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Otto Orseolo b. 992 d. 1032

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Lineage Orseolo
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Otto Orseolo

Pietro II Orseolo [Orseolo] b. 961 d. 1009

Wiki-page wikipedia:Ottone_Orseolo


992 birth:

child birth: Frosina Orceolo [Orceolo] d. 1071

marriage: Maria of Hungary [Arpad] b. 982

about 1008 child birth: Peter Orseolo (of Hungary) [Orseolo] b. about 1008 d. 30 August 1046

from 1008 - 1026 title: Doge of Venice

1032 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Pietro I Orceolus
birth: 928
death: 978
Pietro II Orseolo
birth: 961
death: 1009
== 3 ==
Maria of Hungary
birth: 982, Esztergom, Hungary
marriage: Otto Orseolo
Otto Orseolo
birth: 992
marriage: Maria of Hungary
title: from 1008 - 1026, Doge of Venice
death: 1032
== 3 ==
Jutta Schweinfurt
birth: 1003, Schweinfurt
marriage: Peter Orseolo (of Hungary)
title: 1030, Princesse de Bohême
marriage: Bretislav I Achilles
title: 1034, Duchesse de Bohême
death: 2 August 1058
Peter Orseolo (of Hungary)
birth: about 1008
marriage: Jutta Schweinfurt
title: from 1038 - 1041, King of Hungary
death: 30 August 1046
Adalbert der Siegreiche
birth: about 985
marriage: Глисмод
marriage: Frosina Orceolo
title: 23 June 1018, Mkgf der Östmark
death: 26 May 1055, Melk
Ida von Elsdorf
birth: about 1020
marriage: Leopold d'Autriche
death: after 1085
Leopold d'Autriche
title: маркграф Новой Марки
marriage: Ida von Elsdorf
death: 1043

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