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Willa III of Tuscany b. 912 d. after 966

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Lineage Bosonid
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Willa III of Tuscany

w Boso von Tuscien [Bosoniden] b. estimated 885 d. 936

Willa II Bourgondie [Guelph] b. estimated 895 d. 937


912 birth:

936 child birth: w Adalbert of Ivrea [Ivrea] b. 936 d. 30 April 971

936 marriage: Berenger II d'Ivrea [Ivrea] b. estimated 900 d. 6 August 966

945 child birth: Gerberga d'Ivrée [Ivrée] b. 945 d. 986

estimated 950 child birth: Italy, Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea) [Ivrea] b. estimated 950 d. 7 February 1003

after 966 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Théobald (Thibaud) d'Arles de Toscane
birth: about 860
death: 887
Théobald d'Arles
birth: estimated 850
marriage: Bertha van Lotharingen
title: from 879 - 880, Comte d'Arles
death: 895
Bertha van Lotharingen
birth: 863
marriage: Adelbert II of Tuscany
marriage: Théobald d'Arles
death: 8 March 925
burial: St. Maria - Lucca
Rudolf I of Haute-Burgogne
birth: estimated 855
marriage: Willa d'Arles (van Bourgondie)
title: 888, Roi de Bourgogne
death: 25 October 912
Louis III ? (Bourgogne, The Blind, Buviniden)
birth: about 882
title: Roi de Bourgogne Cisjurane
other: Roi d'Italie
other: between 900 and 905, King of Lower Bourgogne and Italy
other: from 901 - 905, Empereur des Romains
death: 5 June 928, Arles
Willa d'Arles (van Bourgondie)
birth: 863
marriage: Rudolf I of Haute-Burgogne
title: 880, Princesse de Bourgogne
title: 888, Reine de Bourgogne
death: 925
Lambert of Tuscany
death: after 938
Teutberge d'Arles
birth: about 885
death: before September 948
Guy (Guido) (Wido) de Toscane
birth: 896
title: between 915 and 929, Marquis de Toscane
marriage: w Marozia 1 Théophylacte
death: about 928
Hugh d'Arles (Hugh of Provence)
birth: about 880
title: 903, Count of Vienne
title: 911, Marquis de la Viennoise
title: 9 July 926, King of Italy
marriage: w Marozia 1 Théophylacte
death: 10 April 947
Boso von Tuscien
birth: estimated 885
title: from 911 - 931, Comte d'Avignon
title: from 911 - 931, Comte de Vaisin
marriage: Willa II Bourgondie
title: from 926 - 931, Comte d'Arles
title: from 931 - 936, Marquis de Toscane
death: 936
Rudolf II of Haute-Burgogne
birth: 880
title: 25 October 912, King of Haute-Bourgogne
marriage: Берта Швабская
title: 922, King of Italy
title: 933
death: 11 July 937
burial: Saint-Maurice (Switzerland), Saint-Maurice d'Agaune
Willa II Bourgondie
birth: estimated 895
marriage: Boso von Tuscien
death: 937
== 3 ==
Berenger II d'Ivrea
birth: estimated 900, Turin, Italy
title: marquis margrave d'Ivrée
title: roi d'Italie
marriage: Willa III of Tuscany
death: 6 August 966, Bamberg, Germany
burial: Regensburg, Bayern, Germany
== 3 ==
Gerberga van Mâcon
birth: estimated 940
marriage: w Adalbert of Ivrea
marriage: Odo-Henrique, Duque da Borgonha
death: between 986 and 991, datum is 11 december
Adalbert of Ivrea
birth: 936
title: comte d'Aoste
title: comte de Lombardie
title: marquis margrave d'Ivrée
marriage: Gerberga van Mâcon
death: 30 April 971
Arnulf II Flanders
birth: 961
marriage: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
title: 962, Graf von Flandern, Mitregent
death: 30 March 987
Robert II Capet
birth: about 972, Orléans, France
title: from 25 December 987 - 24 October 996, Co-roi des Francs
marriage: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
title: from 24 October 996 - 20 July 1031, Roi des Francs
other: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea) , Répudiation
marriage: Bertha Bourgogne
other: Bertha Bourgogne , Séparation
marriage: Constance d’Arles
death: 20 July 1031, Melun, France
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Basilica of St Denis
Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
birth: estimated 950, Italy
marriage: Arnulf II Flanders
marriage: Robert II Capet
other: Robert II Capet , Répudiation
death: 7 February 1003, Compiègne, France
burial: Ghent (Belgium)
Waleram (Alérame) de Montferrat
marriage: Gerberga d'Ivrée
title: 954, Marquis de Liguria et Piedmont, seigneur de Montferrat
death: 991
Otto-William di Ivrea
birth: 962, Dijon
title: comte de Mâcon
title: comte de Bourgogne
marriage: Ermentrude (Ermengarde) de Roucy
death: 21 September 1026, Dijon
burial: Dijon, France, St Benignus
Eleanora van Normandië
birth: 1010
marriage: Baldwin IV Barbatus (of Flanders)
title: 1031, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 1071
Cunigunde Ogiva of Luxembourge
birth: 986
marriage: Baldwin IV Barbatus (of Flanders)
title: 1012, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 21 February 1030, Ghent (Belgium), Flanders
Baldwin IV Barbatus (of Flanders)
birth: 980
title: 30 March 987, Count of Flanders
marriage: Cunigunde Ogiva of Luxembourge
marriage: Eleanora van Normandië
death: 30 May 1035, Ghent (Belgium)
Otton Ier de Montferrat
death: before 991
Antelme I del Vasto (de Montferrat)
marriage: Gisela de Vicence (di Vincenza)
title: 991, Marquis de Ligurie Orientale
death: between 999 and 1014
Guglielmo de Montferrat
death: before 991
death: 995

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