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Adeliza van Ponthieu b. estimated 1050

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Lineage Ponthieu
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Adeliza van Ponthieu

Adelaide (Adelis) of Normandy [Normandy] b. about 1027 d. about 1083

w Enguerrand de Ponthieu (Picard) [Ponthieu] b. estimated 1020 d. 25 October 1053


estimated 1050 birth:

child birth: Ives de Beaumont [Beaumont-sur-Oise]

marriage: Ives III van Beaumont [Beaumont-sur-Oise] b. estimated 1025

estimated 1080 child birth: Agnes Beaumont [Beaumont-sur-Oise] b. estimated 1080 d. before 1105

From grandparents to grandchildren

Eleanora van Normandië
birth: 1010
marriage: Baldwin IV Barbatus (of Flanders)
title: 1031, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 1071
Alice of Normandy
birth: 1002
children count: 5
marriage: Reginald I Ivrea (of Burgundy)
death: after 7 July 1038
Richard III Norman
birth: about 1008, Normandie
title: from 28 August 1026 - 6 August 1027, герцог Нормандии
marriage: Adele Capet (of France)
death: 6 August 1027, Normandie
Guillaume - (Moine)
birth: estimated 1015
title: moine à Fécamp
birth: estimated 1015
death: 1033
Mauger de Rouen
birth: after 1017
title: from 1037 - 1055, Archevêque de Rouen
death: before 1060, Guernesey
Guillaume d'Arques
title: comte de Talou, augmenté d'Arques
children count: au moins un fils, peut-être une fille.
death: after 1054
Robert I FitzRichard (Evereaux)
birth: between 1002 and 1010, Normandy, France
engagement: Estrid Sweynsdotter (Knytling)
title: from 6 August 1027 - 22 June 1035, Duke of Normandy
death: 22 July 1035, İznik, Bithynia, Anatolia, (Nicaea)
burial: 1088, reburied in Italy
Eustache Ier de Boulogne
birth: after 1010
marriage: Mathilde van Louvain
title: from 1033 - 1049, Comte de Boulogne
death: 1047, Samer
burial: 1047, Samer
Hugh II de Ponthieu (van Ponthieu)
birth: after 1033
marriage: Bertha d'Aumale
death: 20 November 1052
burial: Saint-Riquier
Bertha d'Aumale
birth: estimated 1035, Aumale, France
marriage: Hugh II de Ponthieu (van Ponthieu)
William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror)
birth: 14 October 1025, Falaise (Calvados), France
title: from 3 July 1035 - 9 September 1087, Duke of Normandy
marriage: Matilda of Flanders (de Flandres) , Eu (Seine-Maritime), Normandy, France
title: from 14 October 1066 - 9 September 1087, King of England
death: 9 September 1087, Rouen, France
Guillaume Guerlenc
birth: 1031
death: 8 December 1090
Lambert van Boulogne
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Adelaide (Adelis) of Normandy
death: 1054, Phalempin
Adelaide (Adelis) of Normandy
birth: about 1027, Normandy, France
marriage: w Enguerrand de Ponthieu (Picard)
marriage: Lambert van Boulogne
title: from 1053 - 1080, comtesse d'Aumale
death: about 1083, Aumale, France
Enguerrand de Ponthieu (Picard)
birth: estimated 1020, Ponthieu, Somme, Picardy, France
marriage: Adelaide (Adelis) of Normandy
death: 25 October 1053, Arques-la-Bataille, Normandy, France, Siege of Arques
== 3 ==
Stephen Aumale
birth: before 1070
death: between 1121 and 1131
== 3 ==
Bouchard IV de Montmorency
birth: estimated 1070
children count: 6
marriage count: 2
marriage: Agnes Beaumont
death: 2 January 1131, Jérusalem
Agnes Beaumont
birth: estimated 1080
marriage: Bouchard IV de Montmorency
death: before 1105
Adelheid van Maurienne (van Savoye)
birth: 1100
title: 28 March 1115, Montmartre
marriage: Louis VI of France , Paris
marriage: Mathieu Ier de Montmorency
title: 1141, Dame de Montmorency, d'Ecouen, de Marly-le-Roi, de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine et d'Attichy
burial: after 18 November 1154, St Pieter, Parijs (Montmartre)
Mathieu Ier de Montmorency
birth: 1100
title: seigneur de Montmorency, d'Écouen, de Marly-le-Roi, de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine et d'Attichy
marriage: Aline FitzRoy
marriage: Adelheid van Maurienne (van Savoye)
title: between 1138 and 1160, connétable de France
death: 1160
Gui van Guise
birth: estimated 1105
property: seigneur de Guise et de Lesquielles
marriage: Adeline van Montmorency
death: 1141

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