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Agnes ? (of Hungary) b. 900

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Lineage Arpad
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Agnes ?
Other last names of Hungary

Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary [Arpad] b. estimated 890 d. 947

Maen Bihar [Bihari] b. about 890

Reference numbers GEDCOM::james_s_mills_jr.ged::INDI @I21353@::Hailey C. Shannon


900 birth:


Not to be confused with Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary) (?, b. before 1030 d. after 1070)

Henry Drummond's "History of Noble British Families", has Agnes as daughter of Toxus, d. 990; Other researchers list her as a daughter of Zoltan, Toxus' father. While some say Agnes married "Arnolph Malus, Duke of Bavarioa" (who is likely the same person as Arnulf II van Beieren (Luitpolding, b. about 913 d. 22 July 954)), the daughter of Toxus is known to have married Obertus Milanus. Niether of these women should be confused with Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary) (?, b. before 1030 d. after 1070) who married into the royal family of Britain.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Árpád (Arpad) Magyar
birth: estimated 850, Hungary, Pannonia
title: 896, правитель Венгрии, 2-й
death: 907, Hungary, Obuda, Pest
Marot (Harolt) Prince of Bihar
birth: estimated 860, Bihar, Hungary
birth: 872
death: 928
Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary
birth: estimated 890
marriage: Maen Bihar
title: 907, правитель Венгрии, 3-й
death: 947, Pannonia
Maen Bihar
birth: about 890, Bihar, Hungary
marriage: Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary
== 3 ==
Taksony of Hungary
birth: 905, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
title: 955, ruler of Hungary
death: 972
== 3 ==

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