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Richard de Burgh b. 1186 d. 17 February 1242

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Lineage Burgh
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Richard de Burgh

William de Burgh [Burgh] b. 1158 d. 1205

Moira O'Brien [Brien] b. 1162 d. 1218

Reference numbers GEDCOM::mauritalord.ged::INDI @I4506@::Hailey C. Shannon


1186 birth: Connacht, Ireland

title: Lord of Connaught

1225 marriage: Egidia de Lacy [Lacy] b. 1196 d. 24 February 1240

1230 child birth: Connacht, Ireland, Walter de Burgh [Burgh] b. 1230 d. 28 July 1271

17 February 1242 death: Gascony, France


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From grandparents to grandchildren

William de Burgh
birth: 1158, Connacht, Ireland
death: 1205, Golden (County Tipperary), Ireland, Athassel Abbey
Moira O'Brien
birth: 1162, Connacht, Ireland
death: 1218, Ireland
== 2 ==
Egidia de Lacy
birth: 1196, Meath, Ireland
marriage: Richard de Burgh
death: 24 February 1240, Connacht, Ireland
Richard de Burgh
birth: 1186, Connacht, Ireland
title: Lord of Connaught
marriage: Egidia de Lacy
death: 17 February 1242, Gascony, France
== 2 ==
Aveline FitzJohn (Lutegareshale)
birth: 1230, England, Shere, Surrey, England
title: of Essex
marriage: Walter de Burgh
death: 20 May 1274
burial: Dunmow Priory, Eire
Walter de Burgh
birth: 1230, Connacht, Ireland
marriage: Aveline FitzJohn (Lutegareshale)
death: 28 July 1271, Galway, Ireland, Castle
Richard de Burgh
birth: 1259
marriage: Margaret de Guînes
death: 29 July 1326
James Stewart
birth: 1243, Renfrew (Scotland)
title: from 1283 - 1309, High Steward of Scotland
marriage: Edgina de Burgh
death: 16 July 1309

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