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Alqas Mirza Safavi b. 15 March 1515 d. 9 April 1550

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Lineage Safavid
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Alqas Mirza Safavi
Other given names ‘Abu’l Fath Sultan Tahmasp Mirza

Ismail I Safavi [Safavid] b. 17 July 1487 d. 23 May 1524

Khan-Begi Khanum Musullu [Musullu] d. after 1547


15 March 1515 birth: Tabriz

child birth: Sultan Ahmad Mirza [Safavid] d. 1568

child birth: Sultan Farrukh Mirza [Safavid] d. 1568

9 April 1550 death:


Governor of Shirvan 1538-1547. Rebelled against his brother Tahmasp, then defected to the Ottomans in 1547. Captured and imprisoned at the Fortress of Qahqahan 1549. m. Khadija Sultan Khanum (d. after 1559). He was k. in prison at Qahqahan, 9th April 1550

From grandparents to grandchildren

Shaykh Haydar Safavi
birth: 1459, Diyarbakır, then called : Amed
marriage: Halima Begi Agha
marriage: X
death: 9 July 1488, Tabasaransky District, Tabasaran
Yaqub bin Uzun Hasan
birth: calculated 1464, Diyarbakır
death: 14 December 1490, Karabakh, A number of scholars believe that he was poisoned by his wife
Ali Mirza Safavi Safavi
birth: before 1486
death: 1494
Ebrahim Mirza Safavi
birth: before 1487
Sayyed Hasan
birth: after 1473
death: 1525
Tajlu Khanum
marriage: Ismail I Safavi
death: before 7 May 1540, Istakhr
Shah-Begi Khanum Musullu
marriage: Ismail I Safavi
death: 1540, Shiraz
burial: Ardibil
Ismail I Safavi
birth: 17 July 1487
marriage: Bihruza Khanum
marriage: Khan-Begi Khanum Musullu
title: from 1501 - 23 May 1524, Shah of Iran
marriage: Shah-Begi Khanum Musullu
marriage: Tajlu Khanum
marriage: X , Tabriz
death: 23 May 1524
== 3 ==
Sam Mirza Safavi
birth: 28 August 1518
death: 1567, Prison at Qahqahan
Rustam Mirza Safavi
birth: 13 September 1517, Maraghah
burial: Ardibil
Bahram Mirza Safavi
birth: 7 September 1518, Surluq
death: 16 September 1550
Soltan Hossein Mirza
birth: 11 December 1520
Janish Khanum Safavi
birth: 26 February 1507
marriage: Amir-i-Dubaj Muzaffar Sultan Gurkhan
death: 2 March 1533
Khair Un-nisa Khanish Khanum Safavi
birth: 12 March 1564
marriage: Sayyid Nur Ud-din Nimatu’llah Baqi Yazdi
death: 21 July 1564, Hamadan
burial: Hamadan
Farangis Khanum
birth: 1519
Mahin Banu Khanum Safavi
birth: 1519
death: 20 January 1562, Qazvin
burial: Qazvin
Alqas Mirza Safavi
birth: 15 March 1515, Tabriz
death: 9 April 1550
== 3 ==

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