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Mathilde of Saxony b. 979 d. 4 November 1025

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Lineage Liudolf
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mathilde of Saxony

Otto II [Саксонская Династия (Людольфинги)] b. estimated 955 d. 7 December 983

Théophano Skleraïna [Sklèros] b. about 960 d. 15 June 991


979 birth: born in the summer

991 marriage: marriage takes place in the spring , w Ezzo de Lotharingie [Ezzonide] b. about 955 d. 21 May 1034

about 995 child birth: Richeza van Lotharingen [Ezzonen] b. about 995 d. 21 March 1063

estimated 1000 child birth: Liudolf von Brauweiler [Ezzonen] b. estimated 1000 d. 11 April 1031

estimated 1000 child birth: w Otto van Bliesgau-Deutz [Ezzonen] b. estimated 1000 d. 7 September 1047

4 November 1025 death: Düren, Echtz

burial: Brauweiler (North Rhine-Westphalia), During Mathilde's funeral the monastery of Brauweiler was still built, the service was therefore (with great pomp) place in a tent.


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Mathilde was since childhood brought up in the lead of Essen, presumably there to be later abbess. She gets great possessions in Thuringia and Franconia in her marriage.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Hadwig FitzHenry (Fowler)
birth: about 910
marriage: w Hugh Capet
title: 938, Comtesse de Paris, Marquise de Neustrie et Duchesse des Francs
title: 954, Comtesse d'Auxerre
death: 10 May 959
Henry I Liudolf
birth: between 919 and 922
title: from 940 - 940, Herzog von Lothringen
title: from 947 - 1 November 955, Herzog von Bayern
marriage: w Juditha von Babenburg
death: 1 November 955
Gerberga of Saxony
birth: 913
marriage: Gislebert de Lotharingie
title: 928, Duchesse de Lotharingie
marriage: Людовик IV Заморский
title: 939, Reine des Francs
death: 5 May 984
birth: between 900 and 906
death: 28 July 938, Eresburg, Er wurde von den Männern des Markgrafen Hermann Billung in der Burgkapelle der Eresburg angegriffen und hinterrücks mit einem Speer durchbohrt
Eadgyth ? (of Wessex)
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
death: 21 January 946
burial: Magdeburg, Church
Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
birth: 23 November 912, Wallhausen (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany
marriage: Eadgyth ? (of Wessex)
title: from 2 July 936 - 7 May 973, Roi des Francs, orientaux (Germanie)
title: from 7 August 936 - 973, King of Saxony
title: 7 August 936, Aachen, East Francia, East Frankish king, Palatine Chapel
marriage: Adelheid van Leuven
marriage: w Адельгейда Бургундская , Pavia, Kingdom of the Lombards
title: from 15 October 951 - 973, Italien, King of Italy
title: 2 February 962, Emperor of the Romans
death: 7 May 973, Memleben, Germany
burial: Magdeburg, Germany
Conrad de Bourgogne (Conrad III)
birth: 925
marriage: Adèle
title: 937, Roi de Bourgogne
marriage: Mathilde von Frankreich
death: 19 October 993
Адельгейда Бургундская
birth: 931, Hochburgund
engagement: Lothar II von Italien
marriage: Lothar II von Italien
marriage: Otto I ? (Saint-Empire) , Pavia, Kingdom of the Lombards
death: 16 December 999, Kloster Selz, Grand Est, Сельцский монастырь, Эльзас
Bardas Sklèros
death: 2 April 991
Emma d'Italie
birth: 948
title: 965, Reine des Francs
marriage: Lothaire de France
title: 989, Duchesse de Bohême
death: 989
birth: estimated 950
marriage: Конрад I Швабский
