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Fulk V d'Anjou ("The Younger") b. about 1092 d. 13 November 1144

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Mariage entre Foulques V d'Anjou et Mélisende de Jérusalem
Mariage entre Foulques V d'Anjou et Mélisende de Jérusalem
Lineage Château-Landon
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Fulk V d'Anjou
Other last names "The Younger"

Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin) [Château-Landon] b. 1043 d. 14 April 1109

w Bertrade de Montfort [Montfort-l'Amaury] b. 1070 d. 14 February 1117

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about 1092 birth: Angers

1106 child birth: Matilda von Anjou [Château-Landon] b. 1106 d. 31 May 1155

14 April 1109 title: Comte d'Anjou

1110 child birth: Elias van Anjou [Château-Landon] b. 1110 d. 15 January 1151

1110 title: Comte de Tours

July 1110 marriage: w Ermengarde de la Flèche (du Maine) [Beaugency] b. about 1096 d. 15 January 1126

after 1112 child birth: Sibylle d'Anjou [Château-Landon] b. after 1112 d. 1165

24 August 1113 child birth: Anjou, France, Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet) [Plantagenet] b. 24 August 1113 d. 7 September 1151

2 June 1129 marriage: Jerusalem, Melisende van Rethel [Rethel] b. 1101 d. 1 September 1161

1131 child birth: Балдуин III (Бодуэн) Иерусалимский (Анжуйский) [Шато-Ландон] b. 1131 d. 10 February 1162

1136 child birth: Amalric I ? (of Jerusalem) [Château-Landon] b. 1136 d. 11 July 1174

