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Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England) b. about 932 d. 981

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Lineage Atheling
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ?
Other last names of England

Edward I ? (of England) [Atheling] b. about 871 d. 17 July 924

Eadgifu Sighelinesdotter of Kent [Kent] b. before 890 d. 26 August 968

Wiki-page wikipedia:Eadgifu_of_England
Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::INDI @I122378@::Kjansen


about 932 birth:

child birth: Jaromir [Premyslid] d. 4 November 1035

child birth: Vaclav de Bohême [Bohême]

about 950 marriage: Boleslaus II of Bohemia [Premyslid] b. about 932 d. 7 February 999

about 950 title: Princesse de Bohême

about 965 child birth: w Boleslav III of Bohemia [Premyslid] b. about 965 d. 1034

967 title: Duchesse de Bohême

981 death:


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The remaining sister Algiva or Adiva was married to a "king near the Jupiter mountains" (the Alps). The precise identity of this sister is debated. She may have been Eadgifu of England, who married King Charles III of France, or another sister otherwise unknown to history.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Æthelbald of Wessex
birth: 831
title: from 856 - 860, King of Wessex
marriage: Judith of France
death: 860
Æthelbert of Wessex
birth: about 835, Wessex
title: from 860 - 865, King of Wessex
death: 865, Wessex
Æthelred of Wessex
birth: about 840, Wessex, England
title: from 865 - 23 April 871, King of Wessex
death: 23 April 871, England, Merton, Torrington, Devon
Æthelstan of Kent
birth: before 830
birth: 1 February 831, pigale
title: from - 856, King of Kent
death: between 851 and 856
Aethelswith Atheling
birth: 852
marriage: Burgred Mercia , [[wk:fr:Æthelswith|Wikipédia]]
death: 5 December 905
Alfred the Great
birth: between 848 and 849, Wantage
marriage: Ealswith van Gainas , Winchester (England)
title: between 23 April 871 and 26 July 899, King of Wessex
death: 26 July 899
burial: Winchester (England), Old Minster
birth: 825
Ealswith van Gainas
birth: 852
marriage: Alfred the Great , Winchester (England)
death: 5 December 905, Mercia, England
burial: Winchester (England), New Minster
burial: Winchester (England), Cathedral, 2nd burial
Sighelin of Kent
birth: estimated 870
Ælfthryth of Wessex
birth: 868
title: 884, Ghent (Belgium)
marriage: Baldwin II Flanders
death: 7 June 929
Æthelflæd Atheling
birth: 869, Wessex England
title: Lady of the Mercians
death: 12 June 918, Tamworth England
Æthelgifu, Abbess of Shaftesbury -
birth: about 870
title: Abbess of Shaftesbury
Edward I ? (of England)
birth: about 871
marriage: Ecgwynn
marriage: Aelfleda van Bernicia
marriage: Eadgifu Sighelinesdotter of Kent
death: 17 July 924, Farndon (Cheshire)
burial: Winchester (England)
Eadgifu Sighelinesdotter of Kent
birth: before 890
marriage: Edward I ? (of England)
death: 26 August 968
burial: Canterbury (Kent)
== 3 ==
Ælfweard of Wessex
birth: about 904
title: from 17 July 924 - 2 August 924, King of Wessex
death: 2 August 924
Athelstan of Wessex
birth: about 895, Wessex
title: from 2 August 924 - 27 October 939, King of England
death: 27 October 939
Adiva of Wessex
birth: calculated 902
marriage: Charles III de France (Charles le Simple)
title: 10 February 919, reine de Francie occidentale
immigration: after 15 June 923, England, Elle se sauva en Angleterre, ayant appris la détention de son mari, et emporta avec elle le [[Personne:30368|fils]] unique d'elle avait de son [[Personne:8642|mari]].
other: from 938 - 951, Laon, Prisonnière, par ordre de son [[Personne:30368|fils]]
emigration: 938, Laon, Frankreich, reviens en France pour servir [[Personne:30368|Louis]] de ses conseils
marriage: Heribert van Vermandois
title: 951, Comtesse d'Ormos
death: 26 September 951
burial: Soissons, Saint-Médard
Edmund I of Wessex ("The Magnificent", "The Just")
birth: 922, Wessex, England
death: 26 May 946, Pucklechurch, England
burial: Glastonbury (England), Glastonbury Abbey
Edred of Wessex
birth: about 923, Wessex, England
title: from 26 May 946 - 23 November 955, King of England
death: 23 November 955
Eadgyth ? (of Wessex)
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
death: 21 January 946
burial: Magdeburg, Church
title: 926, Comtesse de Paris, Marquise de Neustrie
marriage: w Hugh Capet
death: 937
Boleslaus II of Bohemia
birth: about 932
marriage: Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England)
title: 967, Duc de Bohême
death: 7 February 999
Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England)
birth: about 932
marriage: Boleslaus II of Bohemia
title: about 950, Princesse de Bohême
title: 967, Duchesse de Bohême
death: 981
== 3 ==
Ulrich of Bohemia
birth: 970
title: 1012, Duc de Bohême
death: 9 November 1034
title: 1004
death: 4 November 1035

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