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Dirk III (Diederik) (Theodoric) Hierosolomyta (of West Friesland) b. between 981 and 989 d. 27 May 1039

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Lineage Gerulfing
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Dirk III (Diederik) (Theodoric) Hierosolomyta
Other last names of West Friesland

Arnulf of Gent (of Westfriesland, of Holland) [Gerulfing] b. about 951 d. 18 September 993

Liutgard van Luxemburg [Ardennes-Luxembourg] b. estimated 960 d. after 14 May 1003

Wiki-page wikipedia:Dirk_III,_Count_of_Holland


between 100 and 1030 child birth: Влардинген, Южная Голландия, Нидерланды, Флорис I [Герульфинги] b. between 100 and 1030 d. 28 June 1061

between 981 and 989 birth:

after 1000 child birth: w Dirk IV van Holland [Gerulfing] b. after 1000

estimated 1015 child birth: Gertrud [Etichonen] b. estimated 1015 d. 21 July 1077

before 1019 marriage: Othelindis van Haldensleben [van Haldensleben] b. 985 d. 31 March 1044

after 1020 child birth: Suanehilde [Gerulfing] b. after 1020

27 May 1039 death:

burial: Egmond (municipality), Abbey


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Thierry II de Frise Occidentale
birth: about 930, Gand
engagement: w Hildegarde de Flandre
marriage: w Hildegarde de Flandre
death: 6 May 988, Egmond, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas
burial: Egmond, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas
birth: 937
death: 953
Baldwin III Flanders
marriage: Mathilde (Maud) of Saxony
title: from 958 - 962, Graf von Flandern und von Artois; Mitregent in Flandern, zusammen mit seinem Vater
death: 1 November 962, Bergues, France, Sint-Winoksbergen
Friedrich I von Oberlothringen
birth: between 910 and 915
title: from 950 - 978, 1-й Граф де Бар-лё-Дюк
marriage license: Beatrix Capet
marriage: Beatrix Capet
title: from 959 - 978, Герцог Верхней Лотарингии
death: June 978
Gozelo Verdun (d'Ardenne)
birth: 911
marriage: Uda (Voda) van Metz
death: between 19 October 942 and 16 February 943
Luitgard van Lotharingen
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Eberhard IV van de Nordgau
death: after 8 April 960
Sigfried (Sigefroid) of Luxembourg
birth: between 918 and 929
title: Comte de Luxembourg
marriage: Hedwig van de Nordgau
death: 28 August 998
Hendrik van Schweinfurt
birth: estimated 950
title: margrave de Nordgau
marriage: Gerberge van Gleiberg
death: 8 September 1017
burial: bij de kloosterkerk van Schweinfurt
Egbert van Holland
birth: 952
occupation: Bisschop
death: 9 December 993
Arnulf of Gent (of Westfriesland, of Holland)
birth: about 951, Ghent (Belgium)
marriage: Liutgard van Luxemburg
death: 18 September 993, Winkel (North Holland)
burial: Egmond (municipality), Egmond Abbey
Liutgard van Luxemburg
birth: estimated 960, Brussels
marriage: Arnulf of Gent (of Westfriesland, of Holland)
death: after 14 May 1003
burial: Egmond aan den Hoef, Egmond Abbey
== 3 ==
Syvaert Siegfried?
death: 5 June 1030
Othelhildis ? (Of Saxony)
birth: 985
death: 9 March 1044, Quedlinburg
burial: Quedlinburg
Dirk III (Diederik) (Theodoric) Hierosolomyta (of West Friesland)
birth: between 981 and 989
marriage: Othelindis van Haldensleben
death: 27 May 1039
burial: Egmond (municipality), Abbey
== 3 ==
Гертруда Саксонская
birth: from 1028 - 1030, Швайнфурт, Нижняя Франкония, Бавария
marriage: Флорис I
marriage: Роберт I Фландрский
title: 1063, Comtesse héritière de Flandre
title: 1071, графиня Фландрии
death: 3 August 1113, Вёрне, Фландрия, Королевство Франция
Флорис I
birth: between 100 and 1030, Влардинген, Южная Голландия, Нидерланды
marriage: Гертруда Саксонская
death: 28 June 1061, Nederhemert
Emmon de Looz
birth: after 1015
marriage: Suanehilde
death: before 15 February 1078
Hughes VII of Dagsburg
birth: estimated 1000
marriage: Mathilda
death: between 1046 and 18 November 1049
birth: estimated 990
marriage: Eberhard V van Nellenburg
death: after 1035
Bruno d'Eguisheim-Dabo (Léon IX)
birth: 21 June 1002, Eguisheim (68)
title: 12 February 1049, Pape de l’Église catholique
death: 19 April 1054, Rome, Latium, Italie
Liudolf van Brunswijk-Billung
birth: estimated 1005
title: Count of Derlingau
title: Count of Godingau
title: Margrave of Frisia
title: Count of Brunswick
marriage: Gertrud
death: 23 April 1038, Italy
birth: estimated 1015
marriage: Liudolf van Brunswijk-Billung
death: 21 July 1077
Dirk IV van Holland
birth: after 1000
birth: 13 January 1049, Dordrecht, ZH, NLD, gesneuveld
Gertrudis van Vlaanderen
birth: 1080
title: 1095, Duchesse de Lorraine
marriage: Theoderic I Alsace (de Lovain) , Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)
death: 1117
Robert de Flandre (Robert II)
birth: 1065
marriage: Clémence de Bourgogne
title: 13 October 1093, Torhout, Comte de Flandre
death: 1111
Adela von Flandern
birth: 1065
title: from 1080 - 1086, reine consort de Danemark
marriage: Knut IV de Danemark
marriage: w Roger d' Hauteville
title: from 1092 - 1111, duchesse d'Apulie
title: from 1092 - 1111, duchesse de Calabre
title: from 1092 - 1111, duchesse de Sicile
death: April 1115
Filips van Loo
death: 1127
Othelhildis van Saksen-Billung
birth: estimated 1065
marriage: Dirk V van Holland
death: 18 November 1120
Dirk V van Holland
birth: 1052
marriage: Othelhildis van Saksen-Billung
death: 17 June 1091, Egmond
Arnoul Ier de Looz
birth: estimated 1060
marriage: Adelheid van Mainz
death: about 1135
Boudewijn I van Guînes
birth: estimated 1035
marriage: Adelheid Christina van Holland
death: after 1091
burial: abdij van Andernes
Adelheid Christina van Holland
birth: estimated 1040
marriage: Boudewijn I van Guînes
death: 1085
burial: abdij van Andernes
Egbert I van Brunswijk-Billung
birth: about 1036
marriage: Irmingard van Susa
death: 11 January 1068
Philip I Capet
birth: 23 May 1052
other: 23 May 1059, Co-roi des Francs
title: from 4 August 1060 - 29 July 1108, Roi des Francs
marriage: Bertha of Holland
other: Bertha of Holland , Répudiation
marriage: w Bertrade de Montfort
death: 23 July 1108, Melun
burial: after 29 July 1108, Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, abbey
Bertha of Holland
birth: about 1058
marriage: Philip I Capet
title: 1072
other: Philip I Capet , Répudiation
death: 30 July 1093
Ida von Elsdorf
birth: about 1020
death: after 1085

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