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Family: Ezzon + Mathilde of Saxony

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Ezzon [Ezzonenowie] b. about 955 d. 21 May 1034

Mathilde of Saxony [Liudolf] b. 979 d. 4 November 1025


Рикса Лотаринська [Еззонени] b. about 995 d. 21 March 1063

Liudolf von Brauweiler [Ezzonen] b. estimated 1000 d. 11 April 1031

w Otto van Bliesgau-Deutz [Ezzonen] b. estimated 1000 d. 7 September 1047


991 marriage: marriage takes place in the spring


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According to legend Enzo Mathilde has to marry after he was allowed to make a wish when he had defeated the emperor with chess.

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