death: 2 September 1035
Liutgarde von Sachsen
birth: 931, Magdeburg
marriage: Koenraad van Lotharingen
death: 18 November 953
burial: St Alban bij Mainz
Liudolf von Schwaben
birth: between 930 and 931, Schwaben
marriage: Ida (Ita) von Schwaben
title: from 950 - February 954, Schwaben, Herzog
fact 1: between March 953 and 954, Ein nach ihm benannter Aufstand stürzte das Ostfrankenreich in eine existenzbedrohende Krise
death: 6 September 957, Pombia, Lago Maggiore
Otto II
birth: estimated 955, Саксония
marriage: Théophano Skleraïna , Rom
title: 973, Römisch-deutscher Kaiser
death: 7 December 983, Рим
Théophano Skleraïna
birth: about 960, Istanbul
marriage: Otto II , Rom
death: 15 June 991, Nijmegen
burial: St. Pantaleon (Köln)
== 3 ==
Otto III
birth: June 980, Kessel (Goch), Klever Reichswald
title: 983, Römisch-deutscher König, [[Person:865549]]
title: 996, Römischer Kaiser
death: 24 January 1002, Castel Paterno, Faleria, Italien
Ezzo de Lotharingie
birth: about 955
title: Comte d'Auelgau
title: Comte de Bonngau
marriage: Mathilde of Saxony , marriage takes place in the spring
title: from 994 - 20 March 1034, Comte palatin de Lotharingie
marriage: Thietburga
death: 21 May 1034, Saalfeld
burial: Brauweiler
Mathilde of Saxony
birth: 979, born in the summer
marriage: Ezzo de Lotharingie , marriage takes place in the spring
death: 4 November 1025, Düren, Echtz
burial: Brauweiler (North Rhine-Westphalia), During Mathilde's funeral the monastery of Brauweiler was still built, the service was therefore (with great pomp) place in a tent.
== 3 ==
Mieszko II Lambert
birth: 990
marriage: Richeza van Lotharingen
title: from 1025 - 1031, Король Польський
title: from 1032 - 10 May 1034, Князь Польський
death: 10 May 1034, Poznań
burial: Poznań, Cathedral in Poznan
Richeza van Lotharingen
birth: about 995
marriage: Mieszko II Lambert
title: from 1025 - 1031, королева Польши
death: 21 March 1063, Saalfeld
burial: klooster St Mariagarden te Keulen
Liudolf von Brauweiler
birth: estimated 1000
marriage: Mathildis van Zutphen
death: 11 April 1031
burial: Abtei Brauweiler
Otto van Bliesgau-Deutz
birth: estimated 1000
marriage: van Egisheim
death: 7 September 1047, Tomburg
burial: Brauweiler
Isjaslaw I Jaroslawitsch von Kiew
birth: 1024, Weliki Nowgorod, Kiewer Rus
marriage: Гертруда Мешковна Пяст
death: 3 October 1078, Nezhatinaia Niva, погиб в битве на Нежатиной Ниве
burial: Kiew, kerk van de Heilige Maagd
Гертруда Мешковна Пяст
birth: about 1020, Польское королевство
marriage: Isjaslaw I Jaroslawitsch von Kiew
death: 4 January 1107, Великое княжество Русское
Bela I van Hongarije
birth: between 1015 and 1020
marriage: Ryksa Piast (of Poland)
marriage: w Tuta von Formbach
title: from 1061 - 10 September 1063, король Венгрии, 5-й
death: 10 September 1063, Moson
burial: abdij van Szekszard
Ryksa Piast (of Poland)
birth: 22 September 1013
marriage: Bela I van Hongarije
death: 21 May 1075
Godschalk van Zutphen
birth: estimated 1030
title: граф Зютфен-Твенте
marriage: Adelheid Ezzonen (van Zutphen)
death: about 1064
Otto van Northeim
birth: about 1020
marriage: Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
death: 11 January 1083
burial: Northeim, Nicolaaskapel
Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Otto van Northeim
death: about 1060
Konrad I von Bayern
birth: about 1020
marriage: Judith von Schweinfurt
death: 5 December 1055

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