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Agnes van Beieren b. estimated 1170 d. 1219

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Lineage Wittelsbach
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Agnes van Beieren

Otto IV van Wittelsbach [Wittelsbach] b. estimated 1120 d. 18 August 1189

Benedikta van Moosburg [Moosburg] b. estimated 1150 d. about 6 April 1182


estimated 1170 birth:

marriage: Gerhard I van Dhaun-Kyrburg [Kyrburg] b. estimated 1165 d. 1198

marriage: Альбрехт III /Альберт/ фон Эверштейн [Everstein] b. about 1170 d. 1217

estimated 1190 child birth: Беатрикс ван Кирбург [Кирбурги] b. estimated 1190 d. 1236

about 1206 child birth: Эверштейн, Фолькмарсен, Вальдек-Франкенберг, Гессен, w Людвиг I "der Ältere" фон Эверштейн [Everstein] b. about 1206 d. 15 September 1284

1219 death:


Agnes hertrouwt met Albert IV van Everstein

Do not confuse with Agnese de Bavière (Wittelsbach, b. 1172 d. 1200). She has the same name, her father has the same name, they live at the same time but they are relatives, not the same persons.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Otto V von Scheyern
birth: between 1083 and 1084
marriage: Heilika van Lengenfeld
death: 4 August 1156
burial: Ensdorf (Oberpfalz)
Heilika van Lengenfeld
birth: estimated 1100
marriage: Otto V von Scheyern
death: 14 September 1170, Burg Burglengenfeld
burial: Kloster Ensdorf
Burkhard V van Moosburg
birth: estimated 1120
marriage: Benedikta van Roning
death: 11 February 1162, voor Milaan
Benedikta van Roning
birth: estimated 1130
marriage: Burkhard V van Moosburg
death: 11 August 1205
Otto I. von Bayern (von Wittelsbach)
birth: 1117, Kelheim
marriage: Agnès de Looz
title: 1180, Herzog von Bayern
death: 11 July 1183, Pfullendorf
Konrad von Wittelsbach
birth: between 1120 and 1125
title: from 1161 - 1165, Mainz, Erzbischof von Mainz
title: from 1177 - 1183, Salzburg, Erzbischof von Salzburg
title: from 1183 - 1200, Mainz, Erzbischof von Mainz
death: 25 October 1200, Neustadt an der Aisch, Riedfeld
Otto IV van Wittelsbach
birth: estimated 1120
marriage: Benedikta van Moosburg
death: 18 August 1189
burial: Indersdorf
Benedikta van Moosburg
birth: estimated 1150
marriage: Otto IV van Wittelsbach
death: about 6 April 1182, Schäftlarn
burial: 7 April, Indersdorf
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Людвиг I "der Ältere" фон Эверштейн
birth: about 1206, Эверштейн, Фолькмарсен, Вальдек-Франкенберг, Гессен
title: граф
marriage: Адель фон Глейхен
death: 15 September 1284, Эверштейн, Фолькмарсен, Вальдек-Франкенберг, Гессен
Engelbert II von Falkenburg
birth: about 1220
death: 20 October 1274, Bonn
Отто IV von Everstein
birth: 1266
title: граф
death: 1313

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