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Otton Ier de Montferrat d. before 991

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Lineage Aleramici
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Otton Ier de Montferrat

w Waleram (Alérame) de Montferrat [Aleramici] d. 991

Gerberga d'Ivrée [Ivrée] b. 945 d. 986

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child birth: Riprando de Montferrat [Alérame]

child birth: w Guillaume III de Montferrat [Aleramici] d. after 1031

before 991 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Berenger II d'Ivrea
birth: estimated 900, Turin, Italy
title: marquis margrave d'Ivrée
title: roi d'Italie
marriage: Willa III of Tuscany
death: 6 August 966, Bamberg, Germany
burial: Regensburg, Bayern, Germany
Waleram (Alérame) de Montferrat
marriage: Gerberga d'Ivrée
title: 954, Marquis de Liguria et Piedmont, seigneur de Montferrat
death: 991
Adalbert of Ivrea
birth: 936
title: comte d'Aoste
title: comte de Lombardie
title: marquis margrave d'Ivrée
marriage: w Gerberga van Mâcon
death: 30 April 971
Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
birth: estimated 950, Italy
marriage: Arnulf II Flanders
marriage: Robert II Capet
other: Robert II Capet , Répudiation
death: 7 February 1003, Compiègne, France
burial: Ghent (Belgium)
== 3 ==
Antelme I del Vasto (de Montferrat)
marriage: Gisela de Vicence (di Vincenza)
title: 991, Marquis de Ligurie Orientale
death: between 999 and 1014
Guglielmo de Montferrat
death: before 991
Otton Ier de Montferrat
death: before 991
== 3 ==
Guillaume III de Montferrat
title: Marquis de Montferrat
death: after 1031
Otton II de Montferrat
marriage: Constance de Savoie
title: between 1044 and 1084, Marquis de Montferrat
death: 20 November 1084
Adelaide of Susa
birth: between 1014 and 1020
marriage: w Herman IV von Schwaben
marriage: Heinrich von Montferrat
marriage: Otto of Savoy
death: 19 December 1091
burial: Canischio, Turin, Canischio and then St Giovanni cathedral in Turin
Heinrich von Montferrat
title: Marquis
marriage: Adelaide of Susa
death: about 1044

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