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Erenfried II b. estimated 910 d. before 970

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Lineage ?
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Erenfried II

Eberhard van de Keldachgau [van de Keldachgau] b. estimated 870 d. after 937


estimated 910 birth:

marriage: Richwara van Zülpichgau [Zülpichgau] b. estimated 920 d. before 10 June 963

estimated 920 child birth: w Hermann I von Lothringen [Ezzonen] b. estimated 920 d. 16 July 996

before 970 death:


942 graaf van Keldachgau, Zülpichgau

945 graaf van Bonngau

947 graaf van Hattuariergau

948 graaf van Tubalgau

950 graaf van Hubbelrath

955 neemt deel aan de slag op het Lechveld

graaf van Huy, voogd van Stavelot

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ehrenfried van de Bliesgau
birth: estimated 845
marriage: Adelgunde Guelph
death: after 14 June 904
Rudolf I of Haute-Burgogne
birth: estimated 855
marriage: Willa d'Arles (van Bourgondie)
title: 888, Roi de Bourgogne
death: 25 October 912
birth: estimated 885
Eberhard van de Keldachgau
birth: estimated 870
death: after 937
== 3 ==
birth: estimated 905
marriage: Amalrada
death: before 964, datum is 3 september
Richwara van Zülpichgau
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Erenfried II
death: before 10 June 963
Erenfried II
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Richwara van Zülpichgau
death: before 970
== 3 ==
Heilwig van Dillingen
birth: estimated 930
marriage: w Hermann I von Lothringen
death: 12 November
Hermann I von Lothringen
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Heilwig van Dillingen
death: 16 July 996, ook 20 november 996 wordt genoemd
Mathilde of Saxony
birth: 979, born in the summer
marriage: w Ezzo de Lotharingie , marriage takes place in the spring
death: 4 November 1025, Düren, Echtz
burial: Brauweiler (North Rhine-Westphalia), During Mathilde's funeral the monastery of Brauweiler was still built, the service was therefore (with great pomp) place in a tent.
Ezzo de Lotharingie
birth: about 955
title: Comte d'Auelgau
title: Comte de Bonngau
marriage: Mathilde of Saxony , marriage takes place in the spring
title: from 994 - 20 March 1034, Comte palatin de Lotharingie
marriage: Thietburga
death: 21 May 1034, Saalfeld
burial: Brauweiler

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