13 November 1144 death: Acre (Israel), Palestine


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Geoffrey II Ferreol (Gatinais, Chateaudun)
birth: about 1000, Château-Landon, France
title: Count of the Gatinais
marriage: Ermengarde d'Anjou
death: between 1043 and 1 April 1046, Fleurey-sur-Ouche, France
Geoffrey II Martel
birth: 14 October 1006
marriage: Adélaïde
marriage: Adèle de Blois
marriage: Grécia de Langeais
title: 1032, Comte de Vendôme
marriage: w Agnes van Macon
title: 21 June 1040, Metz (57), Comte d'Anjou
title: 1044, Comte de Tours
annulment: w Agnes van Macon
death: 14 November 1060, Angers
Roberto I "El Viejo" de Borgoña
birth: about 1011
title: from 1032 - 1076, Duque de Borgoña
marriage: Helena (Ella) de Semur
title: from 1040 - 1060, Comte d'Auxerre
marriage: Ermengarde d'Anjou
title: 1070, Comte de Charolais et de Langres
death: 21 March 1076, Fleurey-sur-Ouche (21)
Ermengarde d'Anjou
birth: 1018
title: 1035, Fleurey-sur-Ouche
marriage: Geoffrey II Ferreol (Gatinais, Chateaudun)
title: 1046, Duchesse de Bourgogne et Comtesse d'Auxerre
marriage: Roberto I "El Viejo" de Borgoña
title: 1070, Comtesse de Charolais et de Langres
death: 18 March 1076, Fleurey-sur-Ouche
Simon I de Montfort
birth: estimated 1025
burial: estimated 1087, Épernon
death: 25 September 1087
Raoul II de Tosny
birth: 990
death: 1038
Agnes d'Évreux
birth: after 1040
death: 1087
Simon de Bourgogne
birth: 1044
death: 1088
Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin)
birth: 1043
marriage: Hildegarde de Baugency
marriage: Ermengarde de Bourbon
title: 1068, Comte d'Anjou
title: 1068, comte de Tours [[Catégorie:Comtes de Tours|1068]]
marriage: Aurengarde de Chatelaillon
other: Aurengarde de Chatelaillon , Répudiation
marriage: w Bertrade de Montfort
other: de Brienne , Répudiation
other: w Bertrade de Montfort , Séparation
death: 14 April 1109
Amalrich III von Montfort
title: seigneur de Montfort-l'Amaury
title: comte d'Évreux
marriage: Agnès de Garlande
death: 1137
Philip I Capet
birth: 23 May 1052
other: 23 May 1059, Co-roi des Francs
title: from 4 August 1060 - 29 July 1108, Roi des Francs
marriage: Bertha of Holland
other: Bertha of Holland , Répudiation
marriage: w Bertrade de Montfort
death: 23 July 1108, Melun
burial: after 29 July 1108, Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, abbey
Bertrade de Montfort
birth: 1070
title: 1088
marriage: Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin)
title: 1092, Reine des Francs
other: Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin) , Séparation
marriage: Philip I Capet
death: 14 February 1117
== 3 ==
Ermengarde Anjou
birth: 1072
title: 1089, Comtesse de Poitiers et Duchesse d'Aquitaine
marriage: William IX van Poitiers
other: William IX van Poitiers , Répudiation
title: 1093, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Rennes
marriage: w Alain IV de Bretagne (Fergent)
title: 1103, Comtesse de Nantes
death: 1 June 1146
Cécile de France
birth: 1097
marriage: Raymond II de Tripoli
title: 1115, Tripoli (Liban), Comtesse de Tripoli
death: after 1145
Fleury de France
birth: about 1095
death: after 1119
Geoffroy d'Anjou (Geoffroy IV)
birth: 1070
title: 19 May 1098, Angers (49), comte d'Anjou
death: 19 May 1106, Candé (49)
Philippe de Mantes
birth: about 1092
death: after 1133
Ursion de Château-Landon
property: Seigneur de Nemours
Ermengarde de la Flèche (du Maine)
birth: about 1096
title: 1110, Countess of Maine
title: from 1110 - 1126, Château-du-Loir, Lady of Château-du-Loir
marriage: Fulk V d'Anjou ("The Younger")
death: 15 January 1126, or 12 october 1126
Melisende van Rethel
birth: 1101
title: 2 June 1129, Jérusalem, Comtesse d'Anjou, de Tours et du Maine
marriage: Fulk V d'Anjou ("The Younger") , Jerusalem
title: 14 September 1131, Jérusalem, Reine de Jérusalem
death: 1 September 1161
Fulk V d'Anjou ("The Younger")
birth: about 1092, Angers
title: 14 April 1109, Comte d'Anjou
title: 1110, Comte de Tours
marriage: Ermengarde de la Flèche (du Maine)
marriage: Melisende van Rethel , Jerusalem
death: 13 November 1144, Acre (Israel), Palestine
== 3 ==
William Atheling
birth: 5 August 1103
