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Ezzo de Lotharingie b. about 955 d. 21 May 1034

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Lineage Ezzonide
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Ezzo de Lotharingie
Other given names Ezzo

w Hermann I von Lothringen [Ezzonen] b. estimated 920 d. 16 July 996

Heilwig van Dillingen [Dillingen] b. estimated 930 d. 12 November

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about 955 birth:

child birth: Вацела Лотарингская [Ezzonen]

title: Comte d'Auelgau

title: Comte de Bonngau

991 marriage: marriage takes place in the spring , Mathilde of Saxony [Liudolf] b. 979 d. 4 November 1025

from 994 - 20 March 1034 title: Comte palatin de Lotharingie

about 995 child birth: Richeza van Lotharingen [Ezzonen] b. about 995 d. 21 March 1063

estimated 1000 child birth: Liudolf von Brauweiler [Ezzonen] b. estimated 1000 d. 11 April 1031

estimated 1000 child birth: w Otto van Bliesgau-Deutz [Ezzonen] b. estimated 1000 d. 7 September 1047

about 1030 marriage: Thietburga [?]

21 May 1034 death: Saalfeld

burial: Brauweiler


  1. -

From grandparents to grandchildren

birth: estimated 905
marriage: Amalrada
death: before 964, datum is 3 september
Erenfried II
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Richwara van Zülpichgau
death: before 970
Richwara van Zülpichgau
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Erenfried II
death: before 10 June 963
Hermann I von Lothringen
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Heilwig van Dillingen
death: 16 July 996, ook 20 november 996 wordt genoemd
Heilwig van Dillingen
birth: estimated 930
marriage: Hermann I von Lothringen
death: 12 November
== 3 ==
Mathilde of Saxony
birth: 979, born in the summer
marriage: w Ezzo de Lotharingie , marriage takes place in the spring
death: 4 November 1025, Düren, Echtz
burial: Brauweiler (North Rhine-Westphalia), During Mathilde's funeral the monastery of Brauweiler was still built, the service was therefore (with great pomp) place in a tent.
Ezzo de Lotharingie
birth: about 955
title: Comte d'Auelgau
title: Comte de Bonngau
marriage: Mathilde of Saxony , marriage takes place in the spring
title: from 994 - 20 March 1034, Comte palatin de Lotharingie
marriage: Thietburga
death: 21 May 1034, Saalfeld
burial: Brauweiler
== 3 ==
Mieszko II Lambert
birth: 990
marriage: Richeza van Lotharingen
title: from 1025 - 1031, Король Польський
title: from 1032 - 10 May 1034, Князь Польський
death: 10 May 1034, Poznań
burial: Poznań, Cathedral in Poznan
Richeza van Lotharingen
birth: about 995
marriage: Mieszko II Lambert
title: from 1025 - 1031, королева Польши
death: 21 March 1063, Saalfeld
burial: klooster St Mariagarden te Keulen
Liudolf von Brauweiler
birth: estimated 1000
marriage: Mathildis van Zutphen
death: 11 April 1031
burial: Abtei Brauweiler
Otto van Bliesgau-Deutz
birth: estimated 1000
marriage: van Egisheim
death: 7 September 1047, Tomburg
burial: Brauweiler
Isjaslaw I Jaroslawitsch von Kiew
birth: 1024, Weliki Nowgorod, Kiewer Rus
marriage: Гертруда Мешковна Пяст
death: 3 October 1078, Nezhatinaia Niva, погиб в битве на Нежатиной Ниве
burial: Kiew, kerk van de Heilige Maagd
Гертруда Мешковна Пяст
birth: about 1020, Польское королевство
marriage: Isjaslaw I Jaroslawitsch von Kiew
death: 4 January 1107, Великое княжество Русское
Bela I van Hongarije
birth: between 1015 and 1020
marriage: Ryksa Piast (of Poland)
marriage: w Tuta von Formbach
title: from 1061 - 10 September 1063, король Венгрии, 5-й
death: 10 September 1063, Moson
burial: abdij van Szekszard
Ryksa Piast (of Poland)
birth: 22 September 1013
marriage: Bela I van Hongarije
death: 21 May 1075
Godschalk van Zutphen
birth: estimated 1030
title: граф Зютфен-Твенте
marriage: Adelheid Ezzonen (van Zutphen)
death: about 1064
Otto van Northeim
birth: about 1020
marriage: Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
death: 11 January 1083
burial: Northeim, Nicolaaskapel
Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Otto van Northeim
death: about 1060
Konrad I von Bayern
birth: about 1020
marriage: Judith van Schweinfurt
death: 5 December 1055

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