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Eustache Ier de Boulogne b. after 1010 d. 1047

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Lineage Boulogne
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Eustache Ier de Boulogne

Adelina of Holland - [Gerulfing] b. estimated 995 d. 1045

w Boudewijn II van Boulogne [Boulogne] b. estimated 975 d. 1033

Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::INDI @I272161@::Kjansen


after 1010 birth:

estimated 1010 child birth: Gerberga van Boulogne [Boulogne] b. estimated 1010 d. before November 1049

about 1020 child birth: Eustace II de Boulogne [Boulogne] b. about 1020 d. about 1085

1025 marriage: Mathilde van Louvain [Hainaut] b. estimated 1000 d. 1049

estimated 1030 child birth: w Lambert van Boulogne [Boulogne] b. estimated 1030 d. 1054

from 1033 - 1049 title: Comte de Boulogne

1047 death: Samer

1047 burial: Samer


This person is given by some authors as a "make believe" person

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I encountered this record when looking up information on Eustache I. It is not widely accepted at this time but is worth researching. Any definitive research would be welcome.

Eustache I of Boulogne Count

NOTE: adopted by ERNICULE, Count of Boulogne (second husband of Agnes), after death of Eustache's father, Hugues. Title: first Count of Boulogne and of Merovingian bloodline. Sealed to parents: 11 Sep 1991, JRIVE, but that was to the wrong father. Submitted to TempleReady and sealing to correct father may now be done (4-98).

RESEARCH: SPOUSES: another spouse shown as GODGIFU, Countess of Vexin, b. abt. 1004.

[edit] Sources

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  2. wikipedia:Eustace_I_of_Boulogne - Wikipedia has the wrong father listed for Eustace of Boulogne

From grandparents to grandchildren

Arnulf III van Boulogne
birth: estimated 940
death: 990
Ingelram I (Enguerrand) de Ponthieu
birth: estimated 990
marriage: Adelina of Holland -
death: 1045
burial: Saint-Riquier
== 3 ==
Hugh II de Ponthieu (van Ponthieu)
birth: after 1033
marriage: Bertha d'Aumale
death: 20 November 1052
burial: Saint-Riquier
Eustache Ier de Boulogne
birth: after 1010
marriage: Mathilde van Louvain
title: from 1033 - 1049, Comte de Boulogne
death: 1047, Samer
burial: 1047, Samer
== 3 ==
Friedrich II von Luxemburg
birth: about 1005
title: Duc de Basse-Lotharingie
marriage: Ida Billung (van La Roche)
marriage: Gerberga van Boulogne
death: 28 August 1065
burial: Stavelot
Gerberga van Boulogne
birth: estimated 1010
marriage: Friedrich II von Luxemburg
death: before November 1049
burial: Stavelot
Adelaide (Adelis) of Normandy
birth: about 1027, Normandy, France
marriage: w Enguerrand de Ponthieu (Picard)
marriage: w Lambert van Boulogne
title: from 1053 - 1080, comtesse d'Aumale
death: about 1083, Aumale, France
Lambert van Boulogne
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Adelaide (Adelis) of Normandy
death: 1054, Phalempin
Ida von Lothringen
birth: estimated 1040
marriage: Eustace II de Boulogne
death: 13 April 1113, Atrecht
burial: Abdij St Vaast
burial: 1669, Parijs
burial: 1808, Bayeux
Eustace II de Boulogne
birth: about 1020
title: comte de Boulogne
title: comte de Lens
marriage: Ida von Lothringen
death: about 1085
Godefroy de Bouillon (King of Jerusalem)
birth: about 1060
title: avoué du Saint-Sépulcre
death: 18 July 1100, Jerusalem
Balduin I von Boulogne
birth: after 1060
title: Граф де Булонь
marriage: Арда
marriage: Godehilde de Tosny
title: from 1098 - 1100, Graf von Edessa
title: from 1100 - 1118, Король Иерусалимский
death: 2 April 1118, al-Arisch, Ägypten
Maria van Schotland
birth: estimated 1080
marriage: w Eustache III van Boulogne
death: 31 May 1116
burial: Bermondsey Abbey
Eustache III van Boulogne
birth: about 1058
marriage: Maria van Schotland
death: after 1125, Rumilly (Pas-de-Calais)
ordination: 1125, Rumilly (Pas-de-Calais)
Walram I van Limburg
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Jutta von Niederlothringen
title: 1052, Comte d'Arlon
title: 1065, Comte de Limbourg
death: about 1082
Stephen Aumale
birth: before 1070
death: between 1121 and 1131
Waltheof II FitzSiward
birth: estimated 1050
marriage: Judith Albemarle (of Lens)
death: 31 May 1076
burial: Crowland, Crowland Abbey

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