title: 5 August 1103, hertog van Normandie
marriage: Matilda von Anjou
death: 25 November 1120
Matilda von Anjou
birth: 1106
title: 1119, Princesse héritière d'Angleterre
marriage: William Atheling
title: 1149, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye (49), Dame Abbesse
death: 31 May 1155
Elias van Anjou
birth: 1110
marriage: Philippe du Perche
death: 15 January 1151
Dietrich von Elsass
birth: about 1099, Bitche
marriage: w Marguerite de Clermont
marriage: Swanhild
marriage: Sibylle d'Anjou , Jérusalem (?)
death: 4 February 1168, Гравелен
burial: abdij Watten
Willem ? (Clito)
birth: 25 October 1102
marriage: Sibylle d'Anjou
divorce: Sibylle d'Anjou
title: from 1127 - 27 July 1128, Count of Flanders
marriage: Жанна Монферратская
death: 28 July 1128, Aalst
Sibylle d'Anjou
birth: after 1112
marriage: Willem ? (Clito)
divorce: Willem ? (Clito)
marriage: Dietrich von Elsass , Jérusalem (?)
death: 1165, Jerusalem, Béthanie
Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman)
birth: 7 February 1102, London, England
marriage: Heinrich V , Worms (Germany)
title: 25 November 1120, Barfleur, Princesse héritière d'Angleterre
title: 17 June 1128, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France, Notre Dame
marriage: Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet) , Le Mans
title: 1141, Lincoln (England), Duchesse de Normandie
death: 10 September 1167, Rouen
Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet)
birth: 24 August 1113, Anjou, France
other: Onbekende Voornamen/maîtresse Nr.2 Onbekende Afkomst
other: Onbekende Voornamen/maîtresse Nr.3 Onbekende Afkomst
marriage: Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman) , Le Mans
title: 17 June 1128, Count of Anjou
title: 7 April 1141, Lincoln (England), Duc de Normandie
death: 7 September 1151, Château-du-Loir, France
Балдуин III (Бодуэн) Иерусалимский (Анжуйский)
birth: 1131
title: 1153, Король Иерусалима
death: 10 February 1162, Триполи
Maria ?
birth: 1154
title: 1165, Koningin van Jeruzalem
marriage: Amalric I ? (of Jerusalem) , Tyre (Lebanon)
marriage: Balian von Ibelin
death: before 1217
Amalric I ? (of Jerusalem)
birth: 1136
title: 1151, Count of Ascalon
title: after 1162, King of Jerusalem
marriage: Maria ? , Tyre (Lebanon)
death: 11 July 1174
Laurette d'Alsace
title: 1150, Duchesse de Limbourg et Comtesse d'Arlon
marriage: w Heinrich II von Niederlothringen
title: 1157, Comtesse de Luxembourg et de Namur
death: 1170
Baldwin V de Avesnes
birth: about 1150
marriage: w Margarete I von Elsass , Le Quesnoy
title: 1171, Graf von Hennegau als Nachfolger seines Vaters
title: 1188, als Balduin I. Markgraf von Namur in der Nachfolge seines Onkels Heinrich der Blinde von Luxemburg
title: 1191, als Balduin VIII. Graf von Flandern in der Nachfolge von Philipp I. von Elsaß
death: 17 December 1195, Bergen
burial: after 17 December 1195, Mons (Belgium), Sainte-Waudru chirch
Margarete I von Elsass
birth: about 1145
marriage: Baldwin V de Avesnes , Le Quesnoy
title: 1191, Графиня Фландрии
death: 15 November 1194, Brügge, Schloss Male
burial: Sint-Donaas, Брюгге
William van Poiton
birth: 22 July 1136
death: 30 January 1164
Geoffrey VI van Anjou
birth: 3 June 1134
title: 1156, comte d'Anjou
title: 1156, Le Mans (72), comte du Maine
title: 1156, comte de Nantes
death: 27 July 1158
Eleanor Aquitaine
birth: 1122, Poitiers, France, or [[Place:Bordeaux]], or [[Place:Nieul-sur-l'Autise]]
title: 9 April 1137, Duchesse d'Aquitaine
title: 9 April 1137, Santiago de Compostela, Duchesse d'Aquitaine
marriage: Louis VII de France (Le Jeune) , Bordeaux
title: 25 July 1137, Reine de France
other: 25 December 1137, Bourges, Sacre
annulment: Louis VII de France (Le Jeune) , Beaugency
marriage: Henry II Plantagenet ("Curtmantle") , Bordeaux, (or Poitiers)
title: 18 May 1152, Queen of England
title: 18 May 1152, Poitiers, Comtesse d'Anjou
title: 18 May 1152, Poitiers, Comtesse du Maine
title: 18 May 1152, Poitiers, Comtesse de Touraine
title: 25 October 1154, Reine d'Angleterre et Dame d'Irlande
other: 19 December 1154, London, Sacre
death: 1 April 1204, Poitiers
Henry II Plantagenet ("Curtmantle")
