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Family: Tahmasp I Safavi + Zaynab Sultan Khanum

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Tahmasp I Safavi [Safavid] b. 22 February 1514 d. 14 May 1576

Zaynab Sultan Khanum [?] d. October 1570


Tahmasp I Safavi

Murad Mirza [Safavid] b. 1538 d. 5 September 1545

Mustafa Mirza Safavi [Safavid] b. 1556

Mahmud Mirza Safavi [Safavid] b. 1557 d. 24 February 1577

Ahmad Mirza Safavi [Safavid] b. 1560 d. 24 February 1577

Zeinal Abedin Mirza Safavi [Safavid] d. before 1576

Musa Mirza Safavi [Safavid] d. before 1576

Gawhar Sultan Begum [Safavid] d. 1577

Fatima Sultan Khanum Safavi [Safavid] d. 1581

Ali Quli Mirza Safavi [Safavid] d. 1529


after 1550 marriage:

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