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Zaynal Beg

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Lineage Aq Qoyunlu
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Zaynal Beg

Abu’l Nasir Hasan Khan ? (Oghuz Turkic Aq Qoyunlu) [Aq Qoyunlu] b. 1423 d. 6 January 1478

Tarjil Begum [?]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Али бек
title: from 1435 - 1438, бек Ак-Коюнлу
Джахангир бек
title: from 1444 - 1453, бек Ак-Коюнлу
Abu’l Nasir Hasan Khan ? (Oghuz Turkic Aq Qoyunlu)
birth: 1423
marriage: Seljuk Shah Begum
marriage: Jan Begum
marriage: Tarjil Begum
title: from 1453 - 1468, бек Ак-Коюнлу
marriage: Theodora Megale Komnene
title: from 1468 - 1478, Khan of the Aq Quyunlu
death: 6 January 1478, Tabriz
== 3 ==
Yaqub bin Uzun Hasan
birth: calculated 1464, Diyarbakır
death: 14 December 1490, Karabakh, A number of scholars believe that he was poisoned by his wife
== 3 ==

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