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Johanna van Joinville b. 1273 d. 1330

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Lineage Joinville
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Johanna van Joinville

Geoffrey Geneville ((Lord Trim)) [Joinville] b. about 1225 d. 21 October 1314

Mathilde de Lacy (Pontefract) [Lacy] b. 1225 d. 1303

Reference numbers GEDCOM::PauwelvanNassau.ged::INDI @I14368@::Kjansen


1273 birth:

1290 marriage: Johann I von Salm-Obersalm [Salm] b. 1275 d. 1338

1290 child birth: Loretta von Salm-Obersalm [Salm] b. 1290 d. 1345

1290 child birth: Mathilde von Salm-Obersalm [Salm] b. 1290 d. 1350

1300 child birth: Simon I von Salm-Obersalm [Salm] b. 1300 d. 26 August 1346

1330 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Simon de Joinville
birth: 1180
property: seigneur de Joinville
marriage: Beatrix ? (van Bourgondie)
death: 1233
John Count of Chalon (Jean Ier de Chalon)
birth: 1190
title: Count of Auxonne
title: Charolles, seigneur de Charolais
property: Seigneur de Salins
marriage: Mahaut van Bourgondië
title: 1227, Count of Chalon
marriage: Isabelle de Courtenay
marriage: Laure de Commercy
death: 30 August 1267
burial: Bourguignon-lès-la-Charité (70), Abbaye de Bourguignon-lès-la Charité
Aymon II de Faucigny
birth: 1180
title: Sire de Faucigny
marriage: Beatrix ? (van Bourgondie)
annulment: Beatrix ? (van Bourgondie)
death: after October 1253
Egidia de Lacy
birth: 1196, Meath, Ireland
marriage: Richard de Burgh
death: 24 February 1240, Connacht, Ireland
Petronil de Lacy
birth: Dublin, Ireland
Hugh Bigod
birth: about 1220
marriage: w Joan de Stuteville
death: before 7 November 1266
Isabella FitzRalph (Bigod)
birth: 1222, Thetford (Norfolk), England
birth: 1239, Ewyas Lacy, Herefordshire, England, Trim Weobley
marriage: Giselbert van Lacy
Simon II de Joinville
birth: 1227
title: Seigneur de Gex et de Marnay
occupation: Chroniqueur de Saint Louis
marriage: Léonette de Gex (Léonette de Genève)
death: 3 August 1276
Agnès de Faucigny
birth: 1215
title: Comtesse consort de Savoie
marriage: w Pierre II de Savoie , Châtillon-sur-Cluses (74)
death: 11 October 1268, Virignin (01), Château de Pierre-Châtel
Beatrix de Faucigny
birth: about 1205, Faucigny (74)
title: Dame d'Aubonne (1271), d'Hermance, de Commugny et de Coppet (Suisse) Maison de Genève
marriage: Étienne II de Thoire et Villars , Faucigny (74)
death: 15 March 1276, Matafelon-Granges (01), Thoire
Geoffrey Geneville ((Lord Trim))
birth: about 1225
title: seigneur de Vaucouleurs
title: Baron de Trim
title: Baron de Geneville
marriage: Mathilde de Lacy (Pontefract)
death: 21 October 1314
burial: Trim (Comté de Meath)
Aveline FitzJohn (Lutegareshale)
birth: 1230, England, Shere, Surrey, England
title: of Essex
marriage: Walter de Burgh
death: 20 May 1274
burial: Dunmow Priory, Eire
== 3 ==
Peter Geneville
death: before 8 June 1292
== 3 ==
Simon I von Salm-Obersalm
birth: 1300
marriage: Mathilde von Saarbrücken
death: 26 August 1346, Crecy
Mechthild von der Pfalz
birth: 1312
marriage: Johann III von Sponheim
death: 25 November 1375

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