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Agnes van Kleef Heinsberg (Cleves-Falkenburg) b. 1220 d. 1267

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Lineage Cleves
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Agnes van Kleef Heinsberg
Other last names Cleves-Falkenburg

Dietrich I von Falkenburg and Heinsberg (Cleves-Falkenburg) [Cleves] b. 1192 d. 4 November 1228

Беатрикс ван Кирбург [Кирбурги] b. estimated 1190 d. 1236

Reference numbers GEDCOM::PauwelvanNassau.ged::INDI @I203158@::Kjansen


1220 birth:

child birth: Johann I von Heinsberg (Löwenberg) [Sponheim] d. after 1306

child birth: Isalda (Isabele) von Heinsberg [Sponheim] d. about 1287

child birth: Dietrich I von Heinsberg und Blankenberg [Sponheim] d. 1303

1230 marriage: Heinrich von Sponheim [Sponheim] b. 1212 d. after 1258

1235 child birth: Aleidis de Heinsberg [Heinsberg] b. 1235 d. 1303

1267 death:


Erfgename van Heinsberg

From grandparents to grandchildren

Dietrich III ? (of Cleves)
birth: between 1160 and 1170
title: 27 April 1172, Duke of Cleves
marriage: Margaretha van Holland , Lisse
death: 1198
Arnold II ? (of Cleves)
birth: estimated 1155
title: between 1198 and 1201
death: before 1200
Aleidis de Heinsberg
birth: estimated 1175
death: 1217, Clèves
Mechtild ? (of Cleves)
birth: estimated 1200, Heinsberg
marriage: Arnold van Heusden
death: about 1254
Людвиг I "der Ältere" фон Эверштейн
birth: about 1206, Эверштейн, Фолькмарсен, Вальдек-Франкенберг, Гессен
title: граф
marriage: Адель фон Глейхен
death: 15 September 1284, Эверштейн, Фолькмарсен, Вальдек-Франкенберг, Гессен
== 3 ==
Engelbert II von Falkenburg
birth: about 1220
death: 20 October 1274, Bonn
== 3 ==
Dietrich VII ? (of Cleves)
birth: 1226
marriage: Aleidis de Heinsberg
title: June 1260, Duke of Cleves
death: 18 March 1275
Aleidis de Heinsberg
birth: 1235
marriage: Dietrich VII ? (of Cleves)
title: 22 November 1255, Comtesse héritière de Clèves
title: June 1260, Comtesse de Clèves
death: 1303
Johann I von Heinsberg (Löwenberg)
title: Herr von Löwenberg
death: after 1306
Lisa van Virneburg
birth: 1273
marriage: Dietrich Luf II van Kleef
title: 1 October 1285, Comtesse héritière de Clèves
death: 6 September 1304
Aleidis de Gueldre
birth: 1265
marriage: Dietrich Luf II van Kleef
title: 1282, Comtesse héritière de Clèves
death: 1285
Dietrich Luf II van Kleef
birth: 1260
marriage: Aleidis de Gueldre
marriage: Lisa van Virneburg
title: 4 October 1305
death: 23 March 1308
Henri de Brabant (Heinrich Ier de Hesse)
birth: 24 June 1244, Marbourg
marriage: Adelheid von Braunschweig-Lüneburg
title: 1275, Landgrave de Hesse
marriage: Mathilde of Cleves
death: 21 December 1308, Marbourg
Mathilde of Cleves
birth: 1257
marriage: Henri de Brabant (Heinrich Ier de Hesse)
title: 28 February 1276, Landgravine de Hesse
death: 21 December 1309
Willem van Limburg
birth: about 1242
marriage: Irmgard Jutta van Kleef
title: 29 September 1296, Comte de Berg
death: 16 April 1308
Irmgard Jutta van Kleef
birth: 1261
marriage: Willem van Limburg
title: 1285, Dame de Berg
title: 29 September 1296, Comtesse de Berg
death: 11 May 1319
Margarethe de Habsbourg-Kybourg
birth: before 1281
marriage: Dietrich VIII ? (of Cleves) , Erfurt
title: 4 July 1290, Erfurt, Comtesse de Clèves
death: between 1333 and 1338
Irmingard (Ermingardis) van Geldre
birth: 1255
marriage: Dirk VIII van Cleef
marriage: Enguerrand de Coucy (Enguerrand IV)
marriage: Dietrich VIII ? (of Cleves)
title: 1270, Comtesse héritière de Clèves
title: 18 March 1275, Comtesse de Clèves
death: 1284
Dietrich VIII ? (of Cleves)
birth: between 1256 and 1257
marriage: Irmingard (Ermingardis) van Geldre
title: 18 March 1275, Duke of Cleves
marriage: Margarethe de Habsbourg-Kybourg , Erfurt
death: 4 October 1305
Godfried von Sponheim Heinsberg
birth: 1270
marriage: Mathilde von Looz , Groningen
death: 2 November 1331

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