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Taksony of Hungary b. 905 d. 972

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Lineage Arpad
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Taksony of Hungary

Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary [Arpad] b. estimated 890 d. 947

Maen Bihar [Bihari] b. about 890

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905 birth: Székesfehérvár, Hungary

child birth: Michael of Hungary [Arpad]

about 940 child birth: Esztergom, Hungary, Geza I of Hungary [Arpad] b. about 940 d. 1 February 997

955 title: ruler of Hungary

972 death:


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[edit] Sources

  1. Gyula Kristo Histoire de la Hongrie Médiévale, t. I, le Temps des Arpads, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2000 (ISBN 2-86847-533-7) -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Árpád (Arpad) Magyar
birth: estimated 850, Hungary, Pannonia
title: 896, правитель Венгрии, 2-й
death: 907, Hungary, Obuda, Pest
Marot (Harolt) Prince of Bihar
birth: estimated 860, Bihar, Hungary
birth: 872
death: 928
Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary
birth: estimated 890
marriage: Maen Bihar
title: 907, правитель Венгрии, 3-й
death: 947, Pannonia
Maen Bihar
birth: about 890, Bihar, Hungary
marriage: Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary
== 3 ==
Taksony of Hungary
birth: 905, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
title: 955, ruler of Hungary
death: 972
== 3 ==
birth: about 950, Transylvania (Romania)
marriage: Geza I of Hungary
death: after 997
Geza I of Hungary
birth: about 940, Esztergom, Hungary
title: from 970 - 1 February 997, Grand Prince of the Magyars
christening: 973
marriage: Sarolta
marriage: Adelajda Biała (Knegini)
death: 1 February 997
Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
birth: 978
marriage: Vazul
death: 6 October 1014
birth: estimated 975
title: князь Нитранский
marriage: Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
death: 1037
Boleslaw I van Polen
birth: between 965 and 967
marriage: ?
divorce: ?
marriage: Judyta Arpad
divorce: Judyta Arpad
marriage: w Conhilda (Gunnilda) Dobromirovna
title: from 992 - 1025, князь Польши, 2-й
title: from 1003 - 1004, князь Чехии, 10-й
marriage: w Oda von Meißen
title: from 18 April 1025 - 17 June 1025, король Польши, 1-й
death: 17 June 1025
burial: Poznań, Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
marriage: Sarolta Arpad
death: after 1005
Sarolta Arpad
birth: 997
marriage: Csaba
death: 1053
Gisela Liudolf (von Bavaria)
birth: about 985, Bavaria, Germany
marriage: Stephen I of Hungary
death: 7 May 1060
Stephen I of Hungary
birth: 969, Esztergom, Hungary
marriage: Gisela Liudolf (von Bavaria)
title: from 997 - 1000, Grand Prince of the Magyars
title: from 1000 - 1038, King of Hungary
death: 15 August 1038, Esztergom, Hungary
burial: Székesfehérvár, Hungary, (Stuhlweissenburg)
Otto Orseolo
birth: 992
marriage: Maria of Hungary
title: from 1008 - 1026, Doge of Venice
death: 1032
Maria of Hungary
birth: 982, Esztergom, Hungary
marriage: Otto Orseolo
Gavril Radomir
marriage: Marguerite Tsaritsa
title: from October 1014 - September 1015, Emperor of Bulgaria

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