrew I of Hungary
death: between 1074 and 1096
burial: Штирия, Stift Admont
Andrew I of Hungary
birth: 1015, Esztergom, Hungary
marriage: Anastasia Yaroslavna
death: before 6 December 1060, Zirc, Hungary
burial: Tihany, Benedictine Tihany Abbey
== 3 ==
Judith of Swabia
birth: from 21 June 1054 - 23 September 1054, Goslar, 9. April 1047
engagement: Шаламон Венгерский Арпад , im Rahmen eines Friedensschluss Heiliges Römisches Reich und Ungarn
marriage: Шаламон Венгерский Арпад
marriage: Vladyslav I Herman
death: between 14 March 1092 and 14 March 1115
burial: Stift Admont, Steiermark
Шаламон Венгерский Арпад
birth: 1053
marriage: ? ?
engagement: Judith of Swabia , im Rahmen eines Friedensschluss Heiliges Römisches Reich und Ungarn
marriage: Judith of Swabia
title: from 1063 - 1074, король Венгрии, 6-й
death: March 1087
Vratislav II ? (Wratysław II)
birth: about 1035
marriage: w Adelaide Arpad
title: 1061, prince de Bohême
marriage: Świętosława of Poland
title: 15 June 1086, roi de Bohême
death: 14 January 1092
Adelaide Arpad
birth: about 1045
marriage: Vratislav II ? (Wratysław II)
title: 1057, Princesse de Bohême
title: 28 January 1061, Duchesse de Bohême
death: 27 January 1062
George Arpad (Of Hungary)
birth: 1035, Hungary
Borzevoi II
birth: about 1064
marriage: Gerberge d'Autriche
title: 1100, Duc de Bohême
death: 2 February 1124, Prague
Sobieslav I
birth: about 1075
title: 1115, Duc de Znojmo et de Brno
marriage: Adleyta von Ungarn
title: 1125, Duc de Bohême
death: 14 February 1140
Vladislav I de Bohême
birth: 1065
marriage: w Рикса фон Берг
title: 1109, duc de Bohême
death: 12 April 1125
Vladyslav I Herman
birth: about 1043
marriage: w Кристина Правдзивецкая
title: from 1079 - 4 June 1102, Князь Польши
marriage: Judyta Maria Salicka
marriage: Judith of Swabia
death: 4 June 1102
Judyta Maria Salicka
birth: 1058
marriage: Vladyslav I Herman
title: 1082, Duchesse de Pologne
death: 25 December 1086
birth: 1090
title: аббатиса Кведлинбурга
death: 1126
birth: 1091
death: about 25 March 1127
Poppo von Roggenstein und Berg
birth: estimated 1030, date is july 11th
marriage: Zofia Arpadowie
burial: klooster Zwiefalten, second burial
Maurice Drummond (Druimmonadh)
birth: 1060, Hungary
death: 1093, Battle Of Alnwich
Luitgarde de Windberg et Bogen
title: 1094, Duchesse de Bohême
marriage: Bretislav II
Bretislav II
birth: about 1060
title: 14 January 1092, Duke of Bohemia
marriage: Luitgarde de Windberg et Bogen
death: 22 December 1100, murdered

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