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Helvis d'Ibelin

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Lineage Ibelin
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Helvis d'Ibelin

Maria ? [Komnenos] b. 1154 d. before 1217

Balian von Ibelin [Ibelin] b. about 1140 d. 1193

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child birth: w Balian de Grenier [Grenier]

marriage: Guy de Montfort-Castres [Montfort-l'Amaury] d. 31 January 1228

about 1206 child birth: Sidon, Lebanon, w Philippe I of Montfort [Montfort-l'Amaury] b. about 1206 d. 17 March 1270

From grandparents to grandchildren

Феодора Комнина (Бабенберги)
birth: about 1134, Istanbul, (Constantinople)
title: 1149
marriage: Henri II d'Autriche
title: 1156, Duchesse d'Autriche
death: 2 January 1184
Johannes Komnenos (of Cyprus)
title: Hertog van Cyprus, Byzantijns gouverneur Cyprus
death: 1176
Barisan von Ibelin
occupation: Jaffa, connétable du comté de Jaffa
title: Ramla, seigneur de Ramla
property: 1141, Yavné, Hérite du Château de Yebna (Ibelin)
marriage: Helvis ? (von Ramla)
death: 1151
Philippus van Neapalris
birth: estimated 1100
Amalric I ? (of Jerusalem)
birth: 1136
title: 1151, Count of Ascalon
title: after 1162, King of Jerusalem
marriage: Maria ? , Tyre (Lebanon)
death: 11 July 1174
Maria ?
birth: 1154
title: 1165, Koningin van Jeruzalem
marriage: Amalric I ? (of Jerusalem) , Tyre (Lebanon)
marriage: Balian von Ibelin
death: before 1217
Hugues d'Ibelin
birth: before 1133
title: Seigneur de Rama
marriage: w Agnes Courtenay / Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon (Lady of Sidon)
death: between 1169 and 1171
Ermengarde d'Ibelin
title: Dame de Tibériade
death: between 1160 and 1167
Balian von Ibelin
birth: about 1140
title: Seigneur d'Ibelin
title: seigneur de Naplouse
marriage: Maria ?
military service: 4 July 1187, Schlacht bei Hattin
death: 1193
== 3 ==
Jean d'Ibelin
birth: 1179
title: seigneur de Beyrouth et d'Arsur
occupation: Jérusalem, Connétable et gouverneur de Jérusalem
occupation: gouverneur de Chypre
death: 1236
Guy de Montfort-Castres
birth: La Ferté-Alais (91), seigneur de la Ferté-Alais
birth: between 1205 and 1210, Sidon, Liban, régent du comté de Sidon
title: Saint-Martin-de-Bréthencourt (78), seigneur de Bréthencourt
marriage: w Helvis d'Ibelin
title: between 1211 and 1228, Castres (81), seigneur de Castres
death: 31 January 1228, Varilhes (09)
== 3 ==
Maria of Antioch-Armenia
birth: 1215
marriage: w Philippe I of Montfort
title: after 1229, lady of Toron
death: about 1257
Philippe I of Montfort
birth: about 1206, Sidon, Lebanon
title: lord of La Ferté-Alais, of Bréthencourt, of Castres, of Toron and of Tyre
marriage: Éléonore de Courtenay
marriage: Maria of Antioch-Armenia
death: 17 March 1270, Tyre (Lebanon)
Philippe II de Montfort
birth: about 1225
title: La Ferté-Alais (91), seigneur de la Ferté-Alais
title: Castres (81), seigneur de Castres-en-Albigeois
title: Saint-Martin-de-Bréthencourt (78), seigneur de Bréthencourt
title: Squillace, Italie, comte de Squillace
title: Tibnine, Liban, seigneur de Toron
title: Tyr, Liban, seigneur de Tyr
marriage: Jeanne de Lévis-Mirepoix
other: 1270, Huitième croisade
death: 25 September 1270, Tunis
Маргарита Антиохийская
birth: about 1244
marriage: Jean de Montfort
death: 1308
burial: Никосия, Кипр
Jean de Montfort
birth: about 1240
title: from 1257 - 1266, lord of Toron
marriage: Маргарита Антиохийская
title: after 1270, Lord of Tyre
death: 27 November 1283
Eschiva of Ibelin
title: Lady of Beirut and Lapithos (Cyprus)
marriage: Humphrey of Montfort
Humphrey of Montfort
title: Lord of Toron and Tyre
marriage: Eschiva of Ibelin
death: 12 February 1284, Tyre (Lebanon)

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