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Ida van Louvain b. 1100 d. 27 July 1162

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Lineage Hainaut
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ida van Louvain

Gottfried VI von Löwen [Reginare] b. about 1063 d. 25 January 1139

w Ida van Chiny [Chiny] b. estimated 1085 d. before 1122



1100 birth:

child birth: w Arnold II of Cleves [Cleves] d. 1201

child birth: Adelheid van Kleef [van Kleef]

child birth: Diederik II (Theodoric) ? (of Cleves) [Cleves] d. 27 April 1172

1128 marriage: Arnold I, of Cleves [Cleves] b. about 1100 d. 20 February 1147

1128 title: Comtesse de Clèves

27 July 1162 death: datum is 27 juli

[edit] Sources

  1. Stirnet:Brabant02 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Henry II, Count of Louvain -
birth: about 1020, Nivelles
title: between 1054 and 1078, Earl of Brussels
death: after 1078
burial: Nivelles
Adela van Betuwe
birth: estimated 1050
death: after 1086
burial: Nivelles
Otton II de Chiny
birth: estimated 1065
title: comte de Chiny
marriage: Adelheid van Namen
death: 28 March 1123
Hendrik I van La Roche
birth: estimated 1070
marriage: Mathilda de Limbourg
death: 1126
Godefroi Ier de Namur -
birth: 1068
marriage: Ermesinde de Luxemburg
death: 19 August 1139, Floreffe
Ida van Louvain
birth: estimated 1065
children count: au moins 9
marriage: Balduin II von Hennegau
death: 1139
Hendrik III van Leuven
birth: 1063
death: 1095
Gottfried VI von Löwen
birth: about 1063
title: Comte de Louvain
marriage: w Ida van Chiny
title: between 1095 and 1139, Löwen, Duc de Lorraine
title: between 1095 and 1139, Stadt Brüssel, Comte de Bruxelles
title: between 1095 and 1139, Comte de landgrave de Brabant
title: between 1106 and 1139, Marquis d'Anvers
title: between 1106 and 1125, Duc de Basse-Lotharingie
title: between 1106 and 1139, Marquis d'Anvers
death: 25 January 1139, datum is 25 januari
burial: Abtei Affligem
Albert I van Chiny
birth: estimated 1110
marriage: Agnes van Bar
death: 29 February 1162
burial: Orval
Ida van Chiny
birth: estimated 1085
marriage: Gottfried VI von Löwen
death: before 1122
== 3 ==
Godefroid II de Louvain
birth: about 1110
marriage: Lutgardis von Sulzbach
death: 13 June 1142
burial: Louvain, St Pieter,
Adelheid van Louvain
birth: 1106
death: 23 April 1157
Adeliza Brabant
birth: 1103, Leuven
marriage: Henry I of England (Beauclerc)
title: 24 January 1121, Windsor (Berkshire), Queen Consort von England
death: 23 April 1151, Affligem, Affligem Abbey
Arnold I, of Cleves
birth: about 1100
title: 1119, Comte de Clèves
marriage: Ida van Louvain
death: 20 February 1147
Ida van Louvain
birth: 1100
marriage: Arnold I, of Cleves
title: 1128, Comtesse de Clèves
death: 27 July 1162, datum is 27 juli
== 3 ==
Diederik II (Theodoric) ? (of Cleves)
marriage: Adelheid de Sulzbach
marriage: Adelheid de Sulzbach
title: 20 February 1147, Comte de Clèves
death: 27 April 1172
Arnold II of Cleves
title: 1198, Comte de Clèves
death: 1201
Everhard I van Altena
birth: about 1130, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
marriage: Adelheid van Cuyk-Arnsberg
death: 23 January 1180, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Arnold II ? (of Cleves)
birth: estimated 1155
title: between 1198 and 1201
death: before 1200
Dietrich III ? (of Cleves)
birth: between 1160 and 1170
title: 27 April 1172, Duke of Cleves
marriage: Margaretha van Holland , Lisse
death: 1198
Arnold I Van Altena
birth: 1150, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
marriage: Mechtid Van Holt (ze Styrum)
death: 1209

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