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Sultanum Begum Musullu b. 1516 d. 1593

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Lineage Musullu
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Sultanum Begum Musullu
Other given names Kadamali Sultan Begum, née Sultanum Begum

Musa Sultan bin Isa Beg Musullu [Musullu]


1516 birth:

estimated 1531 child birth: Mohammad Khodabanda Safavi [Safavid] b. estimated 1531 d. 1596

before 1531 marriage: Tahmasp I Safavi [Safavid] b. 22 February 1514 d. 14 May 1576

13 May 1537 child birth: Qom, Ismail Mirza Safavi [Safavid] b. 13 May 1537 d. 24 November 1577

1593 death: Qazvin


Sultanum Begum was the daughter of Musa Sultan bin ‘Isa Beg Musullu (Bayanduri), of the Aq Quyunlu, governor of Azerbaijan. Like Tahmasp's mother Tajlu Khanum, Sultanum belonged to the Turcoman Mawsillu tribe and was a maternal third cousin of her husband.[2] Tahmasp had most likely married her around the time of his father, Ismail I's death. She became his principal wife and bore him two sons, including Mohammad Khodabanda who was born in 1532, during the early years of the Shamlu-Ustalju regency, when Tahmasp himself was only eighteen years old, and Ismail II, born in 1537.

Sultanum Begum had an independent royal court and her vizier was Khwaja Ibrahim Khalil. She owned the tiyul and muqarariyat (perpetual fixed assignation) payable on lands in Western Khurasan.

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
Sultanum Begum Musullu
birth: 1516
marriage: Tahmasp I Safavi
death: 1593, Qazvin
== 2 ==
Murad Mirza
birth: 1538
death: 5 September 1545
Suleiman Mirza Safavi
birth: 28 March 1554, Nakhchivan
death: 30 October 1576, Qazvin
Haydar Mirza Safavi
birth: 1554
death: 15 May 1576
Mustafa Mirza Safavi
birth: 1556
birth: 2 November 1576, Qazvin
Mahmud Mirza Safavi
birth: 1557
death: 24 February 1577, Qazvin
Imam Qoli Mirza Safavi
birth: 1562
death: 24 February 1577, Qazvin
Ali Mirza Safavi
birth: 1559, Qazvin
marriage: Kabuli Begum , Isfahan
death: 31 January 1642, Isfahan
Ahmad Mirza Safavi
birth: 1560, Qazvin
death: 24 February 1577, Qazvin
Zeinal Abedin Mirza Safavi
death: before 1576
Musa Mirza Safavi
death: before 1576
Gawhar Sultan Begum
marriage: Ibrahim Mirza Safavi
death: 1577, Qazvin, Buried in Mashad
Pari Khan Khanum Safavid
birth: August 1548, Tabriz
marriage: Sultan Badi uz-Zaman Mirza Safavi
death: 12 February 1578, Qazvin
burial: 17 February 1578, Qazvin
Zeynab Begum Safavi
marriage: w Ali-Qoli Khan Shamlu
death: 31 May 1640, Isfahan
burial: Mashhad
Fatima Sultan Khanum Safavi
marriage: Amir Khan Mawsillu , Tabriz
death: 1581, Tabriz
burial: Ardibil
Khanish Begum Safavi
birth: after 1562
marriage: Shah Nimtullah III
death: 1590, Isfahan
marriage: Mohammad Khodabanda Safavi , Herat
birth: 26 July 1579
Khayr al-Nisa Begum
marriage: Mohammad Khodabanda Safavi , Qazvin
death: 26 July 1579, Qazvin
Mohammad Khodabanda Safavi
birth: estimated 1531
marriage: X , Herat
marriage: Khayr al-Nisa Begum , Qazvin
death: 1596
Ismail Mirza Safavi
birth: 13 May 1537, Qom
marriage: Safia Sultan Begum , Tabriz
marriage: X , Qazvin
marriage: X , Qazvin
marriage: X , Qazvin
death: 24 November 1577
Talib Mirza Safavi
birth: 1574, Shiraz
death: 1619, Prison Alamut
Hasan Mirza Safavi
birth: 1558, Herat
Tahmasp Mirza Safavi
birth: after 14 May 1576, Shiraz
death: after 1591, Prison Alamut
Shah Begum Safavi
birth: 13 May 1578, Qazvin
marriage: Sayyid Nasir
Muhammad Mirza Safavi
birth: 16 October 1577, Qazvin
death: 17 February 1578, Qazvin
Safia Sultan Begum Safavi
birth: 1555
burial: before 3 September 1617
Gowhar Sultan Khanum Safavi
birth: 1578, posthumously
marriage: Salman Khan Ustajlu Ustajlu
death: July 1618

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