birth: 5 March 1133, Le Mans, Sarthe, France
other: Ida de Tosny (Countess of Norfolk)
title: from 1150 - 1189, Château-du-Loir, France, Duc de Normandie et Comte d'Anjou, du Maine et de Touraine
other: Ikenai , maîtresse
title: from 1152 - 1172, Roi d'Angleterre et Seigneur d'Irlande
marriage: Eleanor Aquitaine , Bordeaux, (or Poitiers)
title: from 1154 - 1189, London, Sacre
other: Alix/maîtresse Nr.2 de Porhoët , maîtresse
other: Rosamund Clifford
death: 6 July 1189, Chinon, France
burial: Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France, Fontevraud Abbey
Maria van Engeland
birth: about 1136
marriage: w Matthäus von Elsass
death: 1182, abdij St. Austrebert, Montreuil
burial: abdij St. Austrebert, Montreuil
Matthäus von Elsass
birth: about 1137
marriage: Maria van Engeland
marriage: Eleonore von Vermandois
death: 25 July 1173, Driencourt, Normandie
Matilda de Portugal
birth: 1157, Coimbra
marriage: Philipp von Elsass
marriage: Eudes III de Bourgogne
title: 1193, Duchesse de Bourgogne
divorce: Eudes III de Bourgogne
death: 6 May 1218, Furnes
Philipp von Elsass
birth: about 1136
marriage: Елизавета де Вермандуа
title: 1167, граф де Вермандуа и Валуа
title: from 1168 - 1191, Graf von Flandern
marriage: Неизвестная Любовница
other: 1180, Lagny-sur-Marne, Participe au grand tournois de Lagny
marriage: Matilda de Portugal
death: 1 June 1191, Saint-Jean-d'Acre
burial: Clairvaux
Humbert III de Savoie
birth: 1 August 1136, Avigliana, Italie, château de Veillane
title: comte de Savoie
title: comte d'Aoste
title: comte de Maurienne
marriage: Файдива Тулузская
marriage: Gertrude de Lorraine (d'Alsace)
divorce: Gertrude de Lorraine (d'Alsace)
marriage: Klementina van Zahringen
marriage: Beatrice van Macon (de Geneva)
death: 4 March 1189, Chambéry (73)
Gertrude de Lorraine (d'Alsace)
birth: 1140
marriage: Humbert III de Savoie
marriage: Hugo III van Oisy
divorce: Humbert III de Savoie
occupation: 1177, Messine, Italie, religieuse à Messine
death: 1190
Isabel Warenne
birth: 1136, Surrey (England)
title: Earl of Surrey, 4th
marriage: Hameline de Warrene FitzGeoffrey (Plantagenet)
death: 12 July 1203, Lewes (England), Surrey (England)
Hameline de Warrene FitzGeoffrey (Plantagenet)
birth: 1130, Normandy, France
title: vicomte van Touraine, titel is onzeker
title: earl van Surrey, uit rechte van zijn vrouw
title: graaf van Warenne
marriage: Isabel Warenne
death: 7 May 1202, Lewes (England)
burial: Lewes (England), Chapter House
Guido von Lusignan
birth: 1159
title: between 1180 and 1183, comte de Jaffa et d'Ascalon
marriage: Sibyla ? (of Jerusalem)
title: between 1186 and 1192, roi de Jérusalem
other: September 1191, Apollonie de Palestine, Israël, Bataille d'Arsouf
title: May 1192, принял управление Кипром, хотя Королем Кипра он не был коронован
death: 18 July 1194
William Montferrat (Longsword)
birth: about 1150
title: 1176, Comte de Jaffa et Askalon
marriage: Sibyla ? (of Jerusalem)
death: June 1177
Jean d'Ibelin
birth: 1179
title: seigneur de Beyrouth et d'Arsur
occupation: Jérusalem, Connétable et gouverneur de Jérusalem
occupation: gouverneur de Chypre
death: 1236
Amaury II de Lusignan
birth: 1145
marriage: w Эшива Ибелин
title: 1194, king of Cyprus
title: 1197, king of Jérusalem
marriage: Isabella ? (of Jerusalem) , Jerusalem, Acra (fortress)
death: 1 April 1205
Hendrik II van Champagne
birth: 29 July 1166
title: from 1181 - 1197, Graaf van Champagne
title: from 1192 - 1197, Koning van Jeruzalem
marriage: Isabella ? (of Jerusalem)
death: 10 September 1197, Akko
Konrad (Conrad) van Montferrat
birth: 1146
marriage: Феодора Ангел
title: 1187, Tyre (Lebanon), Prince de Tyr
title: 1190, Marquis de Montferrat
marriage: Isabella ? (of Jerusalem)
title: 1192, co-Roi de Jerusalem
death: 28 April 1192, Tyre (Lebanon), assassiné à Tyr
Baldwin IV the Leper
birth: 1161
title: from 15 July 1174 - 1185, Jerusalem, King of Jerusalem
death: 16 March 1185, Jerusalem
Marie d'Anjou
title: abdis van Shaftesbury
death: 1216
Jean Ier d'Alençon
marriage: Beatrix du Maine
title: 1171, Comte d'Alençon
death: 1191

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