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Othelhildis van Saksen-Billung b. estimated 1065 d. 18 November 1120

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Lineage Billung
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Othelhildis van Saksen-Billung


estimated 1065 birth:

marriage: Dirk V van Holland [Gerulfinger] b. 1052 d. 17 June 1091

estimated 1085 child birth: w Floris II von Holland [Gerulfinger] b. estimated 1085 d. 2 March 1121

18 November 1120 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Dirk V van Holland
birth: 1052
marriage: Othelhildis van Saksen-Billung
death: 17 June 1091, Egmond
Othelhildis van Saksen-Billung
birth: estimated 1065
marriage: Dirk V van Holland
death: 18 November 1120
== 1 ==
Petronilla von Holland
birth: about 1081
marriage: w Floris II von Holland
death: 23 May 1144
burial: Rijnsburg
Floris II von Holland
birth: estimated 1085
marriage: Petronilla von Holland
death: 2 March 1121, Egmond
burial: Egmond
Hugo III van Voorne
birth: estimated 1100
marriage: Hedwig von Holland
death: about 1155
Hedwig von Holland
birth: estimated 1110
marriage: Hugo III van Voorne
death: after 1157
Sophia de Salm (de Rheineck)
birth: estimated 1120
title: Countess of Bentheim
marriage: w Dietrich VI von Holland
death: 26 September 1176, Jerusalem
burial: Jerusalem
Dietrich VI von Holland
birth: 1114, Den Haag
marriage: Sophia de Salm (de Rheineck)
death: 6 August 1157, Egmond
burial: Rijnsburg

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