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Marie Komnenos b. before 1144 d. 1190

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Lineage Komnenos
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Marie Komnenos

Isaac ? (Komnenus) [?] b. about 1113 d. after 10 October 1153


before 1144 birth:

marriage: Stefan IV [Arpad] b. about 1133 d. 11 April 1165

1190 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Isaac Comnène
birth: after 16 January 1093, Constantinople, Empire byzantin
marriage: Ирина Володаровна
death: 20 July 1152, Constantinople, Empire byzantin
burial: monastère de la Theotokos Kosmosoteira en Thrace occidentale
Anne Comnène (Bryenne)
birth: 1 December 1083, Constantinople, Empire byzantin
title: reine consort
title: princesse byzantine
children count: 4
engagement: Constantin Doukas
marriage: Nicéphore (le Jeune) Bryenne
death: about 1153, Constantinople, Empire byzantin
Марія Комніна
birth: 1085
death: after 1136
Andronikos Komnenos
birth: 18 September 1091, Istanbul
death: 1130
Jean II Comnène
birth: 13 September 1087, Constantinople, Empire byzantin
title: from 1 September 1092 - 15 August 1118, co-empereur byzantin
marriage: Irene Piroska
title: from 15 August 1118 - 5 April 1143, empereur byzantin
death: 8 April 1143, Cilicie, Empire byzantin ou Empire romain d'Orient
Irene Piroska
birth: about 1088, Esztergom, Kingdom of Hungary
marriage: Jean II Comnène
title: between 15 August 1118 and 5 April 1143, impératrice byzantine
death: 13 August 1134, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
Alexis Comnène
birth: February 1106, Sidirókastro, (aujourd'hui Sidirókastro en Grèce), anciennement Balabista dans l'Empire byzantin
marriage: Eupraxia ou Zoya Dobrodeia de Kiev -
marriage: Cata ou Cataï Bagration (Comnène)
title: 1122, co-empereur byzantin
death: 2 August 1142, Antalya, anciennement Attalie dans l'Empire byzantin
burial: Constantinople, basilique Sainte-Sophie
Manuel I Komnenos (Ho Megas)
birth: 28 November 1118, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
title: from 5 April 1143 - 24 September 1180, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Byzantine Emperor, 80th
marriage: w Bertha von Sulzbach , Konstantinopel
marriage: Marie Antioch
death: 24 September 1180, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
Andronic Comnène
birth: 1108, Constantinople, Empire byzantin
title: sébastokrator
marriage: Irène Aineidasa
death: about October 1142, sultanat de Roum en Anatolie ou Asie Mineure
Isaac ? (Komnenus)
birth: about 1113
title: севастократор
marriage count: первая жена - Феодора Камтерина
death: after 10 October 1153
== 3 ==
Stefan IV
birth: about 1133
marriage: Marie Komnenos
death: 11 April 1165
Marie Komnenos
birth: before 1144
marriage: Stefan IV
death: 1190
== 3 ==

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