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Richwara van Zülpichgau b. estimated 920 d. before 10 June 963

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Lineage Zülpichgau
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Richwara van Zülpichgau


estimated 920 child birth: w Hermann I von Lothringen [Ezzonen] b. estimated 920 d. 16 July 996

estimated 920 birth:

marriage: Erenfried II [?] b. estimated 910 d. before 970

before 10 June 963 death:


Zoon Herman doet 10 6 963 een schenking voor haar zieleheil

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Erenfried II
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Richwara van Zülpichgau
death: before 970
Richwara van Zülpichgau
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Erenfried II
death: before 10 June 963
== 1 ==
Heilwig van Dillingen
birth: estimated 930
marriage: w Hermann I von Lothringen
death: 12 November
Hermann I von Lothringen
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Heilwig van Dillingen
death: 16 July 996, ook 20 november 996 wordt genoemd
Mathilde of Saxony
birth: 979, born in the summer
marriage: w Ezzo de Lotharingie , marriage takes place in the spring
death: 4 November 1025, Düren, Echtz
burial: Brauweiler (North Rhine-Westphalia), During Mathilde's funeral the monastery of Brauweiler was still built, the service was therefore (with great pomp) place in a tent.
Ezzo de Lotharingie
birth: about 955
title: Comte d'Auelgau
title: Comte de Bonngau
marriage: Mathilde of Saxony , marriage takes place in the spring
title: from 994 - 20 March 1034, Comte palatin de Lotharingie
marriage: Thietburga
death: 21 May 1034, Saalfeld
burial: Brauweiler

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