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“Fulana” Begum Safavi

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Lineage Safavid
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) “Fulana” Begum Safavi

Ismail I Safavi [Safavid] b. 17 July 1487 d. 23 May 1524


m. as his second wife, before 14th May 1513, Prince (Shahzada) Murad Effendi (b. at Amasya, 1495; d. at Isfahan, Persia, May 1519), elder son of Prince (Shahzada) Sultan Ahmed Khan, Crown Prince of Turkey, by his wife, Princess Bul-bul Khanum Effendi, daughter of Prince (Shahzada) Ahmed Effendi

From grandparents to grandchildren

Shaykh Haydar Safavi
birth: 1459, Diyarbakır, then called : Amed
marriage: Halima Begi Agha
marriage: X
death: 9 July 1488, Tabasaransky District, Tabasaran
Yaqub bin Uzun Hasan
birth: calculated 1464, Diyarbakır
death: 14 December 1490, Karabakh, A number of scholars believe that he was poisoned by his wife
Ali Mirza Safavi Safavi
birth: before 1486
death: 1494
Ebrahim Mirza Safavi
birth: before 1487
Sayyed Hasan
birth: after 1473
death: 1525
Tajlu Khanum
marriage: Ismail I Safavi
death: before 7 May 1540, Istakhr
Shah-Begi Khanum Musullu
marriage: Ismail I Safavi
death: 1540, Shiraz
burial: Ardibil
Ismail I Safavi
birth: 17 July 1487
marriage: Bihruza Khanum
marriage: Khan-Begi Khanum Musullu
title: from 1501 - 23 May 1524, Shah of Iran
marriage: Shah-Begi Khanum Musullu
marriage: Tajlu Khanum
marriage: X , Tabriz
death: 23 May 1524
== 3 ==
Sam Mirza Safavi
birth: 28 August 1518
death: 1567, Prison at Qahqahan
Alqas Mirza Safavi
birth: 15 March 1515, Tabriz
death: 9 April 1550
Rustam Mirza Safavi
birth: 13 September 1517, Maraghah
burial: Ardibil
Bahram Mirza Safavi
birth: 7 September 1518, Surluq
death: 16 September 1550
Soltan Hossein Mirza
birth: 11 December 1520
Janish Khanum Safavi
birth: 26 February 1507
marriage: Amir-i-Dubaj Muzaffar Sultan Gurkhan
death: 2 March 1533
Khair Un-nisa Khanish Khanum Safavi
birth: 12 March 1564
marriage: Sayyid Nur Ud-din Nimatu’llah Baqi Yazdi
death: 21 July 1564, Hamadan
burial: Hamadan
Farangis Khanum
birth: 1519
Mahin Banu Khanum Safavi
birth: 1519
death: 20 January 1562, Qazvin
burial: Qazvin
== 3 